Gary Neville makes moot point on Arsenal manager’s importance

Gary Neville claimed that Arsenal should keep Arsene Wenger in charge at the club, but his reason gives nothing to the progress of the club.

The Frenchman is once again under pressure after only one game of the season, after succumbing to an opening weekend loss to Liverpool at home, conceding a huge four goals.

Wenger was the subject of protests last season, and is already having his role at the club for this term questioned by fans following the disastrous 4-3 loss at the Emirates yesterday to rivals Liverpool.

The 66 year-old is into the last season of his contract, but we all know that his job is at least safe until that point, and Gary Neville has moved to defend his position as boss, although is hardly convincing in his reasoning.

“I am sure when Arsene Wenger is not here, there will be a massive amount of admirations for what he has achieved at this football club,” he said.

“I would advocate him staying on because it feels like we have new managers every 10 minutes and he is a stalwart. He is the most successful manager in their history.”

He is literally saying we will miss him when he is gone, which is no consolation for what we are going through at present. We just watched our side go 4-1 down to Liverpool at our home stadium, and we have watched Arsenal get turned down by Leicester’s Jamie Vardy, and have so far failed to address our striker needs, despite the season having now begun.

We now have to ask ourselves questions such as ‘why did Wenger allow Koscielny and co the extended holiday knowing we had a tough opening match to deal with’, and ‘did Vardy reject us because we no longer lack the ambition to challenge our rivals’.

I don’t believe that Wenger is solely to blame for our lack of spending, as I believe it comes from the top, but we are all going crazy waiting for a new striker to arrive, and the weekend’s game has not eased any of the pain.

Does Gary Neville’s point mean anything at all? Are we still guaranteed our place in the top four this season?

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  1. Who wouldn’t want him to stay, apart from Arsenal fans?

    I mean he’s a walking, year-round comedy show.

  2. I am sure a lot of supporters of other clubs (including Gary Nevilles) hope, we will have Wenger for a long time 🙂

  3. Gary is Utd through and through, so of course he would want Wenger to stay on, just like we wanted that old Everton manager to continue at old Trafford lol ? I couldn’t remember his name, for the life of me ?ffs, i think I’m coming down with Wengeritis too ??

    1. David Moyes! … that was bugging me so much that I had to Google Everton’s previous managers ??

  4. He has managed a club and failed, so he understands what it was sitting on that bench. It’s easy to criticize and use mouth to manage like many of us here. Ask LVG and he will tell you that spending all your fortune on players doesn’t determine your success. If you don’t have winning mentality like arsenal management and players alike. You can’t win games.

    1. This winning mentality you speak of, Last year should’ve shown you our we haven’t got it, haven’t had it for a decade and are showing no signs of that changing any time soon let alone bolstering our squad.

      Just saying

  5. The problems at Arsenal runs deeper than Arsene Wenger, they go up to the highest echelons of the club. Whilst I am in favour of bringing in a new manager at this point I do not trust the board to appoint anyone who can actually improve on what wenger is doing right now. Say what you will but the one thing the old man is good for is a CL spot.

    My point is the board tolerate and condone arsenals lack of real competitivenss in the CL and EPL. No one challenges the fact that we haven’t spent money or won a title. What makes you think they will appoint a manager that will demand the same success as the fans?!?! We get rid of Arsene and we become relagation fodder. Top players won’t come to Arsenal as it is and the players we do have won’t be able to function without Wengers protecting them. I really can’t see the future being any brighter than it is now. Ohhhhh to be a Gooner

    1. Why are we trying to postpone the situation that will surely happened, Wenger go Wenger stay, that Man can’t be there forever even if he’s winning trophies yearly, if winning champions league and premier league in between 10 years now is primary joy of the fans then Wenger can go now, another history can happen bad today good tomorrow is the process to greatness and success, all the more successful club have got some difficult past, it’s better than remaining in limbo and zombie, no fail no passed

  6. If we appointed a new manager the first thing they would want to do is… You guessed it. Build their own team. And that requires you to….bingo! Spend money. Which goes against everything Arsenal stands for right now!

  7. I get the feeling the board would be happy to avoid relegation every year rather than challenge for the top 4 trophy and save the hundreds of millions in player purchases and wages

    1. Exactly, I reckon they could live with being a 6th or 7th placed EPL team. The tv deals now mean teams can survive with out CL football

      1. It’s simple! We need a new manager. I agree the controlling shareholder is a problem also bit that doesn’t change the fact that we need a new manager. It’s simple!

  8. Neville’s comments was just to p*** off us afc fans nothing more!!
    BTW anyone saw how w’ham and chelsh** managed without key players like Payet Hazard Kante Cahill etc tonight?

  9. We are caught in the catch 22 else we would have heard something positive from above MR is caught between supporters and high management / owners but he has to come out of it and change the way he conducts his approach to situations in front of him and become the 12th man chelsea antonio conte did very well tonight I must admit I am a fan as I watched him conduct Italy at the euros and now tonight with chelsea he is the 12 man and after watching the opening matches of the premier league I think it is going to be between city chelsea united for the pole position i know its to early to call but the matches down the road between Chelsea and Liverpool and united and city should give us a better insight but i think conte might just run away with it Arsenal again will face another tough match Leicester as they lost at the weekend too they will have to pull their socks up at home the liverpool match should awaken every one at the Arsenal and the Leicester meeting wont be easy but it might just turn our boys to real warriors

  10. OT
    So many injured players around premier league clubs at the start of the season…its bad for football generaly.. :-/

    1. So many good managers in the Premiership now and we are still stuck with Wenger. We need a new manager. It’s simple!

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