Gary Neville says Arsenal are desperate and it is a bad thing

Gary Neville is probably the only man alive who does not believe Arsenal can win the Premier League at this stage of the season.

The Gunners have been fantastic in the English top flight and are clearly the club to beat in this season’s competition.

They now have a five-point lead at the top of the league standings after beating Everton last night and enjoy every win as they come.

Prior to the game against the Toffees and Leicester City, Mikel Arteta’s side also celebrated a victory against Aston Villa widely, which seems to bother Neville, who says it shows they are desperate.

He told the Overlap: ‘It’s too much emotion, too early for Arsenal.

‘To be that desperate and to celebrate that much with half the race still to go, it’s not a good thing.

‘After the Aston Villa game, I can understand how big of a moment it was, but that level of celebration was quite desperate, quite early. 

‘There was a lot of celebrations at the end of the game. The emotions are something that’s a negative, it’s not a positive for me in a title race.’

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The last man we expect to support us is Neville, so it is hardly a surprise that he continues to doubt what we can achieve as a team.

The former full-back loves only Manchester United and will hardly support any other club. But the good thing is that we do not need his support to achieve our goals and our boys don’t even pay attention to him.

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  1. Neville is a poor sport that no doubt have lost lots of sleep this season.
    He seems to be one of those who has been terribly affected by the victories and the celebrations when Arsenal win, this must have been one of his worst football seasons.

  2. Given the common sense which JA OPINION says, why on Earth does JA bother reporing that Neville hates Arsenal? It is hardly NEWS, I suggest!

    Older Gooners such as I have known this for three decades at least.

    And if any younger ones really do not know that too, then they cannot be much of a real fan, as Nevilles hate for Arsenal is widely known throughout football. As is ours for United too!

  3. The only desperation is this fool with his weekly comments about Arsenal will fail this test, fail that test, why oh why do we need to read his pathetic comments on an Arsenal site, don’t give him the oxygen he craves so much. Arsenal is eleven points clear and for them to overtake us, we would have to lose four games in the next thirteen games, the man is a deluded fool, and I love the fact it is winding him and other Arsenal haters up so much.

  4. I really cannot understand the constant need to have articles about Neville on here, as if we care what he says, but saying he hates Arsenal is a somewhat ridiculous assumption.

    1. To stir up us abd provoke a reaction. The only thing ill look forward this lovely weekend us getting the 3 points and sunday afternoon watching liverpool give united a good hiding that will be a lovely lovely weeekend just to shut up mr N

  5. I may be wrong in this comment but I tend to read a lot of sports news. I don’t see other former players criticizing teams that are doing well as much as Neville. There will of course be doubts but I feel he loves saying anything different to others just to make himself relevant. There have been a couple of compliments their but the geezer is getting on my t*ts

  6. Arsenal living rent free in this simpletons mind. He’s as bright as a 40w light bulb, dim would be an understatement.

  7. He and his brother ruined the career of Jose Antonio Reyes. They are a bunch of commies who will burn the whole world to the ground if they don’t get what they want. They can go fly kites somewhere obscene.

    1. Mike, good to see a Gooner who knows what the Neville brothers and United, under Ferguson, did that day at Old Trafford.

      As for Neville’s comments, it is Pat’s missionary statement to report everything about The Arsenal and this failed manager comes under that heading.
      I suggest we all take Jon Fox’s comments about Neville to heart and stop opening any article that bears his name… that’s what I’m going to do anyway for what it’s worth.

  8. Neville’s comments are only wishes. He knows Arsenal are favorites and will still be favorites next campaign.

    Arsenal will surely go on to win the champions League if they don’t lose any of their vital players. Arsenal can only do better down the road.

    Let him keep biting his tongue

  9. The obsession with GN’s comments is getting ridiculous. There is also an unhealthy sensitivity about the views he expresses. There are Arsenal fans who do not believe we will win the the PL so it should not be a surprise that a pundit does not as well.

  10. Poor Neville is pitiful. Consumed with envy, jitters and fear of the “monster” Arsenal is turning out to be, not just in this race but going forward. The next five seasons scare him out of his wits because this team can only get better with age and experience. United does not even have a five year plan as a lot of their key players (defence and midfield) today will only last two seasons at best.

  11. Why the hell are we still getting gary neville articles here? it’s clear the man has made rather biased opinion about us early on and at this point he is just trolling us.

    He clearly loves the attention and banter and arsenal fans are giving him plenty.

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