Gary Neville says Arsenal should be proud, but they still won’t win the title

Gary Neville has continually pronounced that Arsenal will falter in the closing weeks of the season, and he anticipates Manchester City will win the title, despite Arsenal being at the top ever since their explosive start to the season.

Arsenal put up a fierce challenge against Liverpool, resulting in a thrilling 2-2 draw at Anfield on Sunday. The Gunners initially took a commanding 2-0 lead, but Jurgen Klopp’s team made a comeback, ultimately resulting in a scintillating end of game, with Arsenal ultimately holding out for a point.

Following the match, Neville shared his insights on SkySports on the ongoing title race between Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal and his former mentor Pep Guardiola’s team, admitting that he still believes City will come out on top in the remaining weeks of the season, just as has stated from the beginning.

“This game was absolutely wonderful and we’ve got six more weeks left of this”

“I have thought all the way through that Man City would just edge it.

“I haven’t changed my opinion after today or even altered it slightly, because I still think there will be points dropped from each side, but I think Arsenal will drop more points.

“Mikel Arteta will be proud of his players tonight. I would be proud of them. But he will also know they’ve got a hell of a period coming up.

“They go to Man City, Newcastle, West Ham, they’re all difficult games. City have got some difficult ones too and there will be a lot more moments where Arsenal feel like the whole world is watching them.

“The whole football world was watching them today and they weren’t disappointed. They made a few mistakes, but all in all Arsenal fans should be pretty happy and proud with that.

“This is not a time to lose doubt, you can lose or draw here in any season. This is a terror of a game to have in a title run-in.”

Although it was only our first draw after seven wins, some pessimistic Gooners went into meltdown, saying we had lost the title at Anfield, but considering that we are still six points clear and have won 7 of our last 8 League games before Anfield, I think the doom and gloomers are being a bit too quick with their pessimism….


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  1. One thing I know is we are as good as City, difference being squad depth we will be sorted this summer. I see arsenal dominate Europe next season. I don’t see any team that play as good as arsenal this season.

  2. His opinion. If it’s ordained that Arsenal will win EPL this season nothing can change. By the way, who says City cannot drop points? Time will tell. All Arsenal need now is to remain focused both players and coach. The coach should please play players that will give him results in a particular match. He should lay aside his biases and go for the collective interest of the club.

    1. A point or even three at the Etihad should see us through, and its not an impossibility as many are assuming!

      1. It is if we defend like that they will destroy us tierney has to play ok doesn’t give us the same going forward but at least he can defend we have to be solid and stay in the game if try to go toe to toe with them then there is only one winner and it won’t be us!

  3. He did change his opinion a bit though because he said we would be third but now he says city will just edge it. He was way off with his Manchester prediction so he may well get proved wrong again

  4. We really can’t say we have greater chance of winning the league until that Etihad game…
    There is a strong possibility that we would loose against City at Etihad…
    And if City win their game in hand then they will be on top on GD
    It’s not pessimism but somehow getting mentally prepared for not winning the title…
    Or If I want to rephrase it then instead of getting too disappointed about loosing title then just mentally prepare yourself so that it will hurt less
    Common mental tendency…
    Hope for the best and prepare for worst..

  5. It is so tough to win the EPL, and City are miles ahead of everyone! We should be very proud of what we’ve done so far this season, regardless how it ends.

    Just think how good Liverpool have been in the previous 4/5 years, and yet they only won one league title. It gives you a good indication how difficult it is.

    I’ve always felt City would win because of their experience and Haaland, and I still do, but if Arsenal do win it, it’s because they deserve to, not because of an off season for City.

    Arsenal have been relentless all season, and have answered every question asked of them so far.

    1. The epl isnt ‘hard to win’ at all. The club with the most money and the most expensive squad and manager will win it. Period. They also, thanks to the cl distorting everything, dont face the challenges of the past. Every league in Europe has seen it’s most powerful clubs success massively exaggerated by the cls money, and the disinterest of clubs that once would have fought to the last game to win the league, now happily settling for a top four slot and rotating players rather than committing them for the tougher fight. The epl has seen, unlike the football league division one, the same clubs year in year out, occupying the top four slots. Division one, in its 100 year plus history never even had the same top three – that’s competition. As managers have admitted, if they are struggling they play weakened sides against the manchester duo or liverpool. Thus diminishing competitiveness even further. Once upon a time that was called ‘cheating’ now its ‘the managers prerogative’. Elsewhere, where once bottom half sides would give you a game early in the season, now they only bother when its the sharp end – again reducing competitiveness. The mid table sides are now purely interested in staying ‘in the money’ and have no interest in challenging for the cups, making life even easier for the big clubs as their squads aren’t stretched. In the epl era, as long as you get results against the top four sides, you’re in with a chance. That’s why the liverpool game was so critical, and why throwing it away from a winning position is seen as critical.

      1. That’s an interesting post
        Does it mean that for all the years that AW treated top4 as a trophy that he ‘knew’ we would not be able to compete?

        I’m hopeful that Arteta looks at winning the league as an important step to gaining his credentials as an elite manager which then rubs off on the club’s ability to compete regularly at the highest level

      2. How did Liverpool win both the EPL and the Champions League, when they were spending even less than Arsenal? Because that is what they did.

        My guess is because they were manged better, and their mangement saw the possibility in hiring Klop, who at the time was instrumental.

        So, while it is very difficult to compete for less money, Liverpool showed it can be done with the right plan.
        Maybe our plan will also succeed?

        1. They were not spending lesser than Arsenal (then). They just had a lucky cash out with Coutinho and bought good massively with it.

        2. How do they spend less than Arsenal?
          Except you’re talking about net spend.

          Liverpool spend more than Arsenal during the period of coming back to life.

  6. If we can stay injury free. especially our key players till the end of the season and If we can get al least a point from the Etihad. I’m 100% confident the trophy is ours.

  7. I’d be mad if Man United win EL and we win nothing. Hopefully Man City will focus on UCL more than EPL

  8. You’d have thought we just went 5 games without a win by the way some of our fans reacted after the draw vs Liverpool. We have 73 pts with 30 matches played same as City had last season when they finished with 93pts, Liverpool had 72. That City who was better than the City we have this season finished with 6 win 2 draw.

    I have said it and will keep saying it City WILL NOT win all the remaining games. Even if they do who says we cant beat them on goal difference with our attack.

    1. That is fair point.
      And the tie at Anfield can turn out to be huge at the end of season. There is still 9 games for City to play and if we continue our current form, we just might be able to knick the title off

    2. I totally agree with you
      At the start I said 25 wins 8 draws and 5 loses gets us top 4 83 points
      We will surpass that and all we
      need is a point or 2 more now and we are guaranteed top 4
      Mission accomplished on first objective
      When we lost against city
      I said and posted on here that we will win all our remaining games but draw against pool city and Newcastle. I was called a fool and had my red tinted glasses on.

      93 point gets us top of the tree at the end of the season and crowned champions.
      After Sundays game I see nothing to change my mind.
      This time last season we would have gone to anfield and folded, taken a hiding and fallen apart for the rest of the season. We are a different beast this season and all credit to the players, manger and club for putting this club back on the map
      Keep the faith
      Onwards and Upwards

      I stand by that prediction

  9. The one thing that makes me even more mad than arsenal is that if we lift it ,there will be very few (among us) who will understand how EXTREMELY MAJESTIC that will be —————————–Mad About Arsenal—————————–

  10. Unfortunately, and much as I hate to say it, hes likely to be proved right. The team, in several key games this season has shown it’s not yet champion material. I hope I’m wrong, I really do, but the performances against utd away, city at home, sporting in the el and most critically against Everton at goodison, and liverpool at Anfield, all showed that the team still suffers from the same issues, confidence collapses, being bullied too easily, and tactical naivety that have plagued it for the last decade. Yes, even the best sides cannot maintain it 100% of the time, but it was the manner of the defeats, not just that we lost. I’m not sure what game the poster was watching, but they must work for a political party day to day for a match summary like that. Talk about polishing a proverbial. If that’s what they really saw, then I’d love to see their take on utd v arsenal 28/8/2011, doubtless that was a famous rear guard action by a heroic arsenal? Or perhaps an interesting take on the charge of the light brigade? After a glossing over like that anything is possible!

    1. Whilst I see your point, I think that’s extremely harsh, and not entirely true.

      Harsh in the sense that we’ve been playing extremely well almost all of the time. Impossible to maintain those levels for every fixture, and no club ever does. Our “dip in form” lasted only 3 games (in the league).

      I felt it wasn’t true with the same old issues causing our downfall in certain fixtures. Like I already said, no club plays great every game. You will lose games, you will draw games, and sometimes you will deserve it, but that’s not what we’re seeing these days. There’s been such consistency in our performances, and a completely different mentality.

      I no longer see any similarities between this current team, and Arsenal from the last 15 years or more. I now feel confident going into away fixtures. I now feel confident playing top teams. That hasn’t been the case since 2006 onwards.

    2. Marge
      I believe you will be proven wrong cone the end of the season
      Everton got the new manager bounce and we under preformed
      United I thought we were the better team and got robbed
      City were tactically better then us in the 2nd half and pep showed why he is still the master
      Other then that
      Spuds, chelski, Brentford, villa ect
      Where did we show we still have a soft under belly.
      Don’t get easily led. Look at the facts and then make up your own mind
      Onwards and upwards

  11. Why do we even read this bitter anti Gunner individual.
    Still haunted by his playing days when he was found out against us.

  12. Well, we dig the hole. We abandoned plan A (Europa Trophy) for plan B (EPL Trophy). Who would do that? Arteta decide his fate. He better work hard for it.

    1. Well Arsenal have been horrific in Europe for our entire existence, so Arteta actually did the smart thing by focusing everything on the league. Something we are always more likely to win.

      Only a fool would bet on success in Europe for Arsenal.

      1. Jen the history of the Club does not bare out “for our whole existence comment.” Herbert Chapman (“Battle of Highbury”), Bertie Mee (European Fairs Cup winners), George Graham and Arsene Wenger arguably built some of the brst teams in Europe. For example it wasn’t Arsenal’s fault that English clubs were banned from European competition, because of the behaviour of Liverpool supporters, when Arsenal was strong, or losing finals when referees in Europe were “dodgy”.

  13. Arsenal are the victim of poor refereeing decisions. That’s the only reason th could miss out on the titleye

  14. Gary keeps shifting the goal post.
    Initially he said Arsenal will finish around 6th or 7th, then went on to say Manchester united will finish above Arsenal.
    Now he is no more mentioning his darling “Almighty mighty manchester united”, rather he is trying to shift everyone attention from his failed predictions over the course of this season.
    I dont regard his opininions or wishes when it comes to Arsenal or football in gwneral

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