Gary Neville thinks that Kai Havertz could be a “Major player” for Arsenal

Kai Havertz may not have scored when spearheading Arsenal’s assault in the Community Shield on Sunday, but he certainly drew a lot of attention. Mikel Arteta was satisfied with what he saw from the ex-Blue, implying that he saw what he saw when he considered bringing him on board.

Other than the Arsenal manager, Gary Neville believes the German will thrive at the Emirates. Speaking on the Overlap, the ex-Manchester United star expressed his admiration for the Gunner as a player who, in his opinion, is a 20-goal forward in a good attacking side, such as Arsenal, and suggested that Mauricio Pochettino should have worked with him and may regret letting him go.

“I like Havertz as a player,” said Neville. “I think Havertz was underachieving at Chelsea.”

“I think Havertz is a very good player. I think, at Arsenal, he’ll be a lot better than he was at Chelsea. I’m surprised Pochettino let him go; I thought he would want to work with him.”

“I think he can get to 15 or 20 goals in the right team. Those missed chances, if he’s getting them all the time, that confidence comes, that calmness and assuredness, and all of a sudden his goals go from nine to 18, and suddenly you’re talking about a major player,” he added.

Much has been said about Havertz’s move to Arsenal, with the hope being that Mikel Arteta, like he did with Martin Odegaard, Ben White, Gabriel Jesus, and Oleksander Zinchenko, can bring out the best in him.

The Arsenal fans don’t seem to have taken to the ex-Chelsea multiple medal winner, but hopefully that will change as the season progresses….

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  1. I reckon Neville is right. He always looked a better player than his Chelsea time might suggest.

  2. I think Kai and Rice were just wrong signing. I would have preferred he got Fati in Kai’s place and any of those young French Midfielders from Real Madrid. I hope I’m wrong anyway, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure I’m. Time will tell. What annoys me the most is not learning from Ozil’s contract situation.

  3. Kai is a big character player let him adapt a little bit and he can bring back at Arsenal the Robin van persey memories
    Fans have to trust the project as Arsenal is on the move
    Blind people can’t see that

  4. Let the lad find his feet at Arsenal, let’s stop with “the next …….” drivel.

    Don’t need him to be the next Van anything, just reach his potential that he did not at Chelsea. That would be fine with this squad. Sticking to one position may help before shuffling him all over the pitch.

    Same for Rice, leave him alone to be the monster DM he has shown himself to be.

    Timber looks an excellent FB, let Tomiyasu be the 3rd choice CB to challenge Saliba and Gabriel.

    Not everyone needs to be a Swiss Army knife and play 3 or 4 positions. Let them master and excel at 1 or 2 rather than be average at 2 other positions.

    The club has spent well over 600 million and counting, we have depth and coverage, no need to overplay guys in several positions.

  5. “Some arsenal fans don’t seem to of take n”

    I think you will find lots of arsenal fans are optimistic about what Kai can bring to the team.

    Get behind the players and get behind the team, can we please stop putting new signings down before the seasons even begun.

    Arteta has worked wonders with players and I look forward to seeing what he can achieve with Kai.

  6. The most muddling of Kia Havertz transfer to Arsenal is the confusion of his best position.Its not really obvious where he plays.
    Is he a number none, as Chelsea have played him for most of his time there.
    Or is he a number 10, a role in which he flourished in Germany?

    The big question is, where in Arsenal team should Havertz play.
    An acquisition of a player like Havertz immediately raises the standards of Arsenal squad.
    If the Citizens has shown anything it’s how to build as you just don’t need an incredible starting 11, you need squad players who are just as good as those in the starting eleven, his versatility is unquestionable too.

    Wherever the big German get use, his comfort on the ball and ability to link with runners around him is a strength I have already seen.

    Twenty four years old international with premier league and champions league experience are top top players, am seen signs of this one coming to life again.

    1. What the citizens have shown and how Pep works is, he works with a small squad. They dont have a player for each position at all. He relies on a select mainly 18 man squad. Not saying that is better or not, that is how he works.

      1. Harvetz is a tactical conudrum. A glimpse of his tactical nous was laid bar e in the community shield and I was not impressed. He is easily muscled off the ball. His two chances missed are what separates champions from runners-up. He has this annoying languid way of moving. He can easily be out paced when launching an attack. Maybe the realist in me is the reason for this tirade. But ward prowse would have been better suited to the xhaka role than Kai. Only time will tell if he comes good but I only see him as a waste of spot. But we already have him in our squad, let’s hope he changes my perception of him

  7. The truth is Hazard has been a big disappointment in the Premier league, that is not a debate. Jesus is a good player, Haverz can be a good player. Neither are instinctive natural no9s. We needed a no9, we haven’t got one. That is the big problem. When we are in control and fluent in games, scoring has not been too much of a problem but when we are shut out and need a change of attack, that is a problem.

  8. I really, really hope Havretz turns out to be a real asset to the team.

    But, I am worried he will eventually become Arteta’s Albatross.

    Let’s hope not

  9. Havertz missed a couple of chances against City but I am sure he will start converting them soon. That said, his impressive height is an added incentive to our wingers and midfielders to connect to him as a target man. But I also think Havertz best position is in the midfield and it will be interesting to see how Arteta shapes his team formation if both Havertz and Jesus play.

  10. The problem is we are looking at city and expect others to do what they did but we are forgetting that we can’t bring a carbon copy of city and expect to beat them, we don’t need to have a halaand in a 9 as there are few to no option at his level, but we can have a players in our team who can do the jobs of halaand while helping the team in other aspect of the game unlike halaand, people look at city team and say look at them they have this they have that so therefore we need that we need this, great managers are managers who change the game and are innovative, Arteta is not a newbie in EPL or to gadiolla he may have something cooking, what he did last season was not expected and I expect him to take it to another level, all we can do now is guess and speculate soon we will see how he intends to evolve the team, with more quality at his disposal comes more options..

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