Gary Neville: Watching Arsenal doesn’t ‘feel like watching champions’

Manchester United and England legend Gary Neville has poured water on Arsenal’s Premier League title credentials.

The Gunners can consider themselves lucky to have snatched a point away from their tie at Old Trafford today, having been dominated for much of the game.

Arsenal went into half-time with the scores tied at 0-0, but following the break everything was going in favour of the home side up until scoring the opener, and they continued to dominate right up until we scored a late equaliser against the run of play.

Gary Neville has now moved to play down our club’s title credentials having watched them a number of times this season, stating they do not look like champions in his view.

He said: “They are a resilient bunch as they always end up getting back towards that second and third spot come the end of the season.

“I didn’t get the impression today watching Arsenal that we were watching a team that would go on and win the Premier League.

“That is just how I feel in this moment. I watched them earlier in the season against Liverpool and I watched the game against Tottenham – I didn’t feel I was watching champions.”

We can hardly claim to have looked like deserving winners after our disappointing display today, nor can we argue that we will win what looks like the toughest Premier League title race in English history.

I can’t believe that you can completely rule us out of the title chase however, but we certainly did disappoint today, in what should have been a great opportunity to end our 10-year hoodoo away to United.

Is it too early to rule us out of the title chase? Did today give our rivals too much of an advantage?

Pat J

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  1. Arsenal goonz says:

    Who gives a rat ar*e what he thinks.I bet manure strikes him like champions league winning team..

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    When Giroud scored, Gary Neville was pained….LOL

  3. really arsenal fan after watching our beloved team playing this season do any of you really really think we are title contender do you thing a team with coutinho playing in the number ten position and sadio mane playing as a winger would go for 80 minutes without a shot on blame elneny for not makeing forward passing to him self ozil not moveing into space winger not makeing them self available only sanchez. the problem with the team is our front four

  4. Twig says:

    Well, did we look like champions?

  5. truegunner12 says:

    For the moment I’m inclined to agree with him and I don’t think just because I’m an Arsenal fan doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to at least be objectIve in my assessment.

    To be honest right now we don’t look it and over the course of the season so far o don’t think we’ve been entirely convincing. We have looked blistering on occasions ans okay on some. Could you rule us out at the moment ? No not by a long shot but based on our season as a whole thus far I think we will end up third or thereabouts just because we as a unit don’t look confident.

    The real problem for me is that we still don’t look completely confident or capable of either putting tdams to the sword or looking like a we’ll balanced, we’ll drilled oiled machine.

    Liverpool have the attack but look to struggle against particularly resolute teams and have dropped points vs Burnley Southampton and United, organized defenses.

    City looked like the team to beat come early season but they have stuttered in form again and seem to have issues with teams who hang around longer than they should. Almost a complacency to them.

    Chelsea look like currently the most balanced solid team based on performances and they are playing with a frightening attack while conceding nothing while looking convincing doing so. They’ll go top if they win tomorrow and I’m interested in seeing how they handle Middlesbrough. That performance against Everton was some of the best football I’ve seen from any team this seaso ln especially since Everton are no pushovers.

    As for us we look like we are half way in between and that’s the frustrating thing. We have the quality in so many places but I don’t know what exactly is missing at the moment we don’t look as if we believe we can win it and there isn’t a formation cure for that …it’s a mental thing. .

  6. Dr Dremotosh11 says:

    Let be sincere with ourselves do we really look like champions,!see our team is good but never consistent,i will still blame Arsene, for buying average players, the likes of Elneny, Ramsey,Walcot,shouldnt be in our team,now Santi is getting old,needs replacement he can buy someone like James of madrid,look at walcot he’s only deceiving us , the guy isn’t good for our team,forget Euro or No 10 role,this is not Wales, its Arsenal, Ramsey loves his country more than Arsenal, he doesn’t play with the same passion! Can’t you see, he killed our game today, because he couldn’t run, nor take on one or two players, gave Sanches, and monreal a lot of work to do,valensia was just free, we need someone who can run and driddble someone who is effective in every position, maybe isco, payet,Reus.Giroud is very good,ilike him, as a back up striker, but we deserve a player who scores atleast 25 30 goals a season, someone like Auba,Dembele,lewa,Aguero,kane,I think we deserve more than what we’re getting,

  7. David says:

    Okay his Man u x-player.
    how about our own legends?
    thy are turning against Arsenal.
    all bc of Wenger management,
    Wenger Out!

  8. I hope he said something when we beat chelsea

    1. truegunner12 says:

      I don’t think anyone rated our win over Chelsea much because quite honestly they were a different team when we played them. Conte tried to allow them to play the way they were use to and they failed so Conte on essence ripped it up after the defeat and said now you’re going to play my way.

      Since then Chelsea have played a vast array of different teams in their new formation and have convincingly demolished everyone of them. They scored 16 goals and haven’t conceded in over a month. I don’t like Chelsea very much but that’s impressive by any standard.

      Ahead of the Chelsea match I was confident we’d get a result because of how they looked, I wouldn’t feel the same if we were to play them now.

    2. Ks-Gunner says:

      its like, hey mate liverpool is so much better then arsenal. remember how we beat you at your own place. right? right.

  9. akins says:

    I think its time we talk about ramsey… First i want to know why we have to change our winning formula, a team dat was doing so well, playing wonderful football dis season gets turned upside down for ramsey to play!!! Why.. Today we could have played with iwobi on d wing or with ox den xhaka in d middle. It seams arsene wenger feels ramsey is such an important player he comes first in his team sheet. First of all ramsey is not a worldclass player take it or leave it. He is a very good player.. He is not in d class of ozil or sanchez in no way.. He should sit on the bench and wait his turn like every arsenal player. Even if he was to play today definately not on d wing.. In d middle with xhaka and coq would hav been better.. Arsenes selection today was one of the poorest i hav ever seen.. I hope he puts THE ARSENAL first against psg and not making sure a player starts by changing d team to fit dem..

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      ramsey wont have it, he will hand a transfer request the moment he leans that he wont be a startet at arsenal anymore. kid thinks that he is bale in in disquise afterall

      1. akins says:

        Den he should leave… I understand trying to keep our best players.. Buh we shouldnt for dat reason deminish our output or performance to make any player feel important..

  10. Wayne Barker says:

    We won’t win sh*t. Gutless performance. Us fans are even more embarrassing who are just more obsessed about Jose and pogba. Sick and tired of this attitude.

  11. Ks-Gunner says:

    Yes, i understand where this comes froms. Its our lack of cutting edge. We lack the world class striker who can make the diff. We dont dominate the games like before, and we do not creat enough chances. How many shoots in goal did we had today?

    We have no strikers who cam trouble our opponents constantly. Arsenal is doing okay, but okay wont be good enough to win the lueage in the end.

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    I find Arsenal very confusing this season. Of course I can’t see us winning the league or the Champions League, and we’ve only won one of the five big games we’ve played so far this season, but on the flip side, we haven’t been beaten in any competition since the opening day defeat to Liverpool. If Wenger hadn’t fielded such a weak starting XI against Liverpool, we may not have even lost that one as well. So clearly, there has been an improvement, so much so, that I guess we have to be considered contenders at the very least.

    But the run we’re on really reminds me of the 13/14 season, when Arsenal were top for much longer than any other team, yet we finished fourth. Despite the victories we were racking up early on, I never felt Arsenal could become champions based purely on the performances. We never looked convincing. During our current run, Arsenal have put in a lot of poor performances, yet somehow avoided defeat, but I wonder if the performances are an indication that our luck will soon run out.

  13. the so call weak team in the league if they have our keepers defender an elneny coquelin xhaka sanchez any of you arsenal fan think we would finish above them my point is ozil lw rw center forward is arsenal problem

  14. jermaineBryan says:

    Watching Gary Neville at Valencia made me realise he doesn’t have a career as a football manager

  15. Wilshegz says:

    he does have a point.. as much as I hate to admit it..
    we still dnt know how to grab opportunities to go top.. n Wenger selection n late subs makes it look less like a title winning side.
    stil cnt wrap my head round why elneny started ahead of Xhaka n Ramsey didn’t just start but played the whole game ahead of Iwobi

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