Gazidis departure confirmed after saying how much he loves Arsenal

So just two weeks after talking about how much he loves Arsenal, it is now confirmed that Ivan Gazidis is going to join AC Milan in September, just after our season gets going. Sky Sports have reported it as a done deal. They wrote: Sky in Italy are reporting Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is set to join AC Milan as executive director in September.

Milan have recently been taken over by an American hedge fund called Elliot Management and it is understood Gazidis is the man they wish to come in.

This is extremely surprising as he said only last week: “The thing I am accused of a lot is not feeling this club, not caring in the way that you, the fans, do. That’s not the case, I live this football club.

“I will stand toe to toe with anybody and talk about my love for this football club and what it means to me and how much I put into it. If that’s not enough, then look, one day I will be gone, all of this is temporary.”

Well it was very temporary considering today’s news, but what is most galling was his closing statement that day. He said: “I can’t guarantee we will win everything, but what I can guarantee you, if we embark on this journey together and stick together, we can achieve great things.”

So much for sticking together eh?

Darren N


  1. GB says:

    I’ll wait till it is officially confirmed but if it is then it’s the same as the player kissing the badge one day and leaving the next day. Happens all the time. We’ll get over it, though I suspect Josh will take the job. It’s more worrying if Usmanov sells his shares to Stan though.

    1. Mobella says:

      Can you mention one impact of Usmanov has at Arsenal. With or without him the club is the same. I do not understand this fear. He is just another billionaire the Queen will wade her axe towards. Maybe he sees what Abrahamovich is going through and decides to cash on his shares and run.

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        Mobella, the concern is that if Usmanov’s shares are acquired by Kroenke, then he has 97% of the Arsenal shares. Kroenke can take the financial management/ownership of Arsenal off shore into private Kroenke company ownership with no requirement to report on financial or operational management. Fans and groups such the Arsenal Supporters will have no idea what is going on with Arsenal FC; Kroenke can do with it as he likes and strip assets etc.

        1. gmv8 says:

          I don’t get why Kroenke is holding onto the club. He has already tripled his money on his shares, he obviously has no love for the club, everyone agrees that the shares are at an artificially high price, surely now would be the best time for him to sell? Unless it’s all an ego thing, being in charge of a premier league club, but if Arsenal crashes through lack of investment, then that won’t hold true either. Maybe he’s a closet spud, trying to put Arsenal through as much pain as possible?

      2. Ken1945 says:

        Mobella, the reason that he has no impact at the club is because the Owner and his board effectively silenced him by voting for a rule change that stopped him becoming a board member!
        So what could he actually do in your opinion?

        Just been reading an article on talksport by Stewart Robson regarding Gazidis.
        Personally can’t stand the man, but he has come out ridiculing him.
        The first point is his negotiating skills.
        According to a top agent in the US, he was the worst negotiater he had ever met and he just didn’t know his stuff.
        The agent went on to say that Gazidis made all the wrong deals and he loved dealing with him.
        Robson then went on to say that Gazidis was in charge of all contracts and transfer monies. Once Wenger had identified a player ( Griezmann perhaps Duran?) it was Gazidis who had to finalise the deal.
        It was GAZIDIS who offered the extra £1 for Suarez according to Robson.
        It was also Gazidis who was at fault for letting player’s contracts run down and quoted the Judas RVPersieas an example.
        Finally, if one reads the complete article, it CONFIRMS that Wenger WAS NOT SACKED, but put into a situation that meant his authority was being slowly eroded and that was the reason he decided to leave.

        That clears up so many issues that Wenger was initially blamed for and the sooner this so called CEO goes, the better.
        Could this ( if it happens) be the opportunity for David Dein to come back?
        What a sensation that would be… Emery, The three musketeers and David Dein.

        1. Sue says:

          A very interesting read there Ken!
          I would love to have Dein back!!!

        2. Durand says:

          Wow Ken, a lot to digest. Let me start here;
          Normally you defend the “integrity” and “honesty” of Wenger which we have debated several times.

          But when Robson targets Gazidis with “agent” rhetoric, you eagerly agree wholeheartedly. Nameless agent? Anonymous source?

          What about Wenger’s statement on Nov 29 2017 where Wenger answered transfer question. Wenger said, “Ivan is not involved in player transfers.”

          You admit Wenger lied then? Or do you believe Robson? How does Robson know closed door management decisions?

          You normally require proof; direct quote or something tangible. However oddly I didn’t see that, hmmm.

          Gazidis did contracts also, according to Robson?Do you expect anyone to believe it was IVAN not WENGER offered Ox £180 per week? Ox said Wenger did; not “agent” not Ivan, not contract negotiator. Ox lied too according to Robson? Then why were Arsenal paying the former contract negotiator a salary? The one before Huss, was here filling in until Huss settled? Thought Gazidis and Kronke were cheap?

          Lastly regarding SACKED. Wenger has shouted loudly to entire world he fulfills contracts, right?
          Stadium build he honored contract, “Real Madrid come for him he honors contract. But in 22nd year as manager he suddenly decides not to honor contract?

          Sorry not buying that crap. He was in trouble missing 4th place year before. Team in tailspin last year, out of Euros, and others buying players now (Sven with Auba).

          I think he was told to resign or be fired. Never walked away from contract, ever, but now he does? After fans wanted him out last couple years, still he signs and stays. But not last year? Sorry Ken, not buying what you’re selling.

          Robson is tool and a bumbling analyst, despite the “agent” he mentioned.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Durand I believe you do protest to much old friend.
            Firstly I agree that Robson is a bumbling analyst of football matches in general, cannot stand the man.

            However, you must remember that he was actually employed by the club and so had more insight into what was going on than, day, you or me…agree?


          2. Ken1945 says:

            Got cut off!!!

            Durand, if you sack someone, what happens?
            You get him out asap, because you have no faith in him.
            You don’t allow him to take charge and cause further damage do you?
            However, if it suits you to believe that, then that’s your perogative, just show me the proof.
            Honour contracts is something he always has done, but usng your scenario of events, the club were not it seems.

            Now, Wenger said that Gazidis was not involved in transfers, so far so good. However, it has been established that he was directly involved in the contracts and that is what Robson is talking about (£1 for Suarez), a subtle but important difference to your version of events.
            Again I refer you to Griezmann and that scenario fits absolutely perfectly with what Robson is hinting at.
            Regarding ox and his offer, of course Wenger, along with Gazidis, would have offered this.
            Then, if he had accepted, do you think that Wenger would have followed that through? Of course not, it was Gazidis job from there onwards. Again Robson’s version makes sense doesn’t it?
            This is why I thought what Robson had to say was worth debating.
            He is the first ‘insider’ who has commented on the Wenger/Gazidis era apart from ex players, the media and fans.
            Remember that he vehemently opposed the reign of Wenger, especially after getting sacked. If anything, wouldn’t you think that he would take the opportunity to put the knives in on Wenger even futher?
            He did, of course, leave the club immediately he was sacked if you recall? That’s what being sacked really means as you well know!!!
            I don’t think his views should be dismissed because it doesn’t fit the populist view on this site.
            Agreed that the’agent’would have had more weight with a name, but let me ask you this..WHY would be make this up? What has he to gain? Why are you so dismissive of a man who was actually employed at the club and despised Wenger?

          3. snowden says:

            Hi Durand.
            Its late Thursday and only now I see your post. I could not agree more with you. Great post.

  2. McLovin says:

    Gazidis is and have always been a chump.

    First Wenger, now Gazidis. Perfect!

    I sincerely hope Kroenke the muppet would be next.

  3. McLovin says:

    Off topic but GELSON MARTINS have joined Athletico Madrid for FREE.

    1. GB says:

      Yes free at the moment but there will be a court case to decide if a fee is to be paid.

    2. Mobella says:

      This is nothing to have a look at. Judging by WC performance and how his compatriot turned out Munich i will say we did fine not taking him. Beside, Atletico will pay will pay hugely for him why because it is Sporting’s player and he can’t just terminate his contract. It is not even that easy to leave your husband or wife, you will have to go to court and pay huge fines.

  4. GB says:

    Emery has said today that Gazidis is not leaving us. He says he talks with him every day and is currently discussing moving the club forward. But why is Gazidis not denying the rumors?

  5. Goonerbeall says:

    I could have told you that. This man would sell his family for money so no surprise that he moves after a Hedge fund buys AC Milan. We will survive, we are a damn good club. What is worrying is Kroenke’s total ownership but monopolies are the way of businesses these days until a revolution takes place.

  6. Ruelando says:

    I think gazidis loves the attention he is getting and will milk it for all it is worth, denying it would kill the story too quickly. Also probably angling for a raise of pay .
    He would not be someone missed at arsenal if he goes so therefore no problem

  7. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Arsenal’s official site says

    “We are aware of the speculation surrounding our chief executive Ivan Gazidis. We know he receives many offers from organisations inside and outside the game as he’s a hugely respected figure. He has never accepted any of these opportunities and has never spoken about them publicly. He has always been fully committed to taking Arsenal forward and is currently working hard in Singapore with our new head coach Unai Emery as we prepare for the new season.”

  8. RSH says:

    arsenal has released a statement saying he’s staying and is committed. Yeah, we’ll check back in a few weeks and see how true that is, lmao.

  9. GoonerUTH says:


    Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick has issued a statement on Ivan Gazidis’ future.

    He says Gazidis is the subject of many offers from other clubs but is yet to accept anything.

    Keswick also says Gazidis is committed to taking Arsenal forward.

    He said: “We are aware of the speculation surrounding our chief executive Ivan Gazidis. We know he receives many offers from organisations inside and outside the game as he’s a hugely respected figure.

    “He has never accepted any of these opportunities and has never spoken about them publicly. He has always been fully committed to taking Arsenal forward and is currently working hard in Singapore with our new head coach Unai Emery as we prepare for the new season.”

    1. Declan says:

      Still not stated he is definitely staying though.

    2. Ken1945 says:

      GoonerUTH, this was the same Sir Chips who, along with the board, told the fans that there was only two players in the world we couldn’t afford.
      That was last year and now we have a reported transfer kitty of £50 million… strange that!!!

      1. Durand says:

        So true Ken! Sir Chips said anyone except Messi and Ronaldo. Wish we knew the truth; did club have the funds? Why wasn’t it being used?

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Durand, if you and I can’t find it with our ferriting, and most other supporters don’t seem to concerned, someone is going to get away with it!!

  10. jon fox says:

    Whilst still waiting to have this now likely rumour confirmed, which I fervently hope it is, who can possibly be surprised , apart from people completely out of touch with the reality of the whole Gazidis fiasco at Arsenal, ever since he joined. IG has never been an Arsenal fan and that is fundamental to this matter. If he were, he would stay and fight to the proverbial death to get on field suuccess for our club He is well heeled and will not be starving for the rest of his life, but it is sheer lust for power and personal esteem that has caused his now almost certain decision to go. We who love the club with our very hearts and souls, will surely be elated at this splendid news. IG has gained many, foolish, changes of hearts from those who previously wanted him out , for engineering the new regime and effectively sacking Wenger(albeit by Kroenkes rubber stamp). IG is a cunning , ruthless and selfish operator who has all the political skills a CEO needs BUT lacks two true essentials, which is that he SHOULD be both a fan AND an honourable man who is true to us fans. My guess is that Josh Kroenke will now effectively be the CEO. However, a new puppet of the Kroenkes may hold the official title of CEO. But IG has always been Kroenkes puppet in any case and my guess is that he fell out with the Kroenkes , because he wanted to still further his own power at Arsenal and they would not have it. We will probably never know. The actual truth, about all sorts of things has been a virtual absentee from us fans ever since IG and KROENKE took the reins. Whoever the new CEO is he(I presume it will be a male, though I should not presume, in truth) can scarcely be worse than Gazidis. It is watch this space, as what else can we do?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Could be to do with EUFA or FIFA, he got a seat at one of the big tables last season after an invitation. They’re both very political and Gazidas would fit right in. AC Milan was always well represented at those summit meetings with their great European achievements, maybe someone mentioned which clubs would put him in a better position for more power. AC Milan is one of those clubs if they can ever make it back from obscurity. Real, Barca, obviously, then Milan, those three wielded the biggest power throughout their history. Also maybe Gazidas passed this info onto a hedge fund.

  11. Gifted says:

    I like the way I.G answers questions from the press…I have never seen him shy from a question. Tbh, the man is smart, articulate and carries the aura of a top CEO..Whether he loves Arsenal is altogether another matter

    1. jon fox says:

      Gifted, It is ANOTHER MATTER , yes, but a FAR MORE IMPORTANT matter. I don’t deny the mans political and speaking skills but it is the lies he has constantly spouted for so many years and his long years of inaction, before the many regular absent season ticket holders forced him to do what he should have done years early; sack Wenger. I am so pleased if it is confirmd that he is leaving. It is long overdue and about as long overdue as was Wengers sacking. Many people have superficial polish and a veneer of professionalism. If they lack moral fibre and a moral compass , as Gazidis does, IMO, then that “packaging” is easily seen through. And he WAS seen through by most of us Gooners.

  12. Sheet head says:

    What’s all the agitation about fellas?
    Gazidis does not defend/score goals for Arsenal.
    If he leaves, I will appreciate him for kicking out Wenger, albeit, after too long a time. If he stays, fine. I actually don’t care. I care about the players and coach. Kroenke is the one that cares about IG

  13. Innit says:

    Good news
    Kroenke next please

  14. Sue says:

    Not surprised in the slightest

  15. snowden says:

    Just another of the 100s and 100s of rumors that sky runs in order to get our attention.
    There isn’t any real news so create some, everyone in the media is doing this.

  16. ThirdManJW says:

    Would seem strange for Gazidis to leave at a time where he finally has some power at Arsenal to really show us what he can do. The impression I got, especially in Wenger’s later years, was that Gazidis had no power. It was like he was sandwiched between Kroenke, and Wenger. Kroenke had the overall say, whilst it seemed that Wenger had cart blanche as long as the club’s finances were ticking over nicely.

    Gazidis has had to wait a very long time for Wenger to leave, to really have the freedom to realise his potential. I would also imagine he’s fairly settled in London, given how long he’s been here, and he earns a very good wage at Arsenal. Just doesn’t add up to me.

    I wouldn’t say I have always been his biggest fan, but I now realise that is was Wenger that was calling the shots. I think Gazidis has done fantastic things over the last 12 months, since power was taken away from Wenger, and I wouldn’t like to see him leave at the moment. We’re still going from a massive transitional phase at Arsenal, on, and off the pitch, and Gazidis has been pivotal to this. I don’t think it helps Emery either, to then suddenly have this destabilisation behind the scenes.

    Hopefully it’s just one of these random rumours doing the rounds like every summer…Benzema to Arsenal anyone? Haha!

    1. Angus says:

      He’s had power since day 1 your delusional to think otherwise and he hasn’t gained any with Wenger gone. He always held the purse strings. Nothing has changed. It’s not hard to piece this together either.

  17. tas says:

    just another free advertising campaign, any press is a good press, out of sight out of season ticket and live TV revenues

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Good point.

  18. Chiza says:

    Emery will win us the premier league title this season..mark my words

    1. Sheet head says:

      Can he also win us La liga?? ?

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      im not too sure about the title but top 3 is a guarantee

      we have very very strong fire power with Auba and Laca

      lets see if our new defense can gel and play well…

  19. ACE says:


    If Leon Bailey is serious about his intentions
    of moving on from Leverkusen before the
    close of the window Arsenal need to be
    aggressive in submitting a substantial bid
    for the young Jamacian. Of all the young
    wingers AFC has been linked to this summer
    Bailey imo is the best of the lot and would
    immediately provide the Gunners attack
    with genuine pace and skill from either flank.
    I would test BL with a £50-60M offer and
    hopefully sort out a deal while Chelsea are distracted with Hazards and Willians potential

    To piggypack this, AFC should consider the
    following business.


    El Neny…£10M

    £85M recouped from sales.

    AFC could add Bailey and Soyuncu before the
    end of the window and essentially break even
    on the transfer fees by selling the above

    1. Sue says:

      That is if anyone out there will pay those prices!

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Ah Sue, why do you keep bringing reality into the discussion!
        It really is so annoying to have a realist bringing everything down to earth ???

        1. Sue says:

          Hahaha well I did just mean Iwobi ????

  20. Break-on-through says:

    Its hard to believe that he’d leave the Arsenal post, he is first or second best paid in his position. He was given the challenge of replacing our greatest manager in history and his entire back room staff, just to up sticks and leave before we even see if it worked out for him. Maybe Kroenke gave him permission to help out that American hedge fund, could even be Kroenke’s idea to begin with. Rubbing of backs so to speak, anyways, I won’t believe it until I see Gazidas telling the AC Milan fans how they’ll be competing for all the best players soon.

    1. jon fox says:

      Sorry to point out an inaccuracy in your post, but he did NOT REPLACE HERBERT CHAPMAN, who was by far our greatest manager

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