Gazidis loves Arsenal and explains how we can do ‘great things’

The Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis is often derided for being a Manchester City fan and not working towards success at Arsenal. He has actually been at Arsenal nearly ten years now, but always looked ineffectual in the shadow of Arsene Wenger until recently, when he created the ‘catalyst for change’ which has seen the Gunners completely revamp the management and coaching systems at the club.

Now he wants us to know that he is doing his utmost to make Arsenal great again. “Football is very fast moving, it’s a very competitive landscape and it’s a very different world to the one that existed twenty years ago.” Gazidis explained. “It’s global now. Finding talent, coaching talent, developing talent, it has all changed beyond all recognition.

“What that means is the old models of one individual are no longer sufficient. So if I think about myself, my job here, my objective is to deliver pride to the club and my belief is that the way I do that is by bringing in world class people and giving them the support they need to do their jobs. All of us together, it’s not a single entity.

“The thing I am accused of a lot is not feeling this club, not caring in the way that you, the fans, do. That’s not the case, I live this football club.

“I will stand toe to toe with anybody and talk about my love for this football club and what it means to me and how much I put into it. If that’s not enough, then look, one day I will be gone, all of this is temporary.

“But I care about it, I give everything I have every single day and I demand that of the people that work with this football club. Anybody that is at this club is in a privileged position and anybody that doesn’t feel that does not deserve to be part of this football club.

“I can’t guarantee we will win everything, but what I can guarantee you, if we embark on this journey together and stick together, we can achieve great things.”

Well he talks a good talk, but can he walk the walk? I would say he is definitely trying hard to get things back on track as we have seen by the top level team he has brought in. Now we all just need to pull together and there is only one way for us to go. Onwards and Upwards!!!



  1. Martin says:

    The great waffler strikes again. He’s only interested in the club making a profit. Any success Arsenal have is a bonus

    1. Dalinho says:

      Matteo goungouzi should sign this week
      19 year old David Luiz lookalike
      He must be the youngster BBCs David O. Was talking about!
      That means transfers are done unless we sell a player!
      Still think we should sell Mustafi and get tall CB preferably Yerry Mina

  2. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I’ve said some harsh things about Ivan Gazidis but I have to say over the last six months he’s not only took on Arsene Wenger, and won, he’s also brought to the club the exact people we required. If you told me a year ago we would be signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang I would have told you, you’re mad. All the changes have come about because Gazidis brought in the right people to do the job. And his not finished yet.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      While I’m here, just learned of the passing of Alan Gilzean, a true legend in Scottish and English football. Yes I know a Tottenham man and a thorn in our side for many years but along with Jimmy Greaves formed one of the greatest strike partnerships English football has ever seen. RIP Gilly.

      1. Gazidis is just on one of his PR sessions. Changes have come not because of Gazidi’s ambition, but because we dropped from 4th to 6th and looked to be staying thereabout. For years on end we have not fielded a squad capable of challenging for the league or champions league but it was never an issue for Gazidis. Countless times we have suffered devastating defeats at the hands of direct rivals and Gazidis neither spoke a word about it nor lost any sleep over it. This is why am absolutely certain, as long as Emery delivers a top 4 finish, he is forever guaranteed a job regardless of whether we challenge for anything with him. I have seen no signs to indicate otherwise. The only plus is at least Emery will not serve us humiliating defeats on the weekly out of stubborn refusal to defend.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Alan Gilzean, a great player RIP.

        2. Paul says:

          @Quantic Dream…….u got it all wrong.Too much power and influence was given 2 Arsene from above which automatically made everyother person ineffectual.Just sit down and watch d real Arsenal fc onwards.Arsens rily turned Arsenal fc into a sinking ship yet wanted 2 finish his contract if nt d driving power of Gazidis and Josh Kroenke.U will as well see d real(steve bould) doing d job he knows best.UP GUNNERS

          1. Elvinho says:

            Spot-on @Paul. Just because his name is “Arsene” he thinks he owns “ArsenAL”.

        3. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

          Oh I see you’ve been briefed by the board. Coz this certainty of yours baffles me.will you people get a grip of yourselves & stop letting your blind pessimism overshadow your entire know zilch about how things will turn out for the next few seasons

      2. Ingleby says:

        I remember Gilzean going to Spurs and Ian Ure to Arsenal, both from the same Dundee/Dundee United team. Spurs got the better deal by far. I watched Ure’s first game v Wolves and Chris Crowe ripped Ure and the Arsenal defence to shreds.

      3. Ken1945 says:

        Indeed Kenny, a great player.
        How hard it was to be a gooner when that Tottenham team were around!!

    2. Segun says:

      Signing Pierre emerick-Aubameyang looked impossible to you? What, like we didn’t bring in Alexis, Ozil and Cazorla? I think we should just let go of the unhelpful comparisons of eras because circumstances were different. Let’s just support the team again, with the new manager and players.

    3. jon fox says:

      Kenny , I am not so forgetful of how Gazidis constantly lied to us fans for many years , prior to Wengers exit strategy, for which he does deserve credit, even though it came many years too late for many of us. I had wanted WENGER SACKED AS LONG AGO AS END OF 2007-8 SEASON. To my mind, Gazidis has, as yet, only regained a minority portion of the huge credit he lost with many fans, and certainly with me,over so many previous years through his inaction and lies. I hope he proves me wrong but fear that he has a long road ahead of him, if he is ever to do so fully.

  3. Darwin says:

    Good he understands the realities of the fast changing nature of the sport. Also good to know he understands his own reputation and job is on the line. That’s what usually makes a person work to improve and strive.

    Good luck to you, even though I feel you were a bit late. However better late than never. COYG.

  4. Isaac says:

    It’s only Arsenal executives and managers remain in their jobs for over ten year without EPL or championship trophies. I would like to see the objectives that he is talking about. Interesting is one of this objectives making profit and nothing after than. How about making profit and satisfying or making the fans happy by winning EPL and Championship rather only specializing on FA trophies only.

  5. Dalinho says:

    The only thing missing at this club is money!
    Money and CL football = world class signings
    If we’re lucky enough to sell one player for £100mil and add another £100mil from the transfer kitty and CL money then we could attract the very best and properly get an even better team than Liverpool have with there millions! They brought sane firminho Fabinho salah VVD Ox Keita but I see arsenal buying players like Mbappe Dembele etc so hopefully the journey starts this season l!

  6. Ladu says:


  7. Laurence says:

    Never forget Gazidis is employed by Kroenke to say what the fans want to hear, he is not saying what Kroenke feels about the club,it is obvious Kroenke has no passion for the club, he never supports the team unless we are in a Cup Final then he likes to bathe in the glory.

    I went to my first Arsenal game in 1960 and became a Clock End season ticket holder as soon as I
    could afford it up until we left Highbury ,and even with todays enormous social media at their disposal the owners of Arsenal FC have never been so disconnected from the club.

    Gazidis makes many statements, like “we can buy any player in the world” its all just what the fans want to hear, just pure bullshit, and I would love to stand toe to toe with him and let him see what it really means to love Arsenal Football Club

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said Laurence. I am your generation too, starting going in 1958 and find it hard to believe a single word Gazidis ever says. He has lied to us over too many years for old dogs like us to fall for this nonsense. If he really cared for the club he would have acted far sooner; in fact a decade sooner , just after he replaced the superb and cruelly betrayed David Dein. What a cataclysmic day for our club when Dein was forced out. It has been downhill ever since and all has been under Gazidis. Some of us don’t forget this truth.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Yes Jon and Laurence absolutely correct.
        The saddest thing is that because of the ex manager’s last two years of mediocrity, everyone wants change but forgets the full picture.
        I have never believed in the fairy tale that one man had complete power and Gazidis was the ex manager’s shadow, happy to support everything that ex manager stood for.
        He also took the glory.
        He only called for change when it was obvious the bubble was about to burst.
        Think about it…he has brought in three men and it’s these guys who are actually doing the business isn’t it?
        Wenger lost so much more than a friend when the pathetic excuse for a board sacked David Dein.
        Arsenal have never replaced him and to compare Gazidis to Dein is like comparing chalk with cheese.
        Would love to be proved wrong, if only for our great club!!

  8. ladu says:

    It’s been a longest time for us see great things happening as we are seeing now but always true fan stick into his team

  9. Jeffy says:

    That’s the problem of our beloved club how can he be an Man City fan to that extend that’s why he devastated our glory way back. Shame on us Arsenal fans hope Raul n Sven will restore our lost pride

    1. DarlingBudofArse says:

      What are you talking about, you smoker of the funny cigarette? Make yourself understandable please.

  10. Sean Williams says:

    We now have the Lacazette/Aubamayang Axis. Plenty of goals. In losing Santi and Jack we just do not have a midfield magician. The foot on the ball man, schemer, ball threader etc. Is it Jean Seri or another big name. I do know we will huff and puff and go nowhere without a central controller midfield magician. Why not even get Cesc? With that type of player we could challenge at the top….. again. C’mon Ivan…MONEY!!!!!! Prove yourself!!!!

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    If Gazadis wants to do great things then he should bring in more quality players

    England vs France Final

    cant wait for Sunday

    Football is coming home

    1. Ken1945 says:

      John just to remind you of the fact that it is Kronkie who has his hands on the pursestrings, so whatever the owner decides the owner gets.
      Also your assumption for the WC final is a little premature, but I admire your optimistic views on both of the above topics.

  12. DarlingBudofArse says:

    I’m in with his vision. His past errors under Wenger now all forgiven. Just out of interest, is Torreira still on board the plane? That’s going on to 24 hrs since he boarded that plane. Perhaps he’s set to break Higuain’s record on the London-bound jet some few years ago; who knows!

  13. snowden says:

    As already been said here the 2018 Ivan Gazadis Arsenal revolution is rolling.

  14. Frank Wilcox says:

    You guys crack me up,you finally got your wish,Arsene is gone,new coach,having a good transfer window,the season hasn’t started and your already whining!!
    How bout you get behind the new regime and give them a chance,we have some extremely good experienced people in key positions here now,they have all been successful previously,so get behind them!!

  15. Russell says:

    Some Years Ago Ronaldo Wanted To Sign For Us, Cavani Almost ,Saurez Almost We Seemed To Be Linked With Big Names But If You Ask Why They Didnt Come Answer Is Wenger He Had Too Much Power If Not For Wenger We Be At The Very Top Now His Gone I Give You My Word The Great Arsenal We All Love Is Back

    1. Ken1945 says:

      What a load of absolute bulls**t Russell.
      If you know your facts, Ronaldo chose Manure because they offered him more money…read the facts for heaven’s sake.
      Suarez was prevented from joining us by Liverpool, who later admitted lying about his buyout clause. Have you no idea about what actually went on!
      Cavani himself stated that there was never any chance of him signing for us.
      NOW if you believe that Wenger was the reason the above players didn’t come to Arsenal, then I can only assume that you don’t really follow our great club.
      I give you my word that the above actually happened.

      1. AlexLaca9 says:

        Actually… Wenger had total control and we all know about his penny pinching ways now. What if arsenal matched Man U? Same with Suarez… 40 million and 1 pound??? Really? There was no way in hell Liverpool were selling to us then. 40 million and a pound? ? aww from the man who’s class knows no bounds. I don’t know bout cavani so I won’t comment. 2/3 still respectable though

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Well first of all, the money wasn’t Wenger’s it was Kronkie who gave the transfer kitty.
          Secondly, give me an example of when Arsenal have ever outbid United, or more to the point, ever could outbid them?
          The final point is that Ronaldo actually said that once he knew of United’s interest, that was that.
          Still let’s blame the ex manager.

          Suarez situation…if you know about buyout clauses, Liverpool were legally wrong to deny Arsenal’s bid and lied about it.
          Your view, it seems, is that Arsenal should have offered more?
          So what is the point of a buyout clause and should we be held to ransom anyway?
          But don’t blame Liverpool, let’s blame the ex manager.

          Don’t have to like or dislike the ex manager, just get the FACTS right before blaming someone for something out of their control.

          1. AlexLaca9 says:

            We’re not talking a 100million pound transfer here mate (at that time) leaves a sour taste in my mouth how you undersell our club which is one of the richest and could flex its financial muscle if it so wanted. We all know wenger refrained from that flexing, even if it meant parting with that extra mil or two, of kroenke’s money as you so rightly state. Would it have been such a horrible thing to offer that extra few for a budding world class talent such as the young Ronaldo? Would it have been such a huge sin to offer even just a million more to round of the price of Suarez to 41mil which was way below his valuation at that time as well?? One pound? Get off from your high horse mate; that’s some disrespect there. I don’t like Liverpool, not one bit, but as an arsenal fan I was ashamed by how wenger handled that situation. And wenger controlled who was bought with “kroenke’s” money as you say,also when how where and how much. You can defend him to till you turn red, I for one (and the majority of arsenal fans) am certainly glad his reign of embarrassing terror is over. And I don’t kid myself one bit in admitting that the position arsenal found itself in last season was solely his fault. You can carry on with your blind faith in him now, God bless you and “your” Wenger

  16. Break-on-through says:

    He borrowed from the book of Arsene. Stating this is not enough Ivan, what about those funds we keep in reserve. Look at City, Manu and Che, we need to dig deeper from time and we have the means to do that. We don’t need to burn all the way through it, but on top of our budget if we could stretch for another one or two top top players it can make a difference. Try spreading out payments more, like with Torriera, offer higher than others offer and do it over time.

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