Gazidis will keep Wenger and nothing will change

One away draw and the season is saved! Ivan has a big summer.‏ by KM

Well well, what a spectacular turnaround to our season! We drew a game at Spurs! True, nobody was expecting us to take anything with our poor form, but for gods sake, how can one draw make a lot of people forget Barca, United and Swansea in a flash?

This is exactly why Arsenal never change. And we’ve never needed one more. If Leicester win this title which looks ever more likely, what will be the excuse? Poor referees? We didn’t have the financial resources? We had too many games to play?

I’m waiting for it. The longer Arsene stays, the more we’re postponing the real issue here. We crumbled under the pressure and United are right on our backs! We’re in a fight for 4th spot if you are looking at it realistically!

Getting fourth though means Arsene will be vindicated! He’ll the a god once again. The Wenger out comments after the Swansea game were one way traffic, after a draw at Spurs, it’s in the balance, if Wenger wins against Hull, I dare someone to mention his name in vain!

This is the reality with Arsenal. It’s why the ‘specialist in failure’ has been here so long. The smallest of results cement his place and he’s never under real pressure. Ivan has a big decision to make this summer. If we keep him, we’ll likely be offering him a new contract, which will be another 2 or 3 years of the same.

If by a miracle we opt for change, who we will appoint will measure our ambition. I hardly reckon we’ll make the right choice. We need a manager of proven success, but outside of Simeone who is there, and rumors are Atletico won’t let him leave.

Ronald Koeman looks a decent option. Unai Emeri could be an interesting choice. Guus Hiddink will be available, but he’ll hardly come. The matter of the fact is that there are options. Truth is though that deep inside us we all know Arsene will be here next season.

He’ll again not make the signings needed, but I fear this time. Ozil and Sanchez contracts are entering their second stage and they might not want to stay with the lack of ambition. It could be a repeat of the exodus that happened when Fabregas and Nasri left.

Remember the Nasri interview where he said that Wenger told him Fabregas will be sold and we’ll be bringing in only Gervinho? I mean I’d want to leave too. Then we panic bought seeing how we did not have the numbers and ended up with players like Mertesacker and Arteta being the best buys of the bunch despite never proving solid enough.

Wenger always says he’s learned his lesson but I see another 1/16 exit in the CL and fourth place on the horizon with a potential FA cup. Nothing the past 10 years haven’t showed me. We will probably have a turbulent season if he leaves. Maybe more than one!

It’s what happens if you have a manager for so long. But the fact is we need a change. We’ve needed it more than ever and it’ll be a leap of faith, but we’ll likely not take it. We’ll opt for the safe option of 4th with Arsene and the money will keep rolling in.

Ivan is a smart man though. If the fans erupt, the tsunami coming might break the Wenger wall and lead to the correct decision. Seeing how we react to a mere draw though, I feel like it’s a lost hope again with Arsenal.

Just like the past 12 years!



  1. Yeah, because you weren’t one writing right here that we will definitely lose against Barcelona. That’s the problem with keyboard managers, they talk after the facts like they are some kind of professors and when they finally fsck it up don’t come back and say, man, you know what? I was wrong.
    Anyway, I see you took my idea about Gazidis and decided to write (a bad one in truth) a piece. Which is fine when you think like that yourself. But then until now you never factored him and you said Wenger is running the club from top to bottom.
    So, which is it? Can you make up your mind?

    1. Its not been a key board manager, its facing the reality. We are out because we don’t have enough quality to knock barca out, But enough reason to knock #WengerOut

      1. Facing the reality would mean that the trio Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger will go together and leave the club alone. Getting rid of one will change absolutely nothing, it is the hundred time I say this. Stan is not in for the trophies, he is in it for the bank notes. For him being 4th or 1st will bring him the same amount of money while everyone and their mothers know for sure that you have to spend between 70 and 100 million pounds to challenge for 1st place instead of the 4th. Why would Kroenke do that I ask you?
        Wenger knows that all he needs to do in order to stay is to please the cheque master and he is doing it with minimal effort. It is not crazy to say that any manager could do the same with the resources and team given.
        Then is the yesman Gazidis who’s increasing the ticket price like he owns the most posh club on the face of this Earth. It is easy to see what is happening here, Ivan tells Stan he need a raise. You would think Stan will say, fine, give me an EPL title and there you have it. But do you believe Stan will ever say this? It is safe to assume Stan will most probably say : you run a club with millions of fans everywhere, what do you need more? Suck them up! And you can even fire Wenger but be aware that he gave me the money I wanted every year.
        So, we are in a chicken and egg situation here. Want to get rid of the problem? Drive them out as they are totally obsessed with profit. And as for thinking Wenger will EVER leave think again. The man has absolutely no life outside football. He even fscked up all his relationships. I don’t know if this is something to admire or pitty, you be the judge.
        One thing is true though, if Martinez or Hiddink or other posh managers would have been in charge two years ago then Ozil and Sanchez wouldn’t even think to come at Arsenal. That is undisputed. Are they happy? Of course once you win UCL and titles in Spain you surely want a shinny BPL trophy, definitely not happy. But I would blame them as much as I blame Wenger, Kroenke or Gazidis for this season. It was easy and they took it for granted seeing that there is only Leicester in front of them. Arogant pr!cks.
        And the fans. Well, everyone say boycott the games. Why not do it? By showing in the stand you become part of the problem just like Wenger, board and the players. Fans react to results more than everyone else and let’s be honest the results are not ones to cheer about.
        Before I go in a boring meeting, here’s a question for all of you : what do you think Wenger plan is for the game against Barcelona (assuming we will get past Hull)? Will he go full guns and try to win it 3-0 or will he focus more on the game against Everton?

        1. Your comments on Stan are valid but seeing fans who voice discontentment with the status quo as becoming part of the problem is IMO wrong. I see them as being part of a solution to the problem.

          Otherwise we are nothing more than passive prawn eating football tourists who really don’t give a monkeys chuff about ‘our’ club.

          1. Alright then, how can the fans be a solution? Ranting on the internet? Do you really think Gazidis or Wenger lurk here? They don’t even read the press, why would they comment on the forums?

            1. Of course not.

              And I’m not saying it will/can happen, but:

              Not attending matches (even the low numbers in recent games have been noticed). This gets picked up by the press and can add extra pressure and generate fans plights.

              Don’t buy merchandise

              – at games by showing banners of disapproval

              – outside stadium

              That’s all can be done from an active (game attending) fans perspective.

              And yes, it is true to say for every fan that doesn’t attend there may be others queuing to take their place by football tourists and those whose would not sniff at high ticket prices for little return.

              But it’s a start and if nothing is tried then we will just become passive funders of an uncaring business and we will loose our football club. And eventually they will be left to rue their strategy of bucks first, when the soul of the club (local fans) leave behind a void where their support used to be.


      2. So how many teams in Europe have the quality to beat Barcelona???
        Sack every manager!!! Talk some sense you keyboard manager

        1. Not been able to knock barca out is not the solemn reason for his sacking you AKB, if you really follow Arsenal regularly then I don’t need to mention it to you. Hint: 12years of…………!
          As for the teams that have the quality team to knock barca out here are some: Bayern, PSG, Atletico de madrid, Real Madrid, Man city.

          1. Sevilla and Celta Vigo have both beaten them last season. Perhaps we should hire their managers.!?

            What a completely void and distracting comment.

          2. Which is exactly why Real Madrid got ass whupped 4-0 early on in this season.
            And are you even following Man city’s games this season? They have lost to almost every big team this season!

    2. I don’t feel anyone is getting carried away after that draw. The wiser fans among us are not looking up the table any longer as we need to gain 8pts in 9 games on Leicester with a worse goal difference. Rather the concern is looking down the table at West Ham and Man Utd who are just 3 and 5pts respectively behind us. With games away to Everton, West Ham and Man City to come that 4th place looks vulnerable. With one win in the last 8 premier league games our form is on par with Aston Villa. Something has gone dreadfully wrong again at the club. I’m afraid the excuses for Wenger are over.

      1. its a circle, every season same failures, always short, everyone knows how to fix it except one man, unfortunately he’s the only one who can do something about it though he chooses not to because he’s trying to prove otherwise to the rest of the world.

        1. ^This exactly, he’s too bent on his ego to find the solution to his problems. Everyone knows injuries are our main problem but he refuses to get the adequate back-up to prevent us being short on quality. Why ? Because he wants to prove to the world he can win with average players, unfortunately what he’s forgotten is those average players have been too spoilt by his attitude towards them. The reason we can’t seem to mount a consistent challenge but Leicester can is because Ranieri’s team learned to take advantage of opportunities and to never take the opponent for granted, that’s something most of our players are incapable of doing. Furthermore, guys like Theo and Ox are too used to playing in comfort, they’ve never faced any form of real adversity like Coquelin, Campbell or Sanchez. As long as Wenger continues to play his favouritism card and over-protect these players from the pressure that comes with challenging for the title, we will never be contenders like City and Chelsea that’s the sad reality.

    3. Oohhh cmon Budd even the most deluded and brainless of AKB’s know that we are NOT gonna go to the Nou camp and beat the Barca by 3 clear goals, Im not saying that its impossible but I am saying its highly unlikely given our team lineup and current form.
      It got nothing to do with being a “Keyboard manager” its just someone being a realist.
      The point of the article is that nothing is going to change and I guess we all know that no matter what happens the board will always be the reason that we as a team are not moving forward.
      Yes I partially blame Wenger but I feel he’s only half of the problem and if we did loose him then we’d only get a like for like manager with regards to spending and financial prudence but would we get someone who could keep us competing at the level we have been? while I dont think the current level is accetable I am very aware that its a long drop to the bottom and while I feel that AW is half the problem he is also at this point kind of half the solution as well.

      1. The reason I ask is to see if you know Wenger. Because what I believe is Wenger himself will prepare the game to win 3-0 even if we will be battered. And then see what happens against Everton. If he does think more at Everton then there is a glitter of hope. Until they throw us under the bus and then the bashing starts again. Oh, and this doesn’t even take into account eventual losses against Hull and/or WBA.

        1. Look Budd
          Im with you on everything youve said and I for one know that your recent change in attitude is a real testament to how serious the problem really is your bang on the money about the evil trio but not doing anything is tannamount to supporting what they do.
          I cant see it changing ever theres too much money being made by the board.
          Wenger will go all out to beat Barca yes as he does with every game its just that he’s got less quality in the squad wich is his fault and less options for when things go wrong.and so nothing will change and we’ll all be arguing the toss about this in ten years time.

    4. in the end, didn’t arsenal actually Lose to Barca?

      Was that even questionable????….. Quality wise, tactical wise…. They are miles ahead…..

      wake up and smell the coffee

      1. Yet you are picture it as a huge dissapointment as if we played Bournemouth and we lost. You are getting weaker at trolling by the day. Time to smell the coffee, why don’t you follow your own adice?

    5. We all know, that Wengers time at Arsenal is nearing the end. If for no other reason, then his age will determine it. So it is not a question of whether we will have to find a new manager, the question is whether it will be now (at the end of the season) or within the next couple of years.
      With this in mind, I think that now may be as good a time as next year or the year after, if not better.

  2. Yes look at cashairy!
    Where is he now.
    Everybody is calling for wenger head
    Which is understandable, We don’t have time to mix and match. A bad manager could leave us worse of then chelshit!!
    There is a reason why lpool, Man U and Chelsea haven’t recovered since there decent managers have left,
    why because they’re hard to come by!
    With our mentality and a wrong manger spells disaster.

        1. which season was that? coz the season they won the title, when they got to the top of the table, they never dropped a single step. they had few run of games but not like what you wanna prove here, this season they suck, and they did sack Maurinho, and look at them now, form no.16 to no. 10 without losing a single game. so what’s your point?

          1. @don99
            You fail to mention that the guy they sacked is the best in the history of their club. They won the League last season, yet were close to relegation this season. Why?
            Same players are clawing their way back up the same table they dominated a season ago. Huddink is gone at the end of the season. What happens if they don’t like the next guy who comes in? Do they do the same and refuse to play for him also?

    1. Lpool: transfer committee is the problem, not the managers…
      Chelsea: players vs manager led to horrible results, someone had to go… mourinho goat in Chelsea
      Manu: best manager of all time leaves, of course they will have turbulent years following… not like they were stuck with a bad manager like wenger

  3. Good article and well written. The only chance Arsenal have of winning something in the future and retaining our reputation is to let Wenger go!!!. But I know the Board won’t let him go. Arsenal are done this season. They should think of what to do next season try to remain in the top 4.

  4. I agree Wenger is going nowhere thanks to Kroenke and his boy Gazidis and the fickle fans.
    You are right in suggesting a few years of turbulence after he leaves but for it would be worth it. This is the time to do it with City, Chelsea and Man U likely all having new managers. I think we can forget the Spurs manager but I would settle for Koeman or even Pellegrini. At least they both understand the PL.

    4th place would be a disaster for us and good for Wenger. 4th place, these days, effectively means you can forget singing world class players. Players of the caliber of Aubameyang or Benzema, want to play CL football. They will not sign before we have qualified in August. By the time August roles around clubs like Dortmund, if they are willing to sell Aubameyang, will have done their business so they have time to invest the cash the got for him.

    This good for Wnger since it gives him an excuse but it is bad for us fans.

    Having said that, realistically, what is the chance Wenger will sign an other world class player?

  5. You are deluded if you think wenger is gonna leave.
    It will take a massive hell of a breakdown if he is to be sacked
    But if over 50000 fans keep showing at the emirates and keeps on achieving his 4th place/round of 16 trophy It is gonna be difficult.
    You know we will produce special performances towards the end of the season and then everyone starts yapping that wenger is our saviour and that we are 2 players away from winning the title

    1. sometimes i feel arsenal fans are the weakest in town.. We need to see crazy fans who for the love of Arsenal would boycott games and make a strong statement of intent.

  6. Do we still have fans in support of Wenger? Lets be realistic! Are u people not hurt enough to see our darling Arsenal underachieve under a manager who hasn’t adapted to the modern game. i would repeat, the problem at arsenal is not the players, because Leicester and spurs have not got our quality, the real issue is the mentality and a lack of tactical discipline. We have had games where in with just some tactical discipline like keeping a strong defensive line we could have easily won..I mean leicester are winning games by a goal margin and that’s all,they have a disciplined shape and manager. The story continues with Arsenal.. If Arsenal lose tomorrow, which is what i hope for, I see no way Wenger would be able to justify himself… We need a drastic measure to move the board out of their comfort zone to do something trophy wise rather than for the sake of profit making.

      1. I’m a gooner for life. I repeat, a lose tomorrow and Spurs or Leicester winning the title will strengthen the movement to get a new manager. Then Wenger or Gazidis will have no where to hide. I mean who doesn’t love Wenger for all he has done for this club but we love Arsenal more!!!

        1. Another one of these plastic fans that want Arsenal to lose to further their own pathetic agenda to get rid of our greatest manager ever.
          I agree with Admin. Whoever wants Arsenal to lose any game is not an Arsenal fan.

          1. Greatest manager ever? On what basis?

            Love the plastic fan accusation being wheeled out every time someone suggests that Wenger is not the man to take AFC forward.

            I guess that makes you golden huh?

            No Arsenal fan wants the worst for their team unless it’s seen as a last resort for a cataclysmic change to happen. I for one don’t mind some upset in order for some greater good to come of it.

            You and other golden fans will be content with the status quo just like Stan and co and that in my eyes makes you more of a problem for our great club.

            Only Fear of change is what I see in your defense of Wengers realm. It is crumbling, like it or not. He and stan or seeing to that.


            1. Why is he our greatest manager? On all known comparisons but especially on trophies won.
              you may be happy for us to lose to Hull but I would actually love for Arsenal to be the first team in 150 years to win Three FA Cups in a row. I don’t suppose that matters to you then?

              1. It would be nice to win 3 FA cups back to back yes. But would it just be papering over greater cracks?

                No matter what I think, what will be will be and if Arsenal turn up on the day they should win. But it’s up to them.

                Personally speaking I would take the potential to win a Premier league or UCL above another FA cup any day of the week.

          2. Has he been the greatest manager of all time for Arsenal the last 12 years? Nah, didn’t think so either…

    1. Ideal scenario for me:

      Arsenal win the PL and Wenger resigns. The board signs a quality manager who manages along the lines of Wenger but with a modern day twist.

      back-up scenario:

      Wenger keeps us in the top 3 but when the season end, instead of being a relieved and willing to accept Wenger for an other few seasons, the fans stage a respectful silent protest outside Emirates. More than 100,000 fans show up and this is a major news story which forces the hand of Kroenke, who decides to sell to Usmanov.

      Most likely scenario:

      Where ever we finish, Wenger stays, the fans remain silent and are given falls hope by Wenger sound bites like “we will be active in this transfer market and look to buy a few special players.” which the press will translate into headlines like “Wenger promises the splash the cash and overhaul the squad” which will give the fickle fans falls hope all the way to deadline day when the season will have started with a few decent results and yet an other failed transfer window will soon be forgotten, only to be brought up after a few poor results, when it is too late.

      1. As pertaining to the most likely scenario, arsenal “weak” fans would have purchased season tickets, expecting to see new special players at the club and by August 31st they get disappointed as no one shows up and he whole cycle restarts again… BORING!!BORING!!! Arsenal…

      2. Ideal scenario for me;

        Silent Stan sells his shares and runs back to USA.
        Flamini buys Arsenal with his soon to be fortune and makes Wenger head of the board.
        Wenger hires a manager who will continue Arsenals philosophy while having the ability to fully invest what the club makes back into the club.

        Most likely scenario;
        Silent Stan likes the profit that the club makes and ignores us fans to keep Wenger in charge as Wenger has shown consistency to at least get into the top competition (CL) longer than any manager has and as such made Arsenal the 2nd team in consecutive CL qualification, behind Real Madrid by a single year! That along with developing players and increasing their value…

        Why would a owner who cares about profit sack a man like that?

        1. Why no edit??? replying to myself as I forgot to include this bit:

          “back-up scenario:

          Wenger keeps us in the top 3 but when the season end, instead of being a relieved and willing to accept Wenger for an other few seasons, the fans stage a respectful silent protest outside Emirates. More than 100,000 fans show up and this is a major news story which forces the hand of Kroenke, who decides to sell to Usmanov.”

          If we could force Silent Stan to sell then I would turn up for what-ever protest would be held, I just refuse to protest against the owners puppets (slaves or employees, what-ever we wanna call them).

          A bit like an illness, I want medicine that will attack the cause and not just hide the symptoms for a few days while letting the cause of the illness to grow.

    2. I still support Wenger, I am not deluded to think he never makes mistakes but ALL managers make mistakes.

      I do think the team would be better as a whole if Wenger got more support from the boardroom in his wishes.

      I do have an issue with how Wenger seems to have favorites and that really bugs me, Ramsey has great potential and I hope he develops more but I think he needs dropping for a while, he has lost his defensive desire that he had in those few wonderful months he had a couple years ago, he was looking like our Vieira replacement.

      I do think that no manager is perfect and who-ever we get will have flaws, us fans will pick up on them quickly and well…. we’re not happy unless we moan so it wont be long before we are moaning again.

      Why get a new manager when the new manager will have the same restrictions? Why not be happy with what we have and moan about the board which is the real issue?

  7. This mob that are running the Arsenal will keep status quo as long as the balance sheets are in the healthy black.Out of europe is one way fans not renewing their season tickets is another but it ain’t going to happen. We are all going to sit on our hands till obstinate b******s retires.

    1. I urge all Arsenal fans I meet in real life to not spend a penny on the club until Silent Stan sells up and leaves.

      I do feel as Silent Stan is taking us fans for fools.

      He is not interested in winning the EPL, he is interested at what AFC can get him and what he can squeeze out of the club.

      That foul person even tried to rent out our stadium during the season for money! (2014, thankfully the courts denied it, that is classic Silent Stan!)

      I honestly do fear for Arsenal when we have an owner is more of a businessman than a supporter, the safe gamble will always win over the risky ones.

    1. Only honourable & decent thing to do as he won’t have the stadium debt, financial constraints, over inflated transfer market, lack of available talents, too many injuries loss of confidence & belief etc etc BS to hide behind!

      1. I agree that the debts etc was BS.
        Wenger broker Arsenals own transfer record while we had the stadium debt, ok it was only Arshavin but he was a record buy at the time. Wenger also bought Nasri in the same window and that signing wouldn’t happen now, Nasri had just resigned with his previous club to make sure Arsenal paid top £££ for him.

        Shame Gazidis joined a couple months afterwards and we had to put up with bargain buys till Wenger stepped in and bought Ozil after the Suarez BS offer… Which Wenger has never done before, EVER!

    2. Don’t believe it until i see it either in person or by officials in Arsenal.. We’ll cross our fingers though!

  8. No-one can tell if the successor of Arsene would bring immediate success or a prolonged period of development in order to do so, but let’s face it we have hardly been setting the world alight this past decade or so bar an FA Cup Or two.

    Seems to me the board have been happy up until now with Wengers return because the results have been sufficient to keep the bank balance increasing. With the wrong results, fan pressure and a re-assessment of what is needed the board could be forced into action.

    I personally believe Wenger will either step down or be quietly asked for him to do so at the end of the season.

    The Owner and board are not stupid and must themselves see that eventually growth from success on the field is the only viable strategy. Big money is pouring into our league and competition will be tougher than ever (even more so than a highflying Leicester) so in order not to be left behind we have to move on. That I think will include Wenger.

    1. I got to disagree.
      Have you ever had a job? Long time since I needed one but I remember the targets I had to hit when set and if I didn’t hit them then my job was at risk.

      Wenger has a boss.

      Wengers boss has shown to be profit driven, this is not fantasy but reality! Just look at the ranch and how he funded the purchase… loan secured and Arsenal FC was used for security of the loan.

      David Dein tried telling all us fans that we needed to invest in the squad to keep at the top, he told the old board that we needed investors and well… Dein and the old board didn’t get on to well as Dein is an Arsenal fan and the old board was money driven.

      Dein got Usmanov before Silent Stan came into the pic and the board refused to sell shares to an investor who wanted to invest in the club, Dein was forced to sell his shares to Usmanov to try and force a change.

      Dein warned us all about what has happened and I find it funny how ignorant fans still blame Wenger.

      Dein and Wenger built up a good relationship and guess who got the players Wenger wanted when Dein was at the club? Thats right, the share holder David Dein supported Wengers buys.

      Who does Wenger have now???

      We could have Pep coming and I don’t believe we would change at all, if anything I feel Pep would be forced to leave before the year is up due to the restrictions placed upon the club by the American owner.

  9. and what finally happened against barca at the emirates?

    Looks like ur Romance doesn’t just end with wenger it extends all the way down to gazidis and stan and the entire budd (board)

    1. Can’t start the day without looking into my pants? What’s the matter with you? Obsessed much? Make up your mind, game against Barcelona was prepared to perfection. Same as the one against the Spuds. Individual mistakes made by players Wenger told what to expect and what to do. If they play as the tactic dictates then we will never lost the game against Barcelona or draw with the sc ums.
      You sound like a broken record, nothing interesting to say but keep playing the same tune which doesn’t even have anything to do with the discussion in cause.
      Author is talking about Gazidis and you keep talking about Barcelona and Budd. Troll. And a bad one at it.

  10. Let’s all just be passive observers shall we and do or say nothing against against Wenger and the board?

    Let them take our money and just be content that we can get or at least near to 4th place every season. They can keep pulling their massive wages and we should all just be happy To have the honour of playing ridiculous prices to watch a team that underachieves consistently.

    Sounds like a nightmare to me!

  11. Anyone who still believes Wenger is the man to take Arsenal to the next level is simply living in denial. It’s obvious that he cannot do any better than he has done, he has absolutely nothing more to give. So it’s about time he throws in the towel or the board let him go if he insists on staying. And we can still find another coach who can fall into the boards criteria off spending little and getting results as well and also winning trophies for us the fans. That man is Diego Simone, he is renowned for getting the best out of largely average players while challenging the likes of Barca and Madrid every season for the La Liga. He is also renowned for building a lot of mental strength in his team and motivating them to victory, a trait we currently lack. Let the board offer him the £8 million we currently pay Wenger annually and watch Diego put his life in line to win us trophies.

  12. Wenger is doing his job.
    Don’t like the results?
    Complain to Silent Stan who is the owner and has the final say on everything at the club.

    A new manager will do nothing as the board will remain the same, complaining about Wenger is showing your ignorance and people should learn to ignore those kinda people.

    Wenger would like to spend, he broker Arsenals own transfer record to get Arshavin a few months prior to Gazidis and since Gazidis we have been a joke in the transfer market unless Wenger steps in to get a top quality player like Ozil (who has said Wenger was influential in transfer) and Alexis (again said it was Wenger who convinced him to join Arsenal over Liverpool).

    Wish for what-ever manager you want, I will continue to wish for a change in the board 1st as I believe that is the real issue and not the manager who has to deal with the restrictions.

  13. Another effin “masterpiece” from the keyboard warrior AKA Konstantin Mitrov. Do you never get tired of this crap yourself? Give the manager, and the players credit for once. 2-2 draw against in-form Spurs team, and down a man is a HUGE achievement. The boys never gave up, and Wenger’s sub Giroud for Elneny was spot on. He gambled, and it paid off. I get it, you have some kind of a weird obsession with Le Prof (did he never reply to your Xmas letter, or didn’t sign an autograph for you when you were a little kid?), but it’s becoming downright ridiculous. I sure hope Admin(s) takes a notice, and bans you from writing this $hite once and for all.

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