George Graham named as Arsenal’s worse manager in the Premier League era

Managers are one of the most important parts of any team and although they are sometimes harshly judged for their team’s performance, their role will always be one of the most important.

Arsenal has had five permanent managers in the Premier League era and there were two before Arsene Wenger, most new Arsenal fans would be forgiven for thinking that Arsene Wenger was our first Premier League manager.

The Frenchman oversaw a serious change in the club’s fortune, but there was a certain manager named George Graham who was at the helm when the Premier League began and in his time, he helped the Gunners win two league titles and a European Cup Winners Cup, among other trophies.

We are under our second manager after the long reign of Arsene Wenger, but it seems every manager after Graham has had a better win percentage than the Scotsman after he emerged as Arsenal’s worst manager in the Premier League era based on winning ratio, according to a table published in the Daily Mail.

Before Graham left the Gunners, he managed Arsenal in 112 Premier League games, he won 41, drew 38 and lost 33, amassing a total point haul of 161.

His win percentage is just 36.61% which represents the poorest win rate that an Arsenal manager has had in the Premier League era.

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  1. For me GG is a legend in an AFC jersey and as a manager. Those who call him out should remember that he gave us a European trophy which AW failed to do despite being in charge for 22 years. GG built the foundations of strong team which Arsene benefited for years to come. We should win, but more important is to win when it matters most. I salute George irrespective of the stats.

  2. Think there is only one manager that we have had that can take that crown ..
    Appointing Emery as put us back atleast 2-3 years ,such a mistake ,so happy we have Arteta now ,just a shame he as to put right all of Emerys mistakes .

  3. Forget the stats Emery must be the worst manager we’ve had, mind you Billy Wright ( although a great Player ) didn’t exactly do any good either.

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