George Graham reckons Arsenal need to do this big thing to succeed

George Graham says Arsenal needs to sign two or three quality players to take their team to the next level.

The Gunners have dealt with underachievement for some years now and are determined to become a force in English football again.

They made rookie manager, Mikel Arteta their boss after being impressed by his work as the assistant manager of Manchester City.

They have backed him as much as they can in the last two transfer windows to help their team get back in the top four.

That hasn’t been enough, with the Gunners still relying on youngsters like Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe.

Graham has been impressed by the contributions of the aforementioned players, but he says Arsenal needs to invest in expensive quality players who would show their youngsters how it is done.

He says they would need to spend around £100m each on the players that would elevate them to the next level.

“They have got problems, but they can rectify them with three players,” Graham says to Express Sports.

“Arteta is doing a very good job. But while he has improved the players, he has only improved them to a certain point.

“They have got to have natural ability to get to the next level.

Arsenal have outstanding young players, but they need help. Quality players around them to show them the way.

“They need to go out and buy two or three players, each costing £75m to £100m.”

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  1. An all-too-familiar refrain…I swear I’ve heard this exact phrase every year since 2006

    1. 👍 Always 2 to 3 class players short.
      It will be interesting to see in the summer, how the economic impact of the pandemic reduces player transfer fees, because some clubs will be forced to sell.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if this club sold off some of our best young talent to raise funds to buy old past it talent.

  3. We must not sign big price players especially giving them long term contracts on huge salaries with no performance clauses.
    Our transfer policy has been dreadful these past few seasons.
    Sanchez Ramsey Mkhitaryan cost mega millions in lost revenue.
    To be fair much of the deadwood has been released Ozil Mustafi Socritis and next Kolasinac albeit at a massive loss.
    We still have 3-4 who will go on a free at a massive loss like Torreira +Lacazette and we have to sort Guendouzi and Saliba.
    Out of the CL and with Covid Arsenal
    like all other clubs have lost huge sums the last 3 seasons.
    George suggesting 3 players at 100 mill each is crazy😄😄😄
    Pepe and Willian were absurd signings considering our finances.
    Party was probably unnecessary.
    One 25 mill signing pet season is all we can afford for the next 3 seasons even if we make CL.
    Tierney and Gabriel cost 25 mill and are value buys.
    If we are going to sell any youngsters only sell Niles because he wants to go.
    We only need another 10 mill LB and we are good to go.

  4. “They need to go out and buy two or three players, each costing £75m to £100m.”

    All about spending big …….300m

    Clubs have unlimited funds

    just like Fifa21

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