German international denies Arsenal interest

Arsenal never wanted me! Says Mats Hummels!

Arsenal may be linked to many many players during a single transfer window but only a few stick out from the crowd. Whether it’s the fact they stick out for reasons that the transfer actually comes off, or instead that they are a world class player, the truth is that these moments don’t come along to often.

One player that we can add to the list of targeted but never signed, is Germany international Mats Hummels, who claimed today that Arsenal have never contacted him, despite consistent rumours that the Gunners were keen on the 27 year old.

Hummels has already secured a move during this summer’s transfer window, as the German centre back returns to his former employers Bayern Munich, on a supposed 5 year deal that cost Munich £30 million in transfer fees.

Now according to the former Borussia Dortmund man, he would’ve considered options in Spain or England, with a club such as Arsenal, but he was never offered the chance. In a report by the Daily Star, Hummels states: “I don’t have to beat around the bush and pretend Arsenal wanted me. There was no offer. The same applies for Spain, there was always contact but no option right now. That’s why now I have made the fundamental decision to continue my career in Germany.”

First of all it’s not entirely clear why Hummels was even speaking about Arsenal whilst on international duty. I mean sure he was linked with the Gunners on many occasions, but what player isn’t? Arsenal seem to be linked with everyone, so what makes the supposed interest from Arsenal and Arsene Wenger so special?

Hummels in my opinion is a spectacular player and the fact he is signing for Bayern Munich this summer goes a long way towards showing just how impressive he is. Hummels is a solid defender who isn’t afraid to get stuck in and also have a voice on the pitch, leading the rest of the back line to his very word. Hummels would have been a fantastic signing for the Gunners, and he would’ve surely solved the many defensive crises that we’ve had in recent years, however Arsenal clearly never seemed too interested in anyway.

Instead of wondering why The Gunners didn’t sign Mats Hummels this summer, or in any previous transfer window for that matter, perhaps instead we should focus on the fact that his transfer to Bayern Munich, may open up a move for Benatia, who Arsenal have been linked with a lot in recent weeks.



  1. Hummels always said he
    was at Dotmund forever
    and being captain meant
    a move was unlikely.
    Bayern was always his preferred go to club.
    Besides Hummels now looks really slow.
    Our goals conceded was just one more
    than the best defensive team in the league.
    So we don’t totally need another CB
    like we don’t totally need another striker.

  2. to be honest i cant see us buying a world class striker reason being everyone knows we desperately need one and who ever has one for sale hike up the prices,

    our best bet would of been Zlatan the amount of chances go begging he would of won the golden boot with us, his free of contract but he has a history with our manager AW he would of needed some ass kissing before he comes to us,

    but all said and done AW is talking the right language by saying we still need two more additions

    hope his not talking about buying youth again..

    1. Every potential seller is fully aware of the knives that are drawn by certain sections of the fan base and media for the manager’s head in this transfer window, so expect us to pay way over the top for any target of ours

  3. Everyone is focusing on how we were never interested in signing him just to have sly a dig at wenger for passing him up, yet conveniently ignoring the part about him snubbing man United dwl

  4. I think we actually did enquire about Hummels in the Jan. trasfer window in 2014. At the time Dortmund were struggling under Klopp, fighting to avoid relegation. Klopp in a bid to survive relegation kept him and we ended up signing Gabriel. Moreover, I don’t think Wenger would have paid 30 mill for Hummels anyway.

  5. Nolito to man city and Embolo to schalke O4……. This should at least end all the stupid speculations of their move to Arsenal !

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