German report says Arsenal man fancies Bundesliga move

Sky Germany claims that Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka fancies a return to the Bundesliga.

The midfielder joined the Gunners from Borussia Monchengladbach in 2016 and remains a big part of the Arsenal squad in London.

He has had difficulties during his time at the Emirates and almost left the club last season.

He fell out with the club and a move to Hertha Berlin in January 2020 was reported to be almost complete.

However, Mikel Arteta became Arsenal’s manager and convinced him to remain because he would be a key part of the team.

The Spaniard has kept that promise and Xhaka has been reliable for most of the time that Arteta has been at the helm.

He has a contract at the club until 2023, which means Arsenal has no reason to panic.

The report didn’t name any German side interested in taking him on at the end of this season, but it claimed that the Switzerland international has plans to return to the German top-flight once he departs Arsenal.

Arteta is rebuilding the current Arsenal team, but his midfield partnership of Thomas Partey and Xhaka doesn’t look like one that he would want to change anytime soon.

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  1. jon fox says:

    There are , amazingly to my mind, some fans who actually rate Xhaka as a decent player I find that view an astounding one, as to me he is utterly useless.

    He is desperately slow, both in thought and movement. He is immobile to an incredible degree and he is an all round useless player who has been holding our team back ever since first arriving. The day he leaves will be a blessed day for we who loathe this player, as a player.

    He does have a physicality that some do not have and has height, power and strength. But so does The Tower of London and I DON’T SEE US BEING LINKED WITH BUYING THAT, even though it is more mobile than him. And far more reliable and less hotheaded too.

    Please God this damaging and awful player leaves VERY VERY SOON!

    1. Famochi says:

      All I wanna say is God bless you Jon Fox… i thought am the only one seeing the useless of him in the team. you sum up my mind bro.

    2. RFrancis says:

      So how do you feel now Mr Jon Fox, after berating the player unfairly, without just cause? I’m not Xhaka’s greatest fan but thought your assessment was unfair, rude and obnoxious. If this in not the perfect example of on-line player abuse, then I do not know what is. Xhaka has been one of our most
      consistent player this year. It was also widely reported that Xhaka wanted to leave but it was your esteemed manager who intervened and asked him to stay. So you should aim your fire at the right target.

      1. Davi says:

        This is getting ridiculous. Despite what you might think, not everything has to be nicey nice, and what Jon said there was not even bordering on abusive, especially as it wasn’t directed at Xhaka (i.e. he didn’t send it directly to him – you know GX is never going to see this right? And even if he did, so what? It’s criticism and not even particularly mean spirited criticism.
        I’m really struggling to understand where you’re coming from here- it’s like you want to live wrapped in cotton wool.
        Xhaka and others have complained complained about racist abuse and things of that nature, which is completely fair and understandable, not criticism of how good they are at their jobs.

        1. Richgooner says:

          I do agree the Xhaka isn’t the best player on the team but he’s pretty consistent and useful to the team. If Jon was gonna criticise GX then he should have done it constructively and not destructively. Jon is simply Overreacting and in the reality, Xhaka is a very useful part of the squad even though we may not notice it like we do for Odegaard, ESR, Saka etc, his usefulness is not easily noticed like Partey’s usefulness is not easily noticed

  2. Reggie says:

    Sooner the better, i have always thought he is fraud, does things to boost his stats and flatters to deceive. Slow, cumbersome, liability and hot head are just a few of his traits.

  3. durand says:

    Our midfield used to be solid, I loved the pairing of Santi and Francis Coquin. Santi was the technical player to link with the attack, and Le Coq was the Defensive beast that disrupted every attack.

    It was brilliant watching those two work together in perfect harmony.

    We never replaced Santi in midfield, not even close; hence our continued problems in my mind.

    Several years now and the closest attempt the club has made is Ceballos, who is far far from what Santi offered.

    Until we address this issue of a technical midfielder capable of holding the ball and creating space to link with the attack, we will struggle in the midfield.

  4. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    This article started so hopeful, but ended with a thud!! the only thud I want to hear is the one the door makes when it hits the sloth-like Xhaka on his way out

  5. Dennis Beardcamp says:

    Xhaka isn’t terrible, he also isn’t great. If he was willing to listen to his critics he could make the improvements required for reality to match his ego, but he simply won’t. He’d be an ideal squad player/3rd or 4th choice at CM though I imagine he’d not settle for that.

    Let’s restore some balance in the league and swap him for Soucek, that would work out better for everyone and put West Ham back where they belong. Or better yet try offer him and £50m to Villa for Grealish! Imagine, a double pivot with Partey and Soucek, or playing Partey deep with Grealish as a CM just ahead (a la Santi and Coq combo) with ESR/Odegaard in the 10 role. That’d be magic!

    1. durand says:

      I’d love to see Soucek or Grealish pairing with Partey, it would really improve the midfield and instill a lot more balance.

      Whoever pairs with Xhaka has to do extra work; drive the ball forward, more of the defensive responsibilities

      1. Dennis Beardcamp says:

        I couldn’t agree more, Durand. People often say Xhaka is good because he can boast decent numbers, but it’s largely because his midfield partner has so much extra to take on. It was similar with Mustafi when he left everything up to either Bellerin or Koscielny/Sokratis.

        Soucek or a more technical type like Grealish/Aoaor would really bring out the best in Partey too, allowing him more chance to focus on his own game.

  6. Marty says:

    Think we should remember that fans opinions of players are just that…opinions. Obviously the one man whose opinion matters the most is our manager, who has far more football knowledge than us fans, who picks him week in week out and refused to let him leave earlier when he wanted to go.

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