German team working on a reunion with struggling Arsenal defender

Sky Germany claims that Schalke 04 is eyeing a reunion with Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac as the Bosnian continues to struggle at the Emirates.

Kolasinac moved to Arsenal from the German side in 2017 and he remains tied to them having come through the ranks at the club.

He has never really been the first choice at Arsenal as he continues to share his position with other left-backs.

Kolasinac has been struggling to play in his preferred left-back role since the arrival of Kieran Tierney and he has been deployed as a left centre-back more often, a position that he has largely struggled to play in.

The report claims that Schalke is eyeing a move for him to bolster their options.

It adds that the player is willing to make the move for personal reasons that weren’t specified.

The Germans are, however, struggling financially and the sticking point at the moment is the player’s wages.

It claims Schalke’s highest salary is 2.5 million euros per annum, while Kolasinac earns around 8 million euros at the Emirates.

The Germans are also considering a loan move that will see them pay just a small percentage of his wages.

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  1. The common theme at the heart of all our attempts to offload players – exorbitant player wages. I know he was a free agent, but how did we end up paying this players close to 4 times more than the highest wage at Schalke!!!

    1. English teams, big ones especially have higher wages than other leagues. But I agree, we cannot pay these wages to sit in eighth position and qualify to Europa L.
      This is a champions league budget and we are no where near that level.

      1. BE and RF
        Absolutely right. The remuneration is mind boggling. Shame really that these wages aren’t reduced if no qualification to CL.

    2. Schalke recently also lost Goretzka to Bayern on a free. Part of the reason is that they pay very low salaries. Neuer is another one that chose not to extend with Schalke. While they appear to be a big market team, they operate like a championship team! That said Arsenal paying Kola 9M a year is insane. I thought he was on about 6M a year (still a lot for such a player!).

    1. Does seem rather low! According to reports, he’d turned down higher wages to join us, so huge thanks to Mikel/Edu 👍

      I’m sure he’ll see plenty of hikes as time goes on and he’ll be on 100+ before he knows it!! You know how we love to splash the cash!

      1. You’re right that’s exactly what his agent said ,a very good sign for us,a player more interested in the sporting aspect than the financial one!

          1. Tell me about it Sue but like you said if he performs as expected he’ll soon get a deserved improved contract,his agent said that Edu and Arteta were the reason,they seem to be working closely and well together!

      1. That’s right,he will earn 4M a year,he was at Colney yesterday, apparently it is true that he had some kind of medical in France may be as a precaution but not as thoughrout as the ones done at Colney by our staff??

  2. Just read that Schalke have a 2.5 mill limit to wages per player per year .
    He is on 8 million at Arsenal so we would be subsiding his wages if he was to go on loan .

  3. Kola was called the Tank when he first came to Arsenal. I think he was named in the German league team of that season before he came to us… Well, its high time he moves on….

  4. When Kolas first came , some Gooners called him the Tank! A clapped out and unreliable tank then for sure. Great going forward but no good at the rear end and easily blown apart. Sue, bless her little cotton socks, seems to find such tanks attractive. As for the rest of us, most of us think tanks far too slow to turn and not compatible in twisting and turning at speed. Perhaps we could replace him with a rabbit, which can twist and turn and run fast, but a cute one, for Sue!

    Only teasing Sue, nothing personal and even my missus has said SHE quite likes his looks. But then at one time she even found ME attractive. No accounting for taste then, it seems!

    1. Jon.. what can I say? I was blinded by those devastatingly handsome good looks!! I mean look at that picture haha!! 😍 I bet your missus likes it 😉
      On the pitch it hasn’t worked out as I’d hoped….so looking likely he’ll be off to pastures new. If I do have withdrawals though, I can always watch The Croods (Right, GunneRay?! 😄)

  5. Yes, basically he has tanked, not great at defending and holds the record for the number of back passes when in the opposition’s half.

  6. Sad how perceived assets turn into liabilities which are difficult to unload because they are overpaid.Similar situation to that of a close friend of Kolasinac!

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