Germany fans show UEFA were daft to snub Arsenal star at Euro 2016

The fans of his current club Arsenal and his national team Germany have been guilty in the past of getting on the back of the brilliantly creative play maker Mesut Ozil. In fact it was only last year that the 27-year old was having to face boos from his own country’s fans at some German home games.

To be fair to them and to us, however, we have also been a lot more appreciative of his talents than the football media who have been happy to jump on the bandwagon by calling him lazy or saying that he doers not turn up for the really big matches. And so it was proved when the Germans were asked to vote on which of Joachim’s Low team did the best for them at Euro 2016.

While the official team picked by UEFA did not include the Arsenal star but did feature his international team mates Toni Kroos of Real Madrid, Jerome Boateng and Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich, have reported that Ozil won the fans vote hands down with over a quarter of all the votes polled.

He may have only registered one assist to go with his goal but that was largely the fault of his misfiring team mates as the Gunner created almost 50 chances throughout the tournament and his passing accuracy of over 90 percent was not too shabby either for a player trying to break down some very stubborn defences.

Surely Ozil is set to retain his title of Germany’s Player of the Year from 2015, but will he do the same for Arsenal after being voted top Gunner last season? And will he break that Premier League assist record he was so close to last time?


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  1. To be fair Ozil wasn’t chosen because Wales had two midfielders included, Ramsey definitely deserved to be in the Euro team but Allen’s inclusion was based on the formation the voters chose for the team and the reason Mesut wasn’t chosen.

    But our German maestro is definitely one of the best midfielders in the world right now and if it wasn’t for he penalty Germany conceded he would’ve won MOTM and been included in the team, him and Kroos were absolutely dominating France’s midfield in the first half.

  2. _______________Mesut
    _________Reus Sanchez Draxler
    ___________Ramsey Cazorla (C)
    ___Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Jenkinson

    1. I think you’re just picturing Candy City… Which I respect!!
      #1.. Why would you put Jenko at RB?? Why oh why oh why oh why!?!?!
      #2.. Why would you have 3 direct, wingerish players then 3 attacking mids when we just signed a beast of a DLP?? Seriously!?!?!?! If not Xhaka then… Coquelin or Elneny at least!?

      That is all…

        1. #1.. I’m aware… But hmm what’s that other RB we have… Young, established first team regular.. Rapid doesn’t even begin to cut it, Spanish, ah crap! I forgot his name!
          #2.. I was referring to Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey. But yes, putting Sanchez centrally is equally baffling

    2. Lol..
      What sort of line up is this. Ozil as striker? Reus and draxler in the same transfer window? Ramsey and cazorka, No Dm? and jenkinson instead of bellerin. This is officially the most terrible potential arsenal line up i have ever seen.

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