Germany manager explains unusual Kai Havertz position against Turkey

Germany manager Julian Nagelsmann has explained his decision to play Kai Havertz as a left-back against Turkey last night.

The Arsenal man has played in many positions during his career, but playing as a left-back yesterday was a first and it surprised many people.

He scored a goal, but Germany lost the game, and the manager was naturally criticised because of that decision.

After the game, Nagelsmann was asked to explain why he played the Gunners’ star as a left back and he said, as quoted by Standard Sport:

“We have different formations depending on how high the opponent stands and defends – Kai won’t always be in that position.

“I have a lot of ideas for him because he is an exceptionally good footballer. It’s a very good option. He won’t always play as the classic left-back that you might know.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz has struggled to play well in midfield at Arsenal and we can understand why his national team manager will consider using him in other positions.

However, the attacker will not get a chance to play as a left-back at the Emirates and has to start performing well as a midfielder.

We must be open to selling him after one season if he fails to deliver by the summer.

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  1. We shouldn’t have bought him in the first place, his three years at Chelsea were underwhelming to say the least. He is on a 5 year contract and reportedly being paid in excess of £300k per week so moving him on is going to be difficult. Head scratching this one!!

    1. Well, people have been asking for Zinchenko to be put into Havertz’ 8 role…………………………………….could a position switch be on the cards? LOL

    2. Andrew, Not only do I agree with your theme but I agree rathe rmore than you do with youself. I would NOT use your far too mild criticism of him being a “head scratcher” but instead the far more realistic MASSIVE FLOP.

      Whatever personal opinions we all have, the FACT is that after twelve Prem games gone, almost a third of the season, his £ 65 mill fee AND his ridiculously obscene salary , have been EXTREMELY COSTLY, and not only financially either.

      We could and SHOULD have used that transfer fee and daft wage contact far more wisely to fill the REAL holes we have, both in midfield or as a striker. But MA chose HAVERTZ!!
      Why oh why, MIKEL? What on Earth were you thinking?

  2. So there is life in the big German after all, having taken just five minutes to register on the score sheet, interestingly he wasn’t slated in the team as an attacking player.

    Maybe this is food for thought, for an interesting area of the pitch Arsenal.

  3. Even the Germans are puzzled. question you should ask why this doesn’t fit anywhere? just because the score a goal does it mean he was good?

  4. Let Arteta switch Karl Havertz from his present midfield role to the defensive role in the team to see if it’ll work very well and fine for him and the team. And I believe it could work if he is played as a holding midfielder in our next Epl away match to Brentdord this weekend.
    While in the other hand, the gaffer could move Zinchenko to Havertz ,midfield role and play him Havertz in the match at left-back. Position. To thus copy the Germany national team coach who recently played him there in a match against Turkey at where he impressed.

    1. Soothing that you’re not the Arsenal manager.
      Imagine playing Havertz as a holding midfielder? And against Brentford?

  5. I think Havertz should be tried as a false no.9 at Arsenal. This will allow Jesus to rotate with saka and Trossard to rotate with Martinelli.

  6. What do you mean by playing well? Havertz have been playing well ever since he signed for Arsenal. it just the expectation you delusional fans have. at least he is doing what the manager wants him to do for the team. individual flare don’t win trophy been solid as a tame do.

  7. What type of poor player has Havertz been Is he the type that makes mistakes that then leave Arsenal vulnerable to attack No he’s not that type of poor player as he chooses simple passing and his defensive game is not bad it’s not great either but it’s not bad The type of poor player he has been, is he rarely does anything of note going forward he refuses to take risks He’ll need to face the opposition more and take risks if he’s to become a good player

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