Germany reveal Arsenal may have played Ozil despite injury!! WTF?

If this story about Arsenal sending Mesut Ozil off to the international break with Germany carrying a knee problem that he may have been carrying during the Premier League clash with Chelsea on Sunday is true, it would at least answer the questions about why our 25-year old playmaker seemed to struggle to influence the game in the same way as the Chelsea midfielders Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas did.

But the report in The Guardian also raises more questions than it answers, like just what are the medical team at Arsenal playing at? Have the club actually got a medical team? Did we really play our club record signing for 90 minutes while he was carrying a knee problem? Why would Wenger take the more effective Santi Cazorla off when Ozil was struggling?

Apparently Ozil was sent for an MRI scan by the Germany national team because he arrived with this knee problem, so that suggests either that Arsenal were aware of the situation and decided to let Germany deal with it, or that we were not aware of it. I am not sure which of these situations is worse but it does not fill me with confidence that Arsene Wenger has correctly identified and solved the problems at the club that has seen us constantly ravaged by injuries. What on earth is going on with the Gunners?

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    1. and boom… BREAKING: @MesutOzil1088 out for 10-12 weeks with partial lateral collateral ligament tear in left knee.

      1. according to the news reports, it was arsenal that advised the germans that ozil was having knee pain and to check it out. to me that suggests that he went off straight to international duty after the game on sunday and that he was in fact required to do so. so, no, i don’t think our med staff necessarily dropped the ball, this time. also, a partial lcl tear is a nagging pain that wouldn’t necessarily result in symptoms involving instability, so even ozil was probably not sure what was up and probably didn’t notice it during the game bc adrenalin masks pain that isn’t debilitating. shoot, it masks debilitating pain, too.

      1. Agreed DANIEL1989.
        And luck at everyone still insulting everyones opinions.
        This site is shite, and getting worse.

    1. Wise words. Wenger gone and we will tumble the same way Liverpool did for the 14 years. I knew you will come to sense one day.

        1. I was thinking about your wife but then I realized that you are gay so I will pass on this one. Not like it is anything wrong with being gay though, far from it.

          1. You think his hatred for Wenger steams from soured love?

            Hey KS, did Wenger reject you or something?

  1. If wenger is gonna keep playing ozil out of position then it could benefit us with him out of the side.
    Walcott will be back and then it would be him and Alexis on the wings, this would force Wenger to pay ozil at CAM or in midfield where he belongs

    1. Wilshere and his fans must be happy, 3 months hmmm. Lets wait and see what he will offer us. Thats his chance

      1. sad for ozil..but may turn out a blessing in disguise…it will allow the team to work out if ozil was helping or was a liability.
        i personally feel he is not up to it in epl against tight defences.. wenger might have paid 42m but is making bigger mistakes by overplaying him..and making him more useless..

    2. so now a player who hasn’t played in the epl more than a few minutes and is by all measures young is meant to be an authority on who is best or whatever you’re getting at? cazorla is talented, no doubt, that’s why he’s a gooner. however, i recall very clearly last season that ppl wanted him out too. oh how the tides turn.

    1. Some mor*n in here thinks #hash symbol is only for twitter.

      Sorry RvP you can’t use it. Yes, I am the symbol police. 😉

        1. You must be too thick to get a joke past your big head.

          And your insistence on calling me Pakistani despite evidence to the contrary is a feeble and pathetic for a cheap potshot.

  2. I love Wenger……I would love him even more if he decides to step aside and let Klopp or Louw take over….we need a younger, vibrant manager who can take us through the transition stages of transforming Arsenal from an old dog with no new tricks into a POWERHOUSE that can show true class by adapting tactics according to the opposition and utilize our entire squad instead of 14 or 15 players trying to carry us through the BPL, CL, FA CUP, League cup…….this is one of the main factors contributing to our injuries…..not to mention playing players out of position, I could go on and on….the truth is that wenger is doing more wrong than right at this very moment….Do the honorable thing Le Prof.

    PS : Thank you for helping us through the stadium move, you will always be a HERO

  3. Not surprised by the news, as the French camp have also announced that Koscielny was playing under infiltration.
    Wenger is playing with fire and will get burn…
    His limited managerial skills (and the total incompetence of his staff) are being exposed season after season, day after day…!

    1. You should read the article in The Guardian and see that there’s nowhere the suggestion that Arsenal played Ozil injured on his knee. If anything, he picked up the injury during the game or the training with Germany.
      This article is bullshit.


  5. sorry guys, the board are Arsene Wenger’s #1 fans, nothing is changing peeps.

    weger gets paid for nothing, just like the medical team!

  6. Walcott is our only hope
    1. Will force Wenger to put Ozil in the centre
    2. More goals as Walcott loves to score
    3. More opportunities for Welbeck by having 3 top class guys behind him in the correct positions

    All we will need in January is top DM and defender.

    We seriously aren’t far from being the best team in the PL.

    1. You know it I know it everyone on here knows we needs a world class DM and CB but the one man who can make it happen is a stubborn overpaid idiot.

    2. i am tired of this ozil best position debates..good he gets some rest for a few months..atleast till that time we dont have that excuse..

  7. Here w go again, Let BFG and Kosh get laid off for 2 months with injuries then to the true tune of music. The whole board is useless

  8. Another day in a life of an Arsenal fan!!!

    Arsene you started out as a great coach and helped assemble / build on one of the best teams to ever grace the EPL. you was a winner, charismatic leader, a true football genius, a mastermind in the football theosophy of total football, and a true ambassador of the clubs value, tradition, and history. Where has this man gone????

    Are you deliberately pushing us the fans, Arsene have we done something wrong to you or is someone secretly paying you another 7mill to destroy our club and bring the fans to there knees? is it the CIA, Interpol, FBI, Aliens, FIFA, UEFA, Mou or the oil rich clubs??? Have you turned into a double agent sir?

    We do respect and love you but WTF men, we the gunners are winners and we deserve payback for been patient with you for saling some of our idols, been troyphless for so long, watching you time and time again struggle with your zipper and throw water bottles, been outsmarted by our rivals, passing on chances to sign WC players, inviting Zlatan for trials, your lies. etc

    Cut the Bulls#@! and bring us back the glory days.

    But who am I kidding writting all this as if he will even read it, even though he did read it his too stubborn to pick out anything or even care. Arsene would know the truth even if it him in his Arse!

    Another day in a life of an Arsenal fan,
    By 007

    1. And you call yourself an Arsenal fan. My kids are more loyal to Arsenal than you lot. Funny thing is that one of them started to support Chelsea and the other one Manure. Yet I don’t see any fu cking regret on them for doing that a while ago when both these teams were at their peak. But then again, they also support Watford and Roma so I can understand why they keep the hopes high. I actually enjoy an Arsenal win and I don’t taking it as granted, normal day to day business.
      You should probably support Chelsea, Bayern or Juventus coz they always winning.

      1. Wow wow wow!!! who are you to tell me which team to support. Tell me what I have said exactly to indicate that I do not support my club or am not loyal?

        I SUPPORT ARSENAL AND NOT ARSENE LET THE RECORD STATE THIS. No player, manger, or board member is bigger than the club and as LOYAL funs it is our duty to advocate for our club to get back on top and actually win things.

        Now I see why your kids support those teams because just like Arsene your desire to win and see the team improve is non existent. You sound like you are happy with the 4th place trophy time and time again, you are happy with the lack of having a complete squad, lack of ambition, lack of truthfulness in the board and managers talk, lack of winning the CL, lack of winning the EPL going into 10 years now, lack of picking the right team, etc!!!

        I started supporting Arsenal by choice and feel in love with it mate, for the good and the bad times, we’ve had glory days, and we’ve had bad days and all am crying out for is for us to get back on top or atleast put up a fight. Maybe then your kids can come back and support Arsenal too.

        I wouldn’t let my cats or even dogs support Chelsea or Man U, whose the real fan now!!!

        1. Last time I have checked Arsene was part of Arsenal if not Arsenal. I supported Giroud or Ramsey when you fu ckers were yapping about them being useless. To me whatever bear the Arsenal badge is someone I support.
          So fu ck your so called support for Asrenal if you are not able to be behind the players, staff and anything employed at the Emirates.

          1. And we the so called “fu ckers” say thanks for your opinion and I will accept it!!! Language though dude, if we are associated with Arsenal too shouldn’t you support or treat us with respect too?

            Anyway in my conclusion on this I will say I AM A DIE HARD ARSENAL FAN, though my loyalty should not mean I should support all the wrong doings and sit back and watch my beloved team going down the drain and I am there smiling, that’s not love, that’s just playing stup!d or been a blind follower.

            I say axe all the people bringing our club down, grass cutters too at the Emirates if they stop doing there job right and employ people who can bring us up again.

            There is life for Arsenal after Wenger!!!

            1. Are you associated in any way with Arsenal? Coz it’s not really visible. There is life after Wenger, no doubt. All of the bad things were put on his back and no recognition was given when we won. It was always you “die hard” fans praising the players because they didn’t followed Wenger for the win. Wenger just stood there and watch it, sipping his tea and taking it for the team. Do you hear yourself?
              You are a die fan Arsenal just as Madonna is a virgin. So pi$$ off.

  9. I blame the board as much as Wenger as the two targets they set him every year are champions league football and make us money and to be fair to Wenger he delivers that,just !

  10. wenger needs 2 be cautious with ozil rotate him regularly don’t play in away games especially against physical teams like stoke use him more in home games given that refs never favor us while playing away Oscar made several tackle 7 got a yellow card in 88th min while chabers got his yellow after making his 2nd challenge

  11. rubbish wenger can’t go on 4ever sooner or later he has 2 leave there are others who can replace him klopp or Joachim Löw can take us 2 a different level

  12. Lol it’s incredibly wishful thinking to think Ozil has been languid all this time due to a hidden knee injury and he might spring forth into action once he’s healed and destroy the whole PL. We threw £42.5m down the drain, deal with it and give Rosicky his chance as he deserves it a hell of a lot more than Ozil does right now.

  13. Ozil ruled out for 10-12 weeks, wow our players are just f*cking weak. Or Wenger doesn’t train them properly. Either one of those two, just getting boring now, injury after injury, enough is enough.

  14. No, no, no. This is absolutely absurd. how the fk is it that EVERY YEAR we have significant injuries? Our training regimen is garbage. It has to be that. This is not normal.

  15. Hope he get well soon.. But let’s be honest we aren’t going to miss him. He is not crucial to our play, to me he is just a squad luxury player who you won’t notice if he is on the field or not.. Ramsey, Cazorla, Walcott, Sanchez etc are more noticeable and crucial to the team.

    But hope Ozil gets well soon, let him take all his time he needs to come back strong and fighting. We can survive.

  16. Brill so now the 42mill waist of money german is out to. Mind you we might start winning games now. aW should tell ENGLAND send our players back coz team b4 country

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