“Get a better gaming chair Ozil” Arsenal fans hilarious reaction to Mesut Ozil “back injury”

Mesut Ozil was unsurprisingly not in the Arsenal matchday squad against Sheffield United today, not because Mikel Arteta has seen through him and knows how utterly useless he is but because of an alleged back injury.

Now, it would be wrong to call bull on this because it may well be genuine, there are many ways one can injure a back and so, in all fairness, I will take the club statement about his injury at face value but judging by some of the responses to this “injury” not everyone is convinced.

There was a few that wished the German a quick recovery but when I say a few, I mean a few.

It is a shame that it has come to this with an Arsenal player that even an injury is simply not believed, it is completely self-inflicted of course, but still a shame.

Ozil continues to make the news even when he is not playing and that can only be a distraction to the club going forward, hopefully, something can be done to resolve this untenable situation in the summer. For the good of the player and the club.

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    1. Sue, here we are, back at Wembley following gutsy and deserved win, with seven players out injured and the big topic is???

      Seems like some people just can’t get enough of the player – the annoying thing is Sir, in all probability, we won’t be able to go to the semi final..
      imagine an empty Wembley stadium.

      Loved to see the doom and gloom merchants early predictions of a defeat proved wrong, guess that’s why Ozil is mentioned, to cover their disappointment.

        1. The word ‘monotonous’ springs to mind, Ken!!
          Yes, it’s a pity about not being able to go to Wembley…will be glued to the draw later, Ken… Shearer, be kind!! 👍

          I was nervous, but really glad we came through that… confidence booster for Wednesday 😉

          1. In all probability semi final will be against either Chelsea, M.U. or City….what a choice !!

      1. I’m gutted, broken, devastated to learn that one our best players too is injured (I meant best 5 or 6 years ago, but since it is Ozil, he is untouchable and so I still call him best). Wish him a speedy recovery and advise him to take it slow, nice and easy, not to exert himself on the training ground. With so much injuries, cannot afford to have a mega star ill.For all those making silly jokes, have a heart, back pain is one of the worst, join me in wishing him well. We do need him for the run in. And what? We win without him!!So Mesut, do not over exert yourself, take care. Also please do not sit on those hard seats, those are made for us.

  1. The man was class.
    Shame it has come to this.
    All down to weak management long before Mikel took over.

    1. No not all! Much is down to his OWN lack of character. That is the real truth and IF , which he does not, he had any personal pride he would be fighting for his place by busting a gut. But he does not have that in him, hence the clear lack of character. So many people prefer to muddy the actual truth but I NEVER DO.

      1. A spirit can be broken John, he must have shown character to even become a pro footballer, all those years training, the highs and lows that come with that, multiple injuries… some bad to get through and come back stronger.

        Something is not right that’s for sure. (It almost makes me think of when Rosicky was out for 2 years)

  2. What’s really happening here with Ozil?!

    I really thought it’s the time to him to shine again and win his position in the team.

    1. Wenger91, does it matter on the day we reached the semi finals?
      Let Mikel Arteta do his job and select the players he feels will win the game.
      We had seven players out injured and still beat a team at their ground, when they had a full team to choose from.
      That should be the discussion we are having, bring out the clickbait headlines tomorrow – we’re on a roll once again, with or without the seven players injured coming back.

      1. I didn’t mean with MA or the team selection, I meant Ozil himself because these actions are happening with the same player over and over again.

        1. Wenger91: You see Arsenal said after paying off the stadium debt, they would be able to go toe to toe with the big boys on the transfer market. And they acted like one when they awarded Ozil a fat contract to avoid a complete debacle of losing both Sanchez and Ozil for free. Now that we are no longer even competitive on footballing terms, our small club mentality forces the discourse. Do you hear Man Utd moan about Sanchez? Nope because that what big clubs do. They deal with it. In Arsenal’s case everything bad that happens to us is surely Ozil’s fault. I think he is being frozen out. But I often wonder why so much bile is vented at our own player by our so called fans? Surely he can’t be that bad. Why the hatred? What’s the agenda?

      2. Ken, credit where it is due; the players who represented Arsenal against Sheffield United gave their all. As a supporter you can’t ask any more, win or lose.

  3. Imagine what man city fans should do to gundogan?He doesnt provide assists nor is he a superb dm but he is ever present on pep guardiolas team sheet even with the likes of aguero,silva and even KDB being dropped.
    He is kinda like Xhaka,people cant understand what they do and that is why everyone cant be a manager but i see their importance so will say that a manager can be from anywhere…😆

    Now compare this to ozil….

  4. Cmon.
    Just got to another Fa cup semi final and yet again we are talking about a player who hasn’t even played since the restart not less than 1 hour after the game as finished .
    I trust whatever Arteta believes is right for this team ,if Ozil is faking his injuries then I’m sure this will be the last time we see him .
    Positive Articles would be great ,we have enough doom merchants in here as it is .

  5. He’ll either sit it out or Arsenal will pay part of his wages should he leave this transfer window. We should come at terms with that.

  6. That was the regular news throughout Emery’s stay, and I know better not to be deceived by such distractions.
    He who wants his dog killed will only say it is mad.

  7. Hopefully Arteta actually sticks to keeping him out the team, unlike Emery, who folded to the fans. Third manager to fall out with Ozil in a row; Really shouldn’t hold much more debate about his work ethic and attitude.

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