“Get Arteta out by the time we play the next leg” Arsenal fans react to Villarreal loss

Arsenal fans have reacted to their team’s 2-1 loss to Villarreal in the first leg of their Europa League semi-final last night.

The Gunners have to win this competition if they are serious about playing in Europe next season.

That should have been more than enough motivation for them to start this game well, perhaps as they did in Prague in the last round.

However, they started it poorly and paid for it when Villarreal took an early lead and extended it before half time.

More trouble followed for Arsenal after the break when Dani Ceballos was sent off for a second yellow card.

The Gunners eventually pulled one goal back and defended well until the end of the game to take some hope into the second leg.

Although they are still in the tie, not every Arsenal fan is happy with the outcome of the game or how their team played the match and they took to Twitter to react.

The club posted about the game on Twitter, here are some reactions:

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  1. “You speak like you ain’t gonna concede at the Emirates”
    Funny but true… Cleansheet have been hard to come recently, hope we are all proven wrong.

  2. Arteta gambles with his team selection and it back fires.I wonder why he left out martineli on the bench and plays pepe has false 9.No coach would have done this selection at this crucial moment.

  3. Arteta truly does not have a clue. Please Arteta supporters…..re-evaluate? You must be unsure by now.

  4. I start to believe Arteta wants us deliberately to lose. He won’t win the Europa. He won’t be sacked either, although he mightily deserves to be.

  5. the man is not a coach, not by spend money that make you a better coach, all Arsenal fans can see what happen yesterday game, last season we end at 9 and this season we are ending at 10 or 11.

  6. Arteta should chose better players according to their performance. Don’t gamble with our team please

  7. A lot people on here have been saying and are still saying that Artetas days are numbered and arsenal’s also if we don’t win the Europa League. In the hope that it proves some semblance of of having had success this season and, gets us into the CL next season. And if we do get past Villareal and cap off what’s been a miserable season, then Arteta might live to fight another day!

    However, even if we do get past Villareal, there’s still the little mission of Man U and…….even if we negotiate past Man U. All we’re really guaranteed is playing in a superior European competition next season with probably the same players and same footballing habits/shortcomings we’ve had all along. If we can’t beat Burnley, wolves and other mediocre teams in the premiership and struggle with some of the lesser teams in the Europa League. How are we going to fare any better when we come against vastly superior and experienced teams of the champions League? We can’t as supporters be that naive that it’s suddenly all going to come together and things will change !

    All I can see is that we’ll struggle in the earlier rounds of the CL, will be lucky to make the last sixteen (and I’m being generous) whilst simultaneously, we’ll still be lagging domestically in the premiership with a mixed bag of results made up of up and down performances. The extra few bob we might’ve made due to our making the the CL will be frittered away or used to buy another under performer or pay for a present one. Yeah, we’ll be guffawing and looking behind us at the Newcastle’s, Brighton’s et al because we’re in the CL and they ain’tbuy we’ll still be struggling to beat them when we come up against them 8n the league.

    As far as I can see. Winning the Europa League and getting into the CL will be nothing more than the flimsiest of bragging rights over those worse off than ourselves. It won’t even be a short term fix to the awful mess that have become. We look back to the glory days of when we were ‘high flying’ arsenal in Wenger’s wonder season’s and probably still believe that we are the same club we we’re then. We might have the same ambitions but that’s as far as the comparison goes.

    We’ve gotta face facts that we as a club have fallen so far from grace that that it’s gonna take more than the Europa League to resurrect us !

  8. Since Lacazete is out injured, why not use Balogun as the striker? Balogun has 2 goals and an assist in the Europa league, then as Aubameyang is just coming back from illness why not use Martinelli on the left wing with Pepe on the right wing, these 2 boys are very explosive and would have given @Arsenal a goal each if fielded, we could have gotten 3 away goals,this pecking order isn’t working for the club, let whoever that’s better do the work his false 9 backfired against Villarreal if we lose we blame Arteta, he’s just stubborn, @Arsenal is 10th on the league table, the worst in the club’s history, fans aren’t happy, Kroenke Out! Arteta Out!

  9. Arteta is reason why Arsenal are lying 10th.From the time he took over he has being trying to impersonate Pep.Any coach just taken over a new club would play the basics eg Chelsea new coach and slowly get your game plan going. Arsenal have a decent bunch of players who would love to play to attacking soccer.How well we played to win FA cup with youngsters driving the more experience players to peform.Suddenly we find playing from the back is our game plan for the season.Game after game wrong team sellections,suicidal passes in our box,game plan a child could read.How do you win games,playing 70% of game in your half between keeper and defenders and when you do cross half way line suddenly have no vision to find a striker,so back to game plan back pass into our half some times all the way to keeper.How frustrating for us fans. The players have been forced to play this way as each time they recieve the ball you can see how unsure whether to attack or the easier option to pass back. How do you win games if strikers see about 10% of ball all game. Arteta will eventualy become a top coach, but at this point and time we need to follow Chelsea example and relegate Arteta to assistant. We are a great team with talented young players but to see them loaned out at the expence of Willian, Pepe,Party (what a waste of money) etc where are we heading.We must start looking forward and cut down the back passes.

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