Get Ramsey going and Arsenal CAN win the Premier League!!

First of all Arsenal fans, I am not here to have a go at Aaron Ramsey. I was one of the minority who kept backing our young Welshman when all that ridiculous talk of him being a jinx was doing the rounds. Some fans seemed to think that his name on the team sheet meant that Arsenal would automatically lose and he proved them wrong big time.

But there is no doubt that Rambo is not having the best of times at the minute. Some of his shooting and passing, including at Aston Villa, has been nothing short of shocking, but I think that, just like Ozil, he gets more stick because we expect more from him.

Ramsey is not too far off to be honest and is still doing plenty of valuable work for us. Maybe he is trying a bit too hard to get his form of last season going again, maybe it is fitness or confidence, but I am sure that Arsene Wenger, just like before, has total faith in him and that he will click sooner or later.

And when he does, Gooners, with Alexis and Ozil doing their stuff, Jack getting back to his best, Welbeck settling in and Theo to join them, Arsenal WILL have a serious side that is capable of beating anyone. Hold off on the injuries for a bit, PLEASE, and I reckon we could be set for a scorching season. Do you agree?

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  1. Now let’s go and crush the scum next Saturday! Made my day that we won yesterday and Liverpool lost, it will make it the perfect weekend if City win or draw against Chelski, United drop points at Leicester and Tottenham draw or loose the West Brom. Fingers crossed!

  2. Cesc fan boys i have something for you. Keep a open mind and judge. I know i can’t force you, but pleade for you to read and remind yourselves.

    Click Here.

    And than say what you feel about him. Let’s see if you still love him.

  3. I don’t think Mesut has played in a Spurs Derby yet.
    If i remember right, The first game he wasn’t there. FA Cup he was injured. And last one he was injured.


    You sold Bale, We signed Mesut. You fcuking sold Bale, we signed Mesut. Mesut Özil Mesut Özil.

    Don’t know why, I am mad happy today.
    Nicky Hornby was damn right-
    “Arsenal’s fortunes reflect your own.”

  4. And boys if you even by a small chance happen to get angry at Aaron Ramsey.

    Just remember and sing this-

    “2-0 down, 3-2 up
    Aaron Ramsey won us the Cup”

    O, i took this song from someone’s twitter handle. 😉

        1. Its a two month tournament Muff.

          Also he is the Arsenal/Puma brand ambassador in India.

          O also soon he will soon take up a coaching position in Pune Arsenal FC school.-this one is from my brother who is admitted and a very bright prospect in the school. Though he has 0.05 chance at making it in professional football.

  5. Good article mate.. Ramsey have to find his feet again.. He is always trying to do too much on the pitch and in the end he gets left with nothing.. May be it’s just that he had been played an awful lot since the start of the season.. May be some rest would do him lot of good.. As of now, the guy just got to do the basics right.. Once he does that he can carry on innovating as much he can..
    And happy to see some Indian Gooners on here.. Cheers lads..

    1. Let them play dirty, we also have shown the fight against City and Everton. We ain’t no cowards! COYG!

  6. That pass yesterday to Calum Chambers that led to a corner was the most bizarre I’ve ever seen. Luckily, Villa didn’t score from the error. Don’t forget, he’s been making these same wayward passes in almost every game he’s played this season. I don’t think he’s fit at all, and something seems to be bothering him in his head. Perhaps he’s frustrated that he’s not scoring. I think Wenger needs to take him out of the spotlight a bit so that he can sort himself out.

    1. Exactly the question now in everyone’s mind right now.. The report previously said he ll be back for the spurs game.. So we can xpect him to have some time on pitch against saints in the midweek Coc cup fixture.. Just hoping.. We ll be a force once he is back..

        1. That’s a shame if it’s true.. I so dearly want to see him in the spurs game, just to have a laugh at the chickens when Walcott reminds them of the scoreline.. But wouldn’t mind if Özil does that too.. That should be fine..

  7. no we will not. Be realistic. Not winning against Udt Chels City mean NO title.
    its sad, but thats the way it is
    hopefully we’ll stay in the race as long as possible

    1. Well City lost both games to Chelsea last season, their biggest title rivals (in the end) and still won the League. Thats two 6 pointers that they lost. There were games last season where we played well under par against poor teams eg. Stoke etc. where we are toothless. I reckon that we would have been closer to the title last season with Welbeck and Sanchez, hard workers who are strong and fast. They can help us in the big games and the games like Stoke away

    2. But by drawing we have a possible chance though.. Our defence is what worries me a lot.. Failing to replace Vermaelen may slightly cost us in immediate future.. but with Debuchy out I feel Monreal would have greater part to play until Jan window.. He can shift in at CB for some of the low profile games and ensure Per n Kosc breathe some fresh air.. I feel confident.. But in Jan we must address the CB issue.. And then comes the DM.. If a guy like Vlaar is coming in then I would think twice before complaining about not signing a Carvalho or Khedira..

  8. Apart from a couple of goals, Ramsey has been pretty woeful so far. Even when playing well, his passing has never been great. Certainly not the level of Wilshere and Ozil, and Ramsey’s passing has been sunday league so far. But it’s hard to drop him because of his work rate on and off the ball, and the goal threat he gives us from midfield.

    One player who could take his place, for me, is the Ox. I’d give him a run, and we saw what he can do in the middle when Bayern couldn’t live with him.

    1. Work rate is not a reason to keep him on the pitch. Ox will work just as hard. A little rest will do Ramsey good.

  9. We are not title contenders. We are competing with Liverpool and ManU for 3rd and 4th place. We are too weak at the back to compete for a title. We need a quality CDM and 2 more defenders just to be in contention.

  10. We cannot depend on a player’s form. Ramsey is capable of many things as he showed us last season, he ended our trophy drought ffs! But arsenal are a team, and when some player is not in top notch, others NEED to be. For example city dips when toure dips, and arsenal should not lose form when rambo does. Let’s give him time to get back to what we’ve seen from him, but the team should not depend on am individual, that’s why i’m proud of yesterday’s result. Come on rambo! Come on arsenal!

    OT: expecting to see ospina and campbell on tuesday, this is their chance don’t you think?

  11. We’re better than a lot of fans think. Of the points that on paper we should really have won, we’ve only dropped 2 – against Leicester. Were we going to win away to Everton? Possible, but unlikely, a draw is an improvement on last season. Against City? We could’ve won but a draw isn’t a bad result

    So far Liverpool have dropped 6 and United have dropped 7. Even Man City have dropped 3, though their win against Liverpool and draw against us makes up for it.

  12. At their best this team can beat anyone except Chelsea


  13. Ramsey just needs a rest if you ask me. He has been looking fatigued out there for multiple games. Should have been taken off earlier.

  14. Can’t see arsenal taking top 4 let alone win the EPL
    We hold the FA cup but for how long? We are so flappy at the back and have no cover. Why he sent CJ to west ham I don’t no but there must have been in place something to get him back if needed. CJ and Chambers the new arsenal guts at the back

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