Get the new Arsenal manager in and let’s start the rebuilding. Exciting times…

Who does the rebuild at Arsenal FC? by Sean O’Hara

Good Morning Gooners!

We have a lot of changes happening at Arsenal with Arsene leaving along with a few coaches who all needs replacing, but who is the man to take over the reins to start this rebuild as there is loads to get sorted;

– Players Sold
– Players Bought
– Players Contracts
– Coaching Staff
– New Training/Methods

That’s straightforward i guess but it all needs done as soon as possible so we can kick on for next season with a sharp Pre-Season with no distractions to concentrate on what needs to be done. Will also be great to see which coach we get in to do all this along with what way he plays/coaches & handles the whole situation.

Need someone to come in with authority, toughen up this lot up a bit, set proper defensive tactics/drills in training that will help us greatly as we can be very dangerous in attack. Especially now we have Mesut, Henrik, Pierre & Alexandre all on long term deals wanting to play together for Arsenal.

Though Ozil could be replaced as his attitude may not tolerated by someone like Allegri (who demands work) & the fans starting to get annoyed with his attitude! How many days has he had off? Martin Keown was spot on & i like Mesut a lot as a player, but we ve only had glimpses of what he can do, thats why i sure, like u all did, went crazy about him when he signed. Would someone like Nabil Fekir soften the blow, would Ozil be missed?

We are to believe we are looking at a GK, CB & CDM this summer before departures or replacements bought, though Ospina is leaving, Cech will be no2 or leave. Leno from Leverkusen is the name being talked about, would that be a good signing to stop all the silly errors?

Defensivly Calum Chambers is the youngster we hold on to, has improved so much along with Mavraponas to back up the new CB & Mustafi (Koss is done, Per is retiring). Manolas from Roma is the CB of choice that would suit us, we tried in the summer of last year but may cost a lot as we have no UCL again this season coming. Would he do a job for the Arsenal?

Midfield has a few issues but one main problem is defensively, as we actually cant defend to help the back 4 & need a proper CDM to be bought, again name being mentioned for £50m is Jorginho from Napoli. Would he be suited to play alongside our cm/box-box?

Also is Santi, Wilshere or Ramsey staying as it won’t be all, & if they do stay then who leaves in Xhaka & Elneny as young Maitland-Niles will be clipping on their heels to get in that midfield. He has shown recently is quite capable of holding his own. I can see Santi leaving & Xhaka being sold, Wilshere wants to stay so probably will. Ramsey may not play ball to sign as he has only a year remaining so he may be sold.

A lot to do even attacking wise as we don’t actually have a winger in the squad, is Welbz going to stay? He’s also on his last year is he not? Lucas Perez also what happens to him, Joel Campbell the same? What youngsters are ready to make the jump up the the big squad?

Very interesting to see what happens to the club this summer & who comes in to do their magic. Hope we are not going to be disappointed with who the next boss is!



  1. John0711 says:

    It’s exciting times and the board have to be careful
    Employ someone like Allegri or Jardim and the fans will flock back and the money will roll in and the fans will be patient

    Appoint someone like Arteta or vivacious and as soon as the ?hits the fan we will be back to square one

    1. John0711 says:

      Artery or buvac

      Spellcheck ffs

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        John, “Artery” rather than Arteta; spellcheck strikes again!

        1. John0711 says:


    2. Midozz says:

      As long as the new manager clears some names that don’t fit the top team player criteria, the likes of Iwobi and Welbeck need to be sold, some might argue that they are good players, yes they might be ones, but they are not good enough to play at Arsenal, The new manager needs to discipline Hector too, He is a very good player if only he uses his brain before executing any pass shot or cross, new world class GK with Ospina leaving the club, 2 new CBs if he doesn’t believe in the 3 young trio (Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos) although I believe Chambers and mavroponas duo has the potnetial to be World class in the future and holding needs to play with a good experienced CB, given that they know basic defending, A CDM that is good at covering the distances behind the midfield although Maitland Niles has impressed many times in that position, A CM to cover for injuries and if he managed to sell Welbeck and Iwobi then buy two Good wingers (City did that and it paid off), the team will be good to win a treble depending on the manager, because the only thing that this team lacks is the fighting spirit and the fire needed to win, they need a manager with a big appetite for winning and great winning mentality.

  2. Ozziegunner says:

    Sean, Arsenal also urgently need a replacement for Santi Cazola. Arsenal are supposedly looking at Max Meyer and Emil Forsberg. Also looking at Nabil Fekir and hopefully Arsenal can win out over Liverpool due to his relationship with Lacazette at Lyon.
    I agree with Leno for new goalkeeper and hopefully Manolas as CB. I am not prepared to give up on Xhaka yet to see what impact new manager has.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I don’t buy the Max Meyer story, it’s a paper fueled rumour in my opinion and I wouldn’t be surprised if his agent got it started.

      I believe we’ve been following Forsberg, he was assisting like near 20 goals at one stage, and he can get on the end of them. Some work still to do with him, but I reckon we are interested. He’s prob who we come to if we don’t get our first target.

      Allot of teams will be looking at Fekir, City, Che, Juve, PSG, maybe even the big Spanish teams. If we bought him then maybe Ozil would begin to look like an over-indulgence.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I agree Forsberg is the priority. I mentioned Max Meyer because Mislattat went to watch him play in Germany; however he didn’t play due to disciplinary issues (not renewing contract and statements made to media about bullying).

    2. Arnold says:

      Agree with you man Forsberg is the closest thing Carzola and Fekir should be a replacement for Ozil in defense Manolas and Socratis from B.dortmund and Fabniho for Dm to supplement what we have. Wenger said 3 players I would say 5 to 6 players to be able to compete again and some players need to be sold or released

      1. Lupe says:

        I disagree, forsberg plays attacking midfield which is where ozil plays, he is not a deeplying playmaker. I watch bundesliga regularly and forsberg and fekir play behind the striker. Max meyer is the proper cazorla replacement as he excelled in the deeplying postion for schalke this season. It seems fans just like to follow bandwagon when it comes to player signings, you have to watch a player regulary to know if the player is the right sigining for the team or we will end up with players like mustafi and xhaka. Remember mustafi and xhaka were wanted by some arsenal fans. I see the fans also want butland or leno, if you have watched them regularly, you will know they are good shot stoppers but both very error prone, are we ready to wait for a few years for them to cut that out of their games? We don’t need forsberg or fekir if ozil stays, we should rather go for a player like leon bailey to play left wing.

        1. Enagic says:

          What position Carzola used to play in Spain nationa team before he was converted to be CM? Pep when he used to play for Barcelona he used to play as #4 #6 # 8 and # 10 if a footballer is cleaver is very very easy to be converted, Hleb was our #7 despite playing behind striker in Hambarg

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Also the daddy of them all, but other way round, Messi used to play midfield maestro before becoming a striker/play-maker. Hleb used to play further forward before we moved him to CM, and that was a great move, his style was unique and other CM players were not used to tackling with a CM player who could play out of such tight areas.
            Fekir could easily play midfield centre, or box to box. Anyone who can work well with passing and control in the final third has the ability to do that in midfield. It’s just a matter of deciding which position is best for the player’s career and adds the most worth to your team. If a player is scoring and assisting at the top of the charts, then I think you owe it to him to leave him there. Cazorla wasn’t doing hugely better with his numbers, when on the wing, and he had Ozil to contend with at the no10 spot. So in his case it was 100% the right move to make.
            Forsberg would remind me a little as this season his numbers have dropped substantially, but that could be due to rival teams raiding Leipzig’s squad, I don’t know enough about that situation. Right now Fekir is too hot to move into CM.

          2. Enagic says:

            Appreciate a lot you seems to have a great knowledge of football and you will make a good coach or scout!! And here you really help me answer Lupe who was insisting on Arsenal going back to traditional winger what you just analyze even Wenger got that right in the past (converting players)

          3. Enagic says:

            In our rebuilding process we should get Forsberg and Fekir to replace Welbeck and Ozil and on DM we should bring in Fabinho who remind me a lot of Marcos Senna during his days at Villareal he was very accomplished footballer

        2. Enagic says:

          where did Andre Pirlo used to play before converted to deep laying play maker?

    3. Sean says:

      Yes i totally agree sir, had mentioned Max Meyer yesterday on an article on the site, especially on a free transfer. Xhaka is a liability atm though as you say a new manager could shake the mistakes out of him. Fekir’s dad mentioned before if his son were to leave Lyon for England it would be to Arsenal under Wenger, Wenger leaving might change that but Lacazette is there waiting on him!

  3. Ozziegunner says:

    Allegri has expressed strong interest in managing Arsenal and Juventus has said only 50:50 chance of Allegri managing there next season. Here’s hoping.

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      Ozzie what’s your source for his great info?

      1. Sue says:

        I saw online a little while back that Allegri was having English lessons….. hope that isn’t just a coincidence!!

        1. Pablo Picasso says:

          Lets keep one eye on Chelsea too as they might try to get them too and frankly he would settle faster there as they have a squad similar to what he has at Juve.

          Funny he fancies having a striker like Giroud in his squad too.

          Hope we can land Allegri. I am happy even Wenger is edging the board to bring in someone asap.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Arsenal Daily News on U Tube 6 hours ago, The Mirror quoted “Juventus insiders” re the 50:50 to go.
            Also on U Tube ESPN FC. Odds given for all prospective managers only shown as 10/1, cf Enrique at 4/1.
            Chelsea for Allegri may not be a good fit, because they give managers no time; too much of a revolving door. Arsenal tends to show loyalty.
            Maybe jon fox may have a bet at 10/1.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Some good young players but you don’t want too many getting their chances all at once. Allot of them went out on loan. Bellerin, I keep hearing how we need to get someone in to vie with Bellerin at RB. Either Bola or Osei Tutu, whichever plays with his right foot being prominent. We have a decent history of picking up cheap fullbacks, and are known to groom some of them. Am hoping that one of these boys will be a hit like Cole was, they look similar build though one of them looks like he spends time in the gym. I’d be expecting at least one of these to be knocking on the door pretty soon.

    After the strides Niles has made, also Nketiah and Nelson thought of in high esteem. I look forward to seeing how Bielik, Mavididi, Nwakali, Sheaf, Smith Rowe, Dragomir, all react over the next season or two. Some of them are gonna have to make it, but some will inevitably miss out.

    1. Sean says:

      I think part of the job is to promote within &we have league cup & early stages of Europa League to tend to for youngsters. We will be concentrating on getting back to the level other teams (top4 1st season is more than likly 1st target) even a league title charge if we concentrate on just that & leave the cups to youngsters & subs etc…

      We have loads of young guns ready to step into the 1st team squad. Getting adjusted to life in the big team isnt easy though we have a few gems in our ranks that cant be held back if they shine.

  5. Tdg1944 says:

    Ozil to miss remaining matches with “back injury”. Please refer to Martin Keown’s comments. Disciplinarian manager please.

    1. tas says:

      we are snookered where Ozil is concerned, he will be quite happy siting on the bench and earning 350k a week, he dose not look like his enjoying his trade, he is why its important to have a big name in Manager to have the experience and to be able to deal with big players, we must show that no one is bigger then the club and if necessary he can train with the uth team

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Let’s hope Ozil has some professional pride and the new manager can get the best out of him. Martin Keown was right on the mark.

  6. barryglik says:

    Only Cech + Ozil have won a league title.
    Only Cech has won a Champions league.
    This team this club this clubs fans
    have a lot of catching up to do.
    The 4th is good enough mantra espoused by kroenke
    and implemented by Wenger lasted a long painful decade.
    Wenger collected 7/8 mill salary with no pressure to win
    and nurtured a generation of under performing over paid weaklings.
    “Till Kroenke ” trophies are too expensive goes” its a case of
    new manager but same owner so same 4th place mentality.

    1. tas says:

      your so right about ” trophies are too expensive” even Bayern Munich have been weighing up the costs to really challenge for Champions league and they have decided it will be too expensive to challenge the two Spanish clubs, excepting semifinals in the CL and not having to buy top top players like Ronaldo, Messie or Neymar’s is financially so much more rewarding after all they do win the Bundesliga almost every year and they get the top crop of German players, now days there are two more teams chasing Barca and Real and they are City and PSG and look how much they have spent

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        The pressure is now on Kroenke and the board now that Arsene Wenger is going to be no longer there to run interference for them.

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Koscienly out until December I just read, so he’ll definitely need replacing now, as that’s probably the beginning of the end for him at Arsenal. I feel for him missing the WC.

    1. tas says:

      i personally think Koscienly will leave Arsenal in the summer i thin he has stayed because of his loyalty to AW ans also i think his been curing injury for a few seasons now and that has effected his 90mnt play the epl has taken its tall on him, if he is to stay i thing he should be our bench player, just think when we want to keep the lead in games bring him out as an extra world class defender it would be a win win situation

      1. tas says:

        Just realized it wont be this summer he will leave it will be the one after because of his long term injury

    2. Enagic says:

      Feel sorry for him missing World Cup probably was his last one before he hang up his boots – he has been struggling with Achilles for long time and some serious mistakes he made was down to not be 100% physically

  8. Enagic says:

    The entire CM needs upgrade we can’t count on Wilshere or Ramsey they are pretty much squad players now and Forsberg should be a must buy player

    1. Lupe says:

      Have you ever watched forsberg or because his name was mentioned, you now want him because the forsberg i know plays behind the striker which is ozil’s position, we can only buy him if we sell ozil. We need proper wingers instead. Forsberg is also very light weight, so you want another ozil type player in the squad?

      1. Enagic says:

        Have watched Forsberg many times he plays on both wings center attacking mid and behind the striker Carzola was a winger himself before Wenger convert him if you watched our both vs A.Madrid,we lack players who can dribble or open opponent defense Forsberg can just to that and Fekir is twice the Player Ozil is if you don’t believe wait till Liverpool got him as they did with Naby Keita there no such a thing like proper winger that’s an old school football now teams need footballers with football brain like we used to Van Persie, Rosicky and Hleb who was light weight if you to compare with Forsberg and sorry without forgetting Fabregas this current Arsenal team never have that for long time with the exception of Santi before he was injured

        1. Lupe says:

          There are wingers in football, sane, salah, mane, hazard, sterling, ousmane dembele, douglas costa, vazquez, coman and i can go on. Don’t get me wrong i like forsberg and fekir but i feel we shouldn’t just buy them because we can and then not play them in their favourite postions. If we sell ozil, then both of them can be good replacements but right now we don’t have real wingers in our squad. Like someone said, our team consists of no 10s, no width. We need players that love playing on the wings not players that can manage playing on the wings. Max meyer is also a better replacement for the deeplying playmaker postion that those two as well, he would be a good cazorla replacement and free too.

          1. Enagic says:

            Ozil sometimes play on right side is he a winger? wingers are players who have very limited football ability – ie Walcott those players you just mentioned are (total football) type players same as Barcelona does they dont have anybody positioned in one place for the entire game

          2. Lupe says:

            How good is ozil on the wings? I can tell you he is not as good as when he is in the middle. Total football type or not, those players are wingers FACT. Are you saying wingers don’t exist anymore. Walcott was a poor winger, doesn’t mean there aren’t any good ones out there. I also disagree with what you said about wingers having limited ability. I guess because we haven’t seen good wingers at arsenal for decades, you now think wingers are generally poor players. Are robben and ribery limited players or you want to tell me they are not wingers too. My point is, why buy a CAM and play him on the wings when you can buy an established winger, wenger made those types of mistakes, putting players in wrong positions or have tou forgotten ramsey on the wings. And yes wingers don’t have to stay in one position all game, they can drift inside as well but it doesn’t mean you can just put anybody there. Haven’t you noticed we lack dribblers on the wings when we play organised teams? All we do is pass pass pass because we don’t have players that can take fullbacks on. It showed against atletico madrid.

          3. Enagic says:

            I do apreciate you are coming along – when you mean wingers my understanding – old formation RW and LW and have big and tall CF so they cross to him and score football changed a lot my friend Andre Pirlo used to play as a second striker but he was converted to be a deep lying play maker you might be talking about 4-3-3 which is a dutch formation (Johan Cruyffs) introduced to Barcelona and they still play same formation with Messi, Suarez and Neymar when he used to play there we did same thing with Van Persie, rosicky and Hleb Liverpool do with Mane,Salah and Firmino (total attacking football) thats the proper term

          4. Ozziegunner says:

            Bring back George Armstrong; the type of winger Arsenal needs!

          5. Ozziegunner says:

            Or Pires or Ljungberg; Arsenal’s winning teams always had good wingers.

          6. Tdg1944 says:

            and he was the type of man we need also.

          7. Enagic says:

            Wenger was just loyal to players who were loyal to him -Jenkinson, Walcott, Welbeck and yes wenger had his own share of bad decision and that was down to infrastracture which was in place at that time – every kind of decision on football matters, players contracts, who is coming in/out was down to him and thats the price we are paying right now and thats the reason he is leaving Arsenal also but he was able to convince arsenal board that was the best way forward and it did work! every football pundits, formers arsenal players former english clubs managers were pointing out that Arsenal main problems were down to recruitments brings in players who are not good enough/play some out of position and bring in some players who did not qualify for work permit and end up going out on loan for few season arsenal never had a strategy to bring in somebody who will go straight and help 1st instead we will wait till last minutes before the window was shut to buy players and many teams were not selling because the new season had already kicked off!!
            yes there are some good things he did for Arsenal but also was time for change

          8. Enagic says:

            Rosicky during his days played as #8 for B.dortmund and behind striker on his national team and LW when he came to Arsenal

          9. Enagic says:

            When you are through rebuilding a new team you cant keep a player like Ozil he was great when he used to play for V. bremen his last good game i saw was when germany beat England – he put in a lot of efforts and he was very slipery and fast and i dont that any more he loose a ball he walks and he is on 350,000 pounds a week ? same as Messi?

      2. Enagic says:

        Forsberg will run all the time during the game and he is a Master assist on his stats

  9. arie82 says:

    We need back to 442 with pacey winger.
    We was dominate premiership with pires and ljungberg
    Manutd with beckham, gigs and ronaldo
    Chelsea with duff, robben
    Now we see liverpool with mane, salah
    And city with sane and sterling

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      You are totally right on adding wing play to our game. However most big teams including the ones you have listed above employ a 433 formation(R. Madrid, Bayern, Barca, PSG, etc) as opposed to the outdated 442.

      Should we switch to a 433 players like Ozil do not have a place in that which is fine by me hence the need for a play maker with the work rate and skill of Carzola, Rosiky, D. Silver, Debryne, Modrich etc.

      Auba can play on the left, Lacca in the middle, add an explosive right winger to rotate with Mkhi and we are good with the front 3. I will leave the 3 midfielders, defender and goal keeper for the new manager to come finger out.

    2. Lupe says:

      Thank you for pointing that out, fans here keep mentioning attacking midfielders like forsberg and fekir when we need proper wingers like leon baily, mahrez, guedes etc. I love leon baily, young, tall, fast, tricky, direct and aggressive, his record in the bundesliga this season is not too bad. I think we need him for the left wing. We can play 4-3-3 with baily, aubameyang and mhkitaryan up front. We also need a DM, 2 CBs GK and a RB, thats how bad our squad is right now.

  10. McLovin says:

    OK, so we need:

    2 CB’s (Mert out, Kosc injured)

    Our squad is now 24 strong, out from those 24 are:

    Macey, AMN, Mavropanos (all U21)
    Mert (retiring), Ospina leaving
    Kosc (injured until next registration date January)
    Santi (highly likely he won’t be here)

    That leaves us with 17 first XI players. And that’s without selling anyone except Ospina. So we definitely need players.

    De Vrij/Manolas, Meyer, Fabinho, Lozano (LW), Alisson/Lafont.. maybe promote AMN and Dinos.

    No matter who comes in, we definitely need to spend 100-150 million this summer.. Our squad is paper thin. Only our attack is well rounded, and that’s without any actual wingers.

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      I was thinking along these lines McLovin,

      Players sold:

      $70M added to the speculated $50M summer transfer budget. The new manager has $120M to spend on the following players.


      $120M spent, 5 quality players added within the transfer budger.

      This team could certainly compete for the EPL title and guarantee a return to Champions League football for 2020.



      Bench: Perez..Macey..Nacho..AMN…El Neny…Ramsey…Iwobi..Chambers..Mavro..Holding..Nkeitah…Nelson..

  11. Ozziegunner says:

    What would Wilfred Saha cost from Crystal Palace; in my view a good wing option?

    1. Enagic says:

      With all respect mate, I don’t think Zaha will suit our system I will go for Mahrez

  12. Enagic says:

    Kerem Dermaby will be better also

  13. Enagic says:

    Fabian Ruiz of real Betis and Rodri of Villarreal would better CM

  14. Midkemma says:

    I think the board will appoint coaching staff now, this allows AFC to have stability in future even through manager changes.

    Player contracts will be the board and not the manager, we seen the start of how transfers will happen in Jan and the manager had no say in the transfer or wage of Auba.

    Why does Sean assume that the new manager will do it all?

    Have you not been paying attention? Transfers are going more into the realm of Sven and Raul, manager may have a say but we will not be having a manager who has total say, even Wenger didn’t have that (Welbroke transfer is proof).

    Luckily I do not think our squad is that bad and with the few right signings then we can compete for the EPL.

    Even with Kos out, I think we only need 1 CB and that is a Mustafi replacement, a true leader at the back and then we will see Mavrop and Holding step up. Just remember how good Holding was at the start, kinda like Mavrop start, fantastic! A coach who can get them to excel would save us easily £50 million…

    I would look to sign Martial, he could end up being a fantastic CF in a few years and after Auba has aged too much (he isn’t exactly a spring chicken), he could also be ideal for the LW and allow Auba to be RW, creating our own deadly trio upfront… I know we do not need more attackers yet but Martial is a great player misused by Jose, we could benefit from this like we did with Mkhi.

    1. Sean says:

      Martial is without a doubt a player i would love at Arsenal to Accomodate Lacazette & Aubameyang in a terrifiying front 3, younger than both & would be the future CF for sure as Auba hitting his 30th soon!

      I dont assume the new manager will do it all though i do suggest that he will have a large say on what is happening with players coming in, out & staying etc… contracts yes i do understand has never been down to a manager though if he wants the player to stay then im sure he would push for a new contract for that said player would he not?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I agree with Midkemma, in that under the new structure Svem Mislattat is working hard right now to scout players to address Arsenal’s deficiencies.

  15. jon fox says:

    You correctly posed most of the key questions Sean. , so a good article for sure. I differ on us keeping Mustafi as one of the main two CB’s. I firmly believe a top manager will see he is not Arsenal standard and get rid fairly quickly. The late season blossoming of both Chambers and Mavrapanos is rather exciting and if they both develop together to proven top level, can be our defensive bedrock for a decade. Mind, I do say IF . But by far the most vital question we now face is this: Do we finally get a real top level proven manager OR do we appoint a relative novice. If the former, our medium term (even short term) future is exciting. But if NOT….. ! Then further regular empty seats, I believe!

    1. Sean says:

      Thank you jon, i just think Mustafi has to stay as Koss/Per are out of the dressing room & we need some sort of defender whos been here to help with the young CBs is Chambers, Holding & Mavraponas coming into the squad. Also, as a new CB may not settle straight away & Mistaki is all we have unfortunatly…. though Chambers/Mavraponas looks like a partnership for the near future for sure.

      Jon was reading Ancelotti is still interested with the possiblity of having a Viera/Arteta type no2 to groom for the Managers Job so he can steady the ship for them taking the reigns in nesr future? Would that work if we cant get Allegri? Though looking likly we are in with a big shout of landing him.

      Imaging if they did hire an unknown unexperienced youngster? I dont think the fans would be too pleased and the board have to know this by now! Enrique not my cup of tea!

  16. Ken 1945 says:

    This is a really good, thought provoking article.
    As always, there are points for discussion and whether one agrees/disagrees with them.
    Midkemmas points regarding the new structure within the club is spot on and I think this will cause problems when recruiting our new manager/coach.
    Enriques reported salary demand is a staggering £18million, is anyone worth that amount? Plus he wants (reportedly)control over all aspects of buying, contracts etc
    If this is true, just count him out completely and if Allegri is even hinting at going down the same route, that’s him gone too!
    We do need to be on the front foot with the timing of this appointment, but at least can be content in the knowledge that our “three wise men” are working on their job descriptions as we wait for the announcement.

    1. Sean says:

      Ken1945 – Appreciate that sir, was the idea to get everyone on here discussing/debating whats best or what they believe is best fit for Arsenal FC. Its time for a restart at AFC but also here on this site as all the complaining, slabbering & gurning ruins it for everyone. We are all here for the same reason;

      Back to point, the new structure as MIDKEMMA pointed out is a 3 man band, though i was thinking would the manager not get 1st say on who he wants in & who he wants to keep or is that up to the new guys? Could be alot of clashing heads behind the scenes! Contracts yes i do agree nothing to do with manager, shouldve been more clearer on just meaning the club.

      Enrique not worth that kind of money, inherited a squad that any manager would win big with… dont think hes the man to shake us up defensively & that wins you titles. Allegri is perfect for us in a sense he has that defensive winning mentality the we so lack.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Agree that Enrique will price himself out of the job, notwithstanding his previous relationship with Raul at Barcellona.
        From what I understand Allegri has been working at Juventus with a similar management structure to that now in place at the Arsenal. Any issues with Allegri at Juventus are probably due to personalities and Allegri’s need for a new challenge after winning 3 titles.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          This debate is starting to make me think again about Alllegri.
          There does seem to be an issue regarding Enrique and his demands and I wonder if he is actually pricing himself out of the job, having Chelsea in mind?
          However, Roman hasn’t been too forthcoming with the money lately either, the speculation is interesting, but as someone else has pointed out,I don’t think we will get an answer until the season finishes.

  17. Rudy Garcia fan says:

    I feel Rudy Garcia could be an excellent option.

    Double with Lille 7 years ago – their only in history.
    2 consecutive 2nd places with Roma – the best anyone outside of Juventus has done.
    Now 2nd in France and in the final of Europa L. with Marseille.

    Still not my favorite option, but better than most proposed as he’s shown he can manage a team of Arsenal’s current quality, unlike Ancelotti or Enrique. Heck, even Gervinho played well for Garcia somehow…

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