Get well soon Mikel – Now what happens?

What will happen when the Premiership gets suspended?

Hello once again. How do we do? I feel so bad our young and promising manager, Mikel Arteta is down with the corona virus. Nature has a way of hitting you below the belt and gets you down emotionally; if there is one person I believe should not be down with the Corona virus, it is Mikel Arteta. The Arsenal gaffer from the little I have heard from friends, who work at the Emirates, is such an amiable and good hearted fellow. Well, I wish him the fastest of recoveries.

With sad news trickling in from the camps of Arsenal and Chelsea, the pressure has been on the English FA to suspend the premiership henceforth, until a cure for this virus can be found. The English FA however seems to be bent on continuing with the remaining fixtures of the season. The good news however, is that the FA have called an emergency meeting to look into the possibility of suspending the league. If they end up succumbing to pressure, what will happen when the premiership gets suspended?

For starters, if they suspend the league’s remaining fixtures, it will afford the FA ample time to seek adequate medical advice on what to do about the spread of the virus and how to go about protecting people involved in the round leather game. The corona virus is a deadly virus no doubt, but I strongly believe it can be cured. The FA should do well to research on how to protect English football from Corona virus.

Now, if the league was to be suspended until we can find a solution to this virus, what will happen to a team like Liverpool who are designated champions? Will there celebrations be cancelled over a deadly virus? If the Premiership is suspended, there is a possibility of the whole league been cancelled; and if this happens, what becomes the lot of Liverpool? What becomes the lot of Leeds United who are seriously in contention for promotion to the Premier league next season? Will they be allowed to resume with the Premiership big boys if a new season is started? What happens to Arsenal? Would Arsenal benefit from the league’s suspension or not? So many questions on my mind, and I believe the answers will be provided soon.

Meanwhile, as we wait to see what the FA would do and the effects of their actions, I can’t wait to see Arteta get back on his feet. He is our coach and he needs all the prayers and care he can get at this sad period of his career. Get well soon Mikel Arteta. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


    1. the league should have been suspended but they will not do it so to allow liverfool to win the title

      1. Come on now, people die, infected, this is a humanity cris & issue, not EPl or sports. An emergency state!

        Funny how it prescisly affects us, makws your comment not only irrelevant but so out of line; off.

  1. A well set out and welcome sensible article from Sylvester. NONE OF US KNOWS FOR SURE WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT but we all know that public health is far more important than “mere” football.

  2. All footie is off. Now for all businesses except shops, supermarkets and hospitals to be suspended as well. We’re a “free country” unlike China but we can still discourage people from meeting others and passing germs on.

    1. You can say whatever about China but they are the only country doing the right and will be the first one to stop the spreading and to contain it,and their financial hit at the start will be minimum compared to the us(for whom it is going to get much much worse,just a few examples the US had only 17 000 test kits costing from 1300 to 3000 £ that many families can,t afford plus CB millions and millions of homeless people living in slums,tents, cardboards boxes,junkies..with no access to minimal hygiene….and GB 14 days behind Europe,where large regroupements are illegally,sports events…still Cheltenham’s was given the green lights because of a few more portaloos and hand sanitizers dispensers wtf??

      1. Agree , but remember there is a balance between spreading panic and virus containment which every government looks for. If you are too cautious and set panic in people then country will crumble so many other things before virus can do the demage. Biggest one is finencial crisis to which ppl have pushed this world too. Company share prices are falling like flies..which is causing job losses, people are stick pilling necessary life stock so supply can not meet demand. ..etc etc. I would rather prefer to be self isolated for 2 weeks then loose my job, home n everything in finencial crisis…which will take years n years to recover from. Remember 2008?

      2. And so China should sort this, it was their downright savagery and lack of hygiene and respect for the rest of the world, that caused this in the first place.
        Wild animals should be admired not hunted down so that humans can stuff them into their greedy faces or be used for medicine.

  3. In case you didn’t see it here’s my article from yesterday:
    As others have pointed out this is all ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.
    Have you ever had flu? Still here?
    If you are healthy and catch Covid19, or whatever it’s called this week, you’ll feel a bit like when you had a mild flu or a heavy cold. Your chances of dying are minimal.
    I read one report that said 3% of people who caught it have died. They didn’t mention that 2% were already in hospital, some in intensive care. This leaves 1%. These were probably in a care home or already very ill. According to the WHO 80% of people recover with no treatment whatsoever. The people who are more at risk, the other 20%, probably already have some sort of medical condition.
    For instance if you suffer from such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and take Methotrexate (as I do) this drug weakens your autoimmune system and you have a bit more chance of dying. Then again, I’ve got just as much chance of dying from catching the flu and there’s no big hoo-haa about flu is there?
    So to answer the article Cancel, Stop or Suspend the other option, and correct answer, is DO NOTHING and carry on as if you were in the middle of whatever was the worst flu season (season is usually Dec to March but sometimes Oct to March). Whenever it was you’ll find that no leagues were cancelled, stopped or suspended although some players were ill at the time. I think the total number of deaths of those players was zero. And there was no fuss about it either.
    So if you are fit and well stop acting like a big girl’s blouse and get on with your life.
    Well said Shakespeare.

    1. Gunner Jack, What a totally selfish and disgraceful post, not to mention also naive, unthinking and plain wrong on so many levels. You are clearly , by your comments, a very selfish and non caring individual who seems to be cavalier with others peoples health. Shame on you and also on Sue (below) for endorsing your appalling views!

      Thank goodness you are in such a tiny and malign minority who think like you and thank goodness too that your selfish stupidity is not and never will be national policy. You should hang your head in shame!

      1. Hilarious Jon:)
        How is my post: selfish, disgraceful, naive, unthinking, plain wrong blah blah blah? And how can I possibly be cavalier about other people’s health? After all I am more susceptible to catching it and dying than most (74 and taking medication which lowers my immune system’s effectiveness) and I couldn’t care less about it. I’ve also spent a lot of time looking into it from many angles.
        Even the WHO has admitted that their figures/percentages are only on REPORTED cases.
        As most people who contract the disease don’t bother going to the doctors or hospitals etc (so it’s NOT REPORTED that they have it) but just maybe take a bit of time off work, as they would with the flu or a heavy cold, then go back to work as usual then you can see that many people would not even know they’d had it!
        Susceptible: over 60’s with a co-existing medical condition.
        And finally a quote from our sponsor:
        MA ““This is really disappointing but I took the test after feeling poorly. I will be at work as soon as I’m allowed.”
        Now that’s the attitude to take!
        Back to you Jon and your high-horse hysterics.

        1. Couldn’t agree more GunnerJack. I wondered if we were all overreacting, and the figures you quote certainly back this up.

          We have seen many across the globe go bonkers over climate change, completely ignoring facts. It was the end of days because of Brexit, and Trump was going to destroy America!

          I understand it is a new virus, and it’s good that people are being told what to do, and we’re being cautious, but will every country now start going into lock down when their respective flu seasons arrive? So many die, and get sick every year because of the flu, and yet we hardly batter an eyelid.

          1. Too true about the flu TMJW.
            Being retired I’ve spent most of today researching many websites about this, about 30+, from 7am this morning my time (01.00am uk time) to about 5pm my time.
            The only thing which I don’t understand (and have so far being unable to find out) is:
            Why do kids seem mainly immune to it? They’re not immune to the flu so what is it?
            I’m obviously delighted that they are mainly immune but I do hope someone from the scientific community is looking into it and can find something simple so they can advise people who have it and calm things down.

        2. Gunner Jack, Please answer this question; WHY do you think the government and WHO, plus the football and other sports authorities have already strongly urged the population to take extreme precaution, postponed so much sports, including all football and asked older people not to go on cruise ships? Do you have the gall, to think that YOU know better than all those people? Do you?

          If so, WHY AND ON WHAT EVIDENCE DO YOU BASE YOUR ARGUMENT BEING MORE SENSIBLE THAN ALL OF THEIRS? Please answer my questions as others will also be interested in your answer, I FEEL SURE.

      2. 700 000 people died of hiv last year. In 2004 1.4 million died. The world went on as normal. Think that’s the point. First world countries take no notice till it’s on their doorstep. Then it’s panic stations even at a fraction of the cost to human lives as in many other viral tragedies. Puts the current pandemic into perspective.

    2. Err well actually there is a big hoo ha about, which is why we are all actively encourage to get a flu jab every year.

      Wake up, there is no vaccine for Corona virus, hence the hoo ha, holy siht how naive are some people.

      Now go and wash your hands

      1. Atid – I’ve had the flu before. I then had the jab as it was advised at the time for the over 60’s.
        A week later I had the worst flu I’ve ever had. Took me 10 minutes to crawl to the toilet I was so weak.
        There is no vaccine for flu either. They have to invent a new one every time the flu virus decides to change, which is at least once every year. At the moment I think the UK has two strains of flu on the go.
        How naive are some people – now go and wash your brain.

        1. Gunner Jack, Your so called facts are simply wrong, which is surprising since you are 74 and so should be far less naive at that age. YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE FROM FLU ,ONE MERE WEEK AFTER THE FLU JAB and this too is widely known, save by you. I am not far behind you in age and completely reject your selfish and nonsensical stance. To compare Corona virus to flu in its severity, as your other post on this thread does, is irrelevant and incorrect. The death rate for influenza is a tiny fraction of that for Corona and you OUGHT to know that. There are easily checkable fact sites and much correct info out there for all, IF they wish to see it and see it correctly, which you are clearly CHOOSING not to do, for reasons of your own agenda. Lastly, I of course feel sorry for your own less than strong immune system but what you have is NOT Corona and therefore only of very limited relevance to this debate. MY CONDEMNATION IN MY ORIGINAL POST FIRMLY STANDS UNCHANGED!

          1. First of all you have to actually catch the virus. If you do you have a 99% chance of surviving it. However, as I’ve pointed out many times now, if you are sick to start with you have more chance of not surviving.

            Here’s an example: Covid-19 cases in the UK 798. Deaths 11.
            Latest was in Scotland where Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood confirmed the latest death, saying the patient was “AN OLDER PERSON WHO HAD UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS.”

            The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated the mortality rate from Covid-19 is about 3.4%. That is higher than seasonal flu and is cause for concern – but even if it is correct, more than 96% of people who become infected with the coronavirus will recover.
            But it is also worth noting the WHO estimate IS BASED ON CONFIRMED INFECTIONS AND DEATHS, meaning it DOES NOT TAKE ACCOUNT MILD CASES THAT MAY NOT BE DIAGNOSED – cases that would LOWER the mortality rate.

            Indeed experts say that, in reality, the mortality rate is likely to be nearer to 1% or less. In other words, more than 99% of those who become infected are expected to survive. Those that don’t survive are very likely to be gravely ill ALREADY.

            You claim to be a realist but are acting like a skittish schoolgirl. And your condemnation of others is well known so came as no surprise to me.

    1. He’ll be fine Mohsan.
      So far as I know MA is not over 60 and he’s not already in intensive care or even in hospital for an existing condition which makes people susceptible to covid-19, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.
      Young and fit, he’ll be itching to get back to work in a week or two – but may not be allowed.

  4. I am sorry to say, but there seems to be a huge misconception about what is going to happen over the next few weeks and months.
    Health wise we will most likely see thousands of people in need of intensive care. Many more than the hospitals can actually cope with. This will not only mean many deaths by Covid-19, but also many dying of completely different diseases, which they would probably have survived, if they had received the proper care.
    As for the actual Covid-19 percentages, it seems the correct death statistic is somewhere between 2-4%. So do the math and add on for other diseases. The situation will be absolutely horrific.
    Then you can look at the economic impact. This will be the worst economical crisis for ages, and maybe in history. So in a couple of months from now, who becomes champions, who gets promoted etc. will most likely seem totally insignificant. Because the questions will be, which clubs will survive and what will be the economic reality for them. All income sources will be greatly reduced, players contracts can’t be fulfilled, etc. etc. If I were a religious man, I would suggest praying.

  5. The misinformed posters on here are mind blowing.
    It’s not flu, it’s a totally new virus.
    Flu typically kills 0.1 % of those infected while the average for covid 19 is 3.5%. Put into numbers, deaths in 100,000 flu sufferers would be 100. Deaths from the same number of Coronavirus sufferers would be 3,500.

  6. I work in this area, please be mindful of others not in such a fortunate position health wise, the quicker we can reduce the spread the less likely the virus will be passed in to the vulnerable. If you can please self isolate and work remotely or avoid being in public, large crowds as much as possible it could indirectly save a lot of lives.

  7. Moral lesson to the younger ones:

    Eat your veggies, take your vitamins, and play a sport while you’re young so by the time you get old it becomes a way of life.

    Hope we don’t lose any of our old readers here, I enjoy hearing about eras I wasn’t born in.

  8. Wish MA and all others round the world a speedy recovery. These are difficult times and one has to be very careful. Take care all you gooners.

  9. ARTETA we love you.
    Please get well soon and come back stronger
    as you conquer covid-19.

    up Gunners

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