Gianluca Di Marzio gives an update on Arsenal’s interest in Gyokeres

Viktor Gyokeres is emerging as Arsenal’s primary attacking target ahead of the summer transfer window. The Swedish striker has been in exceptional form this season while playing for Sporting Club, despite only joining them in the summer.

Sporting took a chance on Gyokeres when he played for Coventry in the Championship, and his impressive performances have vindicated that decision. Arsenal, in search of a new striker, is keen to secure a player who can consistently contribute goals, and Gyokeres is increasingly becoming a prominent candidate.

While Arsenal has other striking options on their radar, including Ivan Toney and Victor Osimhen, Gyokeres has captured their attention with his consistent performances. Journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has discussed Arsenal’s interest in the Swedish striker, suggesting that he is a player who is firmly on their radar for the upcoming transfer window.

He told Fotboll Direkt:

“They don’t want to pay so much for him. Only the Premier League clubs can afford him.

“Chelsea and Arsenal can afford him and Arsenal want him because they need a striker.

“When players do so well in Portugal, the clubs there want to sell the players. They understand when the time is right. For Gyokeres, it is also the right time to leave and give England another chance after the move from Coventry.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

The most important thing is that we have the right man for the job at the Emirates by the start of next season.

Gyokeres is making a case for himself, but we trust the board to sign the right striker for the team.


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  1. What I’ve seen that is missing on The article posting that has quoted Gianlucas Di Marzio’s statement making or write ups. In which he has purported that Arsenal are showing keen interest on Sporting club’s Victor Gyokeres. And with a view to sign him next summer.
    But the numbers of goals that he has scored this season for his Sporting club side in the Portuguese Premierer division is not stated in the article..
    Anyway. Prayerfully and hopefully us Arsenal will see the Gunners win the Epl and Ucl this season. After which, they will want to defend the duo big titles they’ve won next season. And could even want to win the quadruple as well next season. And that means they will revamp their squad with at least four new top notch players signing next summer. A ccentreback if Kiwior is fully converted to a left full-back and Zinchenko is moved on. While Kiwior, Timber and probably Tavares fight for their shirts to start foe Arsenal. And i think Tomiyansu is more of a right back but who can also play as a left back.
    I also think that Arsenal will next summer sign a new top notch defensive holding midfielder but if Thomas Partey leaves. And apart of them signing a new clinical finish regular goals scoring striker. Who they ought to sign anyway. They could as well sign a new top quality right winger..
    Which means apart of Elneny, Cedric and Jorginho whose contracts will expire in the summer and they not see them renewed for them. Arsenal could cash on on three other Gunners in their team. Either to sell or loan them out next summer.
    So that they can make rooms for the 4 new arrivals to the club. And also promote some of their proven to be very good youths to the senior team,
    I’ve google searched for Gyokeres’ goals scoring tally this season for Sporting in the Portuguese Premierer.. But I dint see it. But I saw that he has scored 5 Europa League goals for Sporting,. Which isn’t bad..
    Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say that Arteta’s coached Arsenal team squad should not sign Victor Gyokeres or even Brighton’s Evan Ferguson if they want to do it next summer.
    However, I am making an appeal to him to not do the signing at the expense of Arsenal not signing Victor Osimhen next summer. But sign the insane presser next summer. Who can score goals and assist in their numbers at the top level of the game. Which I am sure Arteta knows very well..

    1. Measuring one European League against another is a futile exercise and is largely irrelevant when it comes to assessing individual players.Goykeres was one of the best performers in the Championship during his time with Coventry and at that time I flagged him as potential acquisition for Arsenal at a cost of circa 15/20m.Whether he could make a real impact with Arsenal is open to doubt as he lacks the pace possessed by Martinelli and Saka, but he would probably have been a very good alternative for Nketiah who is likely to be moved on next season despite his outrageous wages.In any event given the ludicrous transfer fee likely to be involved I very much doubt if the Swede features in Arteta’s shopping list for next season.

  2. Gyokere s has scored 18 goals out of 22 matches from the Portuguese league this season, but the Portuguese league is considered a notch grade lower than the French League. The French league is graded in between our Premier League and our lower Champs League. So that would be the equivalent of Gyokeres scoring 18 goals in our lower Champs league. Not that impressive, because I would imagine Nketiah or Jesus able to score 20 plus goals in a lower league, so that doesn’t prove anything. I would look to the higher leagues abroad like Germany, Italy or Spain to find a proven striker, or even the European league or International teams that produce better teams that they have to score against. No disrespect to Portugal, but if you look at the teams that Gyokeres is up against on Sofa score you will understand what I am saying.
    You must judge a striker or any player really by his opposition that he has played, been rated and scored against. You want players that can stand out in matches against the likes of Liverpool, man city, Barcelona, real Madrid, Munich, Napoli etc. and see how they were rated, not against unknown teams that are worst than Sheffield United in the Portuguese league( meaning no disrespect to the few like park the bus porto). If Sheffield United was in the Portuguese league they would probably be a top 4 team. Gyokeres form cannot be measured and at 25 years of age, their is little much more improvement. Arsenal should stay clear at his way overpriced £60 million, as he is really valued at £25 million and that is being generous.

    1. I would back most Portuguese teams to beat everyone in France apart from PSG if im being honest. Sporting knocked us out of the Europa last season and Porto just beat us one nil. The likes of Nunez, Diaz, B Fernandes, Felix, Oblak, Cancelo and Enzo Fernandes all came through the Portugese leage and eveyone of them would boost our squad.

      1. If you read my opinion, I did make exceptions to players that have proven them selves in Europe and at international level. You are wrong about the grading of the Portugal league being above the French league as Forbes did a player cost evaluation of each league and that is why it is normally a cheap league to buy players from. I can name almost all of the French teams in the French league but I can only name a few from the Portuguese league that anyone as ever heard of. To all other bloggers just go to Sofascore and look at the teams that Gyokeres has scored against and give you honest opinion if you have even heard that teams name ever mentioned before. There are a few exceptions regarding the few players you have mention that as I have already said have proven them selves against European class opposition, but for the few players you have only mentioned I could mention a hundred more french players that have been successful in England, which just shows to prove mine and Forbes point. Just go to Sofascore and look at the teams that Gyokeres has scored against.

  3. On the subject of comments by Alan Shearer that he would hate to play for Arteta because he is to animated in telling his players what to do from the sideline.
    In response to Shearers comments and the rest of the anti sideline animated police, Arteta is just trying to motivate and get the best out of his players.

    Alex Ferguson did it all the time and no body said anything.

    Why are the media and pundits always on Artetas case, the readers are beginning to get fed up with the numb minded stupid irrelevant comments, it’s a form of bullying that no body likes and shows the media and pundits in poor character for agreeing with and highlighting such bullying comments.

  4. Any team can beat any team having a bad day. I remember when Wrexham knocked Arsenal out of a cup competition, it doesn’t make league one better than the premier league and it most definitely doesn’t make any top scoring striker from the first division now worth £85 million or make the first division now better than the French league. Porto beating Arsenal means the same as Wrexham beating Arsenal, which is nothing other than any team can beat any other team having a bad day. I mean we beat Barcelona 5 nil in pre season, it means nothing.

    1. I remember that loss to Wrexham. Had to put up with a lot of people having a laugh at us Gooners at school after that! It’s quite funny looking back on it.

  5. Gyokeres is a good fit for the Arsenal job. He scores goals and provides assists to demonstrate participatory ability in build up play which matches the profile Arteta wants. He would likely end up at Arsenal because Milan can’t afford him.

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