Gibbs believes Arsenal are still contenders for the title

Arsenal are currently 13 points behind Chelsea in the race for the Premier League title, and crucially 12 points below our own points total at this time last year, but the Gunners defender Kieran Gibbs thinks that we still have a chance to make up those points this time around.

“If you look at last year, we were top of the league for the majority of the season but towards the end was where we faded,” Gibbs told The Mirror. “Now we have got a chance to hit form and we’ll see where we end up.

“I just look at the next game, against Aston Villa. You can’t set yourself any limits. We have still got loads to play for. It’s all there in front of everyone to see what there is to play for. We want to embrace it and take control of it.”

“I think Manchester City was quite a turning point, sometimes it takes a game to change the dynamics.

“Not just in the team but also in the league. It was like an awareness that we have a big say in the league.

“I think we already knew that but sometimes one game can just change that mentality.”

After winning their last four games, Arsenal are at last showing a bit of consistency and seem to have regained their confidence of winning every game going forward. And with more and more of our injured players coming back to the squad we can only improve further.

But could we really catch Chelsea?

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  1. arsenalian says:

    I hope so of course. But I find it a childish attitude. The gunners gave away quite a few games with a lackadaisical effort and are now going to try really hard to try to win it. Come on, just take every game seriously and we wouldn’t be in this position.
    Come on you gunners!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Lets just keep winning…….. We’ll see where we find ourselves at the end of the season

    2. Darlingbudsofarse says:

      @Arsenalian: by lackadaisical you mean Spurs-like, right? I agree with you 200% and have also written one further down to ask these muppets especially Gibbs and Ox to keep their lips zipped but let their legs on the pitch do the serious talking. Thank and well done for reading my mind well!

  2. ram says:

    Yeah right we were leading the PL table in jan, but what followed after was a disaster.. 6-3,6-0,5-1 against your rivals aint gonna win you PL and we all know that.. I think Chelsea’s case is similar to that this year.. They were riding high on confidence until now and suddenly spurs beat them 5-3 and then the bradford loss, costa’s ban, Cesc injury.. Every thing is now starting to happen against them.. In the course of next 4 months anything can happen.. But, the chances of us winning the league are very slim, yet i woulnt rule us out.. Even Wenger has said it “we are mathematically not in the best position”.. Its not in our own hands anymore..

    1. jonestown1 says:

      You gotta love “mathematically not in the best position”.

  3. muda says:

    if its mathematically possible, then i never give up
    coz its football. strange things happen.

  4. davidnz says:

    We will not win the EPL this term.
    We have a team of 4th place
    battlers with a couple of class acts.
    Too many panic buys Ozil 42 mill Chambers
    and Wellbeck 16 mill a piece.
    Wheelchair Ozil Ox Wallcott continue to
    disappoint or succumb to injury.
    Wenger said I will replace vermaelen immediately
    6 months later….we finally get Gabe.
    13 points off the pace and still no real answer
    at DM just half a dozen might be’s.
    What to do.
    Clear the not wanted, the underperforming or injury prone.
    Diaby Ryo Sanogo Flamini Podolski Campbell.
    J. Wheelchair M.Ozil Ox.
    Cash in on them all while we can and use the 100 mill wisely.
    Until we sort these issues the EPL will remain out of reach.

    1. Darlingbudsofarse says:

      @davidnz: I completely agree with you and surprised fans are marking you down! The Ox talks the loudest yet on the field of play he keeps giving the ball away and trying tricks in his 18yards box where he 9 out of 10 times gives the ball away. Has he never learned? £60k every week says he hasn’t!!!

      1. YingYang69 says:

        We had opportunity to get back into it but that last minutes goal by Skirtel followed by Szcz waving the white flag up in Southampton killed us off. Even if che and manc did fumble a little over the next month i wouldnt be too confident in our players to take advantage as its being a problem with these Gunners ever since they were teens. If che today do what i think they will do and what i put a few quid on them doing well then am sure theyll go on to win the title, today will be very telling id imagine.

        1. Hardave_90 says:

          once again davidz with his negative comment…and this time he degrades the whole team… get lost from this site u chelsh&t fan…… cant believe this imbecil has so much time to come on an arsenal page n chat sh&t…pathetic

  5. CouchCoach says:

    Title contenders? That’s a bit unrealistic. Every team thinks they are peaking at this stage. We have an outside chance at 2nd place. Our team has strengthened.. but to be an absolute top quality side we still need to strengthen in central striker and cdm roles. Considering availability on the market our defense and attacking midfield and wingers are top quality. If Wenger wants to have an outside chance of winning the league next season we can keep this team just as it is. If Wenger is URGENTLY HUNGRY for the title next season he will break the bank to get world quality in striker and cdm. Lets see how hungry he really is….

    1. YingYang69 says:

      On the WC striker, if we couldnt get a Cavani what would you think of a summer bid for Mandzukic. Wile i dont believe the rumour of us targeting him now i do believe he would be available for the right price in summer. Myself i think Mandzukic is tailor made for prem and can even see mourinho looking at him for che. He may not be that WC striker fans drool over but a top drawer player none the less. Also we have many who can play along the top and i like how he would only be on point.

  6. Gochas says:

    Can ox learn to do the talking on the pitch only……….! Everytime there’s something on from oxs mouth

  7. Gunnerbongo says:

    Are u twin with Hafiz? No wonder ur not even a kit man in ur street thing we share though we all luv Arsenal

    1. davidnz says:

      Twin with Hafiz. No not even near
      I have to work my way up 🙂
      Kit man? Our street team just
      plays shirts v skins. I want to be kit man
      one day but I have to get my badges for the first stage.
      1. Field marking
      2 Flag manager.
      3 Toilet/showers cleaner
      4 Waterboy.

  8. Greg says:

    Its a tall one to ask, but not impossible! But being realistic we got a very chance of winning back our fa cup trophy! Coyg!

  9. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    This is exactly what I don’t like about some of our players especially The Ox! Let your performances on the pitch get us into title contention not too many words. They should all borrow a leaf from Alexis’ pages. Try and win the match before you first. No match in the EPL can now be taken for granted. Remember Hull under Phil-orange-Brown, even our Sunday’s opponent 2 seasons ago when beyond anyone’s wildest imagination came to the Emirates and stomped us 3-1!
    Please Gibbs, Ox and the rest of the talkers; let’s take each game as it comes!

  10. whitehelios says:

    Gibbs has to improve his performance to the next level. He is too average for arsenal at the moment. His long passing is not too accurate and sometimes late to backtrack to his post.

    Let’s hope UCL trophy is ours this year

  11. Johannesburgunner says:

    Last year it was form in the first half of the season, this year it is the second half like so many other seasons also. Sorry Gibbs, to win the EPL, you have to play well over the full season and not lose points to much cheaper assembled teams like Stoke, Swanses, Hull, Leicester and even Everton. Also we need to beat the likes of Spurs, ManUtd, City, Chelsea and Liverpool at home and then call ourselves title contenders.

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