Gibbs predicts MASSIVE future for Arsenal team mate! But where?

Because of the amount of Arsenal players that have been in and out of the treatment room and therefore the available squad already this season, our new summer signing Calum Chambers has had plenty of opportunity to impress Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans following his transfer from Southampton in the summer.

The 19-year old has already proved his versatility, impressing at centre back and right back and he might even get a chance to show what he can do against his former club at left back tonight, with both of the first choice left backs facing late fitness tests.

One of those, Kieran Gibbs, has been talking to Arsenal Player about his new team mate for club and country and has predicted a very big and very bright future for Chambers. And it is not just because of his ability and versatility, but the attitude and confidence that have seen the youngster take his first Champions League games, full internationals and numerous high pressure situations in his stride.

Gibbs said, “That’s a sign of someone who’s going to be a great player for the team because he’s made it look easier than it probably is for him at his age. You have to admire that and give credit to him. He’s going to be a hell of a player.

“He’s fitted in straight away. I didn’t know him before he came but you feel like you’ve known him for a long time. He’s come into a good group.”

Some fans and pundits have also suggested that Chambers has what it takes to be a very good holding midfielder as well, which is the position he first played when coming up through the Saints’ academy system. It will certainly be interesting to see which position Wenger has in mind for him on a permanent basis. Whatever that is, it is hard to disagree with Gibbs about what the future holds for our young Gunner.

Where do you think Chambers will end up playing?

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  1. Enough of this shit with the so called arsenal fans. Get this in your heads AW will not be sacked and he will never step down and when he goes up stairs a manager will come in that will do just as arsenal say. So what I’m saying is get behind the team that’s our job shit playing at home sometimes feels like the fans stay away coz they are so quite

  2. Chambers is really impressive for a 19 year old. Hope he becomes a DM in the future. Has a decent passing range, power and seems intelligent enough.

    1. This could be a realistic move by wenger this window.

      No need for a CB or DM, we could use Chambers!

      to support this, he brings Jenks back from West Ham.

      He buys a young and promising CB/DM to function as a backup for Mert&Kosc/Arteta&Flamini, but lack of play inhibits his development

      More probable is this: He does nothing.

  3. Yeah he has been pretty comfortable in most games this season, and in most positions. But i really hope we buy a beast of a CDM that Callum can learn from. He, and some of the other youngsters are our future and need the best education around them, I dont think Flamini or Arteta are the players he needs to teach him that role. That aside, playing in various positions in his early years will see him in good stead for the future and for his versatility. COYG 3 points tonight!!!! and Callum to nod in the winner will be perfect.

  4. Someone on here last night stated WENGER was ‘endeavouring on a masterpiece…’ Erm wtf…santos,Sanogo, Kallstrom giroud miyachi etc..

    Our worst start in 32 years and Arsene is stating we will win the premiership within 3 years …. How much more ridiculous can our club become..??

    Wtf ???? AKB’s are useless.. AND deluded!

    If we don’t beat the saints tonight – the only pièce de résistence Wenger will be making is his exit strategy as the top 4 will be insurmountable …

    1. WHO ARE YA!!!! WHO ARE YA!!!! WHO ARE YA!!!!

      We won and this is your excitement?

      You’re also judging a very young Songo, a little too early. Last night you included Arteta in your list and now you’re including Giroud, too. Two of the worst players ever, right? Arteta can’t pass for a lick (although I agree he’s not a great player, just good enough for now), and Giroud, what utter tripe he is (especially considering how many games he played before finally getting injured). Kallstrom, Miyachi, Park, these were actually what one would call a stop gap.

      In further response, “endeavoring” means that Wenger is in the PROCESS of completing his work. To suggest these players you’ve listed indicate that he is NOT “endeavoring” is misleading, and, frankly, you’re using a “straw man” argument. Wenger has clearly chosen NOT to buy in one window whatever he can get his hands on (like Spuds, Pool, and even Utd. have attempted). No, he’s looking to build a solid foundation that is now going to rely on Ozil, Alexis, Kos as our rocks, and some other very promising players. Plus, I think we have more coming to Arsenal this summer in the way of one top quality player to cement the foundation, and hopefully, our wait will be over. Was it frustrating as ever that Wenger didn’t grab the CDM this past summer? Absolutely. But to suggest that we’re worse or somehow not close to greatness is disingenuous. We’ve finally stopped selling and yet you still don’t seem to appreciate that we’re finally bringing quality to the club. The status quo for this season’s start is not good enough, but we’re getting back to form while suffering from a slew of injuries. This year’s squad is essentially the same as last year’s “top of the table” squad, and we know what upended us eventually. Now we have brought in better talent and this bad start has occurred. That’s football, man. It happens. Look at Manure with all their talent. They’re crap. Do you want that for us? We may not look like Chelsea or City, but we can and will play with them.

      I think you miss the real crux of your angst. That being that Arsenal will push to abide by the FFP rules while we watch our neighboring prem clubs thumb their noses at it. That’s part of why we don’t buy all we can at once. The question that I think we all have is are we going to develop the depth of talent needed to keep up with the top prem sides before it’s too late? All we can do is hope. Because regardless of who’s at the helm, I don’t see the Arsenal FFP abiding approach changing. Let’s go. #COYG

      1. Mike, we hadn’t won when I posted.. Sorry to disappoint..

        Look forward to another debate one night.. 🙂

  5. Arsenal is a fourth “place” Franchise.
    Not a fourth “rate” Franchise.
    I am sure we will surge to our
    customary fourth “place” victory in May.
    Having achieved the franchise ECL last 16 place
    Arsenal is on track for another successful season.
    Am picking 5-0 to the Arse this morning
    7.50 am Thurs here.
    May the fourth be with us 🙂

    1. 1-10 am in the midnight/morning for me.
      By the time the games done it will be 3-30. When shall a man sleep?

      Good “Fourth day of the week-Thursday” Morning David.

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