Gibbs to help Arsenal beat Man City to Evans transfer?

When it was reported that the Arsenal and former England international Kieran Gibbs would be moving on from the Emirates this summer I do not think there were too many fans surprised at the news, as the left back was already a fringe player under Arsene Wenger and then we signed Sead Kolasinac which left the 28-year old without much hope of any game time this season.

The only real surprise is that Gibbs has not gone yet, although there have been some offers and last week it looked as though he was going to sign for Premier League club Watford. Today that transfer deal looks off with reports claiming that the Hornets have pulled out but perhaps leaving it late has worked in Arsenal’s favour as West Brom are also one of the clubs interested in our player and we are being linked with their centre back Jonny Evans.

According to The Mirror Evans is the man Wenger wants to replace the apparently Inter Milan bound German Shkodran Mustafi and although Man City were thought to be about to sign the Northern Ireland international, the Gibbs factor could give the Gunners the edge.

We will have to wait and see, and if today’s round of Arsenal transfer rumours are anything to go by this could be a crazy few last days of the window. Strap yourselves in Gooners.



  1. Sue says:

    Jonny Evans??? Really???? ?

    1. kev says:

      I remember telling you guys a week back that Mustafi sale will only be sanctioned only if Wenger 100% knew his replacements were on route and I listed Van Dijk,Johnny Evans etc. as part of those Wenger was looking at.Interestingly enough my source says its true that he’s on the list but Wenger is not going to offer anything concrete for Johnny Evans and that the interest is negligible.

      Gibbd update:I remember telling people not to rejoice though the fee was agreed for Gibbs’ transfer.He personally rejected Watford and now West brom have bid £7 for him.

      City will not let Aguero be paet of the their £45 bid for Sanchez.They’re only willing to offer a take it or leave it £45 + Sterling for Sanchez.

      1. COYG_CA says:

        Thanks for repeating all the news out there, pal, but most of us can also read news sites to get this info . . .

      2. Vish says:

        45 million plus Sterling is an astute piece of business. Utilise that 45 million to buy Van Dyk or invest in a solid CDM. Wait hold on a second…. this is ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB with Arsene Wenger in charge , we don’t need CDM’S or CENTRE BACKS , Wengers has mind boggling tactics that would bring us the EPL AND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. LOL

        1. Gooner14 says:

          Sky are reporting that we are offering sanchez plus cash for sterling lol

    2. bran99 says:

      Wenger signed an old Sylvester at one point I time, this is what makes him the specialist in failure.. we should go for Barry as well, we need a DM and he ticks all Wenger boxes

    3. Quantic Dream says:

      Deadwood out, deadwood in.

    4. Thing is, it remains all talk. Until I see anything official we haven’t signed anyone, but we also still have Gibbs, debuchy, Perez, Campbell, wilshire, even the Ox, sanchez,Özil, Mustafi,let alone all the other underachievers that aren’t going anywhere as long as he’s manager. As every close season, Wenger never makes a good decision, or even a bad one, he just avoids them and makes excuses & no one is strong enough in the club to challenge him.

  2. ZEN2OH says:

    Johnny F******g Evans? from Van Dijk? i don’t know why Wenger thinks he’s God or something

    1. ozil10 says:

      Hahahahahahahaha… U know Wenger won’t sign the players we demand… So why are u so surprised?

  3. dave says:

    Well done Arsene for systematically ruining the team. And welcome Evans the new Mikael Silvestre.

    1. HA559 says:

      Mikael Silvestre was something else. Evan is atleast a decent defender.

      1. Timberwolf says:

        Thats exactly the problem: Wenger always says he is looking for world class players to improve the team….yet sold Gabriel and now possibly mustafi move for a decent, not world class, cb in the mould of Silvestre…johnny man utd reject Evans. City are bidding for him to shine their bench yet we are hoping to make him our star defensive signing….

      2. iGooner says:

        Yeah, but decent doesn’t cut it these days… what the frack are we going for decent???

  4. mark says:

    We are a joke, a laughing stock, an embarrassment, with a manager so deluded he actually thinks that HE is right and every other club in the world is wrong.

    No wonder we struggle to buy world class players, they’ve all been laughing at us for years, but we now see the problem. Wenger.

  5. justforlaugh says:

    BBC reported Arsenal sold Gibbs to West Brom for $5 million. With Gabriel gone and Mustafi going inter, time is running out to bring in a centre back

    1. bran99 says:

      Time ran out the day we signed lacazette, then the old man went back to his nap until we get thrashed by one of the top 4 guys for him to come out and panic buy, though he’s busy selling everyone right now..

  6. COYG_CA says:

    Mustafi must have told Wenger to either stick it; you suck; or I want out you crazy old man! Either way, it is extremely disturbing for this issue to hit and especially at this time during the transfer window! To think we brought the World Cup winner in for 35 mil and now he can’t wait to get the eff out! How long before Laca does the same, next Jan window??!!

    1. HA559 says:

      Everyone but his favourite players wanted Wenger out. If Lacazette scores goals for us he will be off to Atletico in January 2018 for a profit after seeing what happens behind the scenes at this club.

  7. HA559 says:

    Wenger is a scavenger. He will take whats left after the big clubs get the players their after.

    Korenke and Wenger will never say no to big money. He will probably sell Sanchez for £70m and buy Mahrez for £40m and pocket the other £30m.

    If that happens we have one less ball winner in the team and it will be the same thing once again. Everyone willing to go foward but players not willing to defend.

    Wenger will never get another DMF in his life, when it’s clear as day that is the sole reason we have conceded so many already this season.

    All the promoted clubs have conceded 5 or less in their opening games, it takes some organisation first and foremost, but for Wenger Defence doesn’t matter.

  8. Vijay says:

    johnny evans? wow what an inspiring tranfer…clap clap clap…

  9. GoonerKev84 says:

    What baffles me is that we were torn apart by Liverpool on Sunday (that’s actually 3 heavy defeats in 4 seasons at anfield) and its clear to see they are a much better team than us, yet they are going gung ho in the last days of the transfer window already agreeing a deal to bring in the talented Naby Keita next season and are going in with serious bids for Thomas Lemar.. Staying in Merseyside Everton are splashing the cash still and that’s after spending over 100 million this is a team who rarely challenges for top 4 and play in a run down 35,000 seater stadium and of course there’s Arsenal and Arsene bloody Wenger doing nothing but trying to recoup the 50 mil he spent on Lacazette even surpassing that and making money this summer! It amazes me how that man is still in a job if that was any other club the fans would have kicked his a*se out a long time ago! In an interview the other day he said if the fans think I’m the problem then I’m sorry” how arrogant can someone be? He says that’s like he knows he is but he’s going nowhere! With a guy like that managing the club its no surprise we’re in the mess we are and don’t expect a signing or 2 to change that

    1. HA559 says:

      All the goals we concede are the same. It could be stemmed if we at least play another CM alongside Xhaka who doesn’t always go forward like Ramsey always does. Even when Coquelin came on you saw what he done for the 4th goal, pressing Firminho along side two other of our players, neither can get the ball off him.

  10. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    With deadwood leaving at an alarming rate recently I guess Wenger has to start now on collecting his future deadwood

    1. Leeroysgooners says:

      Hahahaha love this comment spot on mate

  11. AngryGunner says:

    Seriously guys !!!! what the hell ! who cares if Johnny F**king Evans is coming or not , our problems are MUCH bigger than 2 or 3 transfers !

    #KroenkeOut , #WengerOut , #EmptySeats , #NoMoreMerchandises

  12. Darwin says:

    Don’t know how you guys are feeling, but I am kinda going Numb in here… I guess thats my body’s way of coping with this BS going on with Arsenal FC.

  13. Simon says:

    Really this old man has lost his head. Sign even Marhez he is better than Ozïl… Please this man makes me sick

  14. Leon says:

    Signing players at this stage is like mounting nice pictures in the corridors of the titanic as it sinks.
    The effort should be in removing Wenger and getting an interim manager like Guus Hiddink to come in an steady the ship as we look for a permanent solution.
    The last thing Arsenal should do is give valuable resources to him. With his disastrous record in the transfer market we need to think of the future.
    A future without Wenger…

  15. HA559 says:

    Idiot negotiators offering money plus Sanchez for Sterling according to Sky transfer centre.

    What an utter joke, everytime you think they can’t stoop any lower they go and out do it again.

  16. phychem says:

    Damn you Arsene!!! Specialist in FAILURE.

  17. HA559 says:

    The man has sold himself to the Kroenke. He is hellbent on making money out of the club instead of even mounting a title challenge forget about even winning it.

    Your paying money + Sanchez for Sterling. What the heck? There has to be another player added there somewhere, otherwise that is taking deluded to a new level.

    1. stubill says:

      You’ve got it the wrong way round, it’s Sterling plus cash for Sanchez.

      1. xxnofx says:

        No its us paying money plus sanchez for sterling HA559 said im at a loss to this i really am .another walcott plus we pay them and they get our only world class player

  18. Chuks says:

    Jonny ….who?
    is that hw low Arsenal has gone.
    I cry for my beloved Arsenal.
    bleeding heart.

  19. HA559 says:

    I’m feeling generous, thumbs up for everyones comment from here to the top.

  20. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Apparently Evans will snub arsenal in favour of Manchester City, ? ????

    1. RSH says:

      he’d rather be 4th choice CB than join the sinking ship. We have come to the point Jonny Evans is rejecting Arsenal. As if Vardy rejecting us wasn’t bad enough

      1. LL_cool_gunner says:


    2. iGooner says:

      Who wouldn’t… Maybe Arsene should try to sign Benson and Hedges…

  21. John0711 says:

    Leaving it late has worked in arsenals favour??
    Wow some fans are as delusional as the manager
    Johnny Evans is 29
    Not good enough for UTD when they were rubbish and the fee will be around 25 million pounds
    Take into account we are losing mustafi and Gabriel
    Let that sink in
    Ox gone
    Gabi gone
    Mustafi gone
    Gibbs gone
    Perez going
    Sanchez going

    Lacca in
    Sead in
    Evans in

    And that’s what we’ve been waiting for ?

  22. samz says:

    fuck all transfers
    i just dont get why wenger couldnt swap oxlade for costa
    the guy can gurentee 20 goals a season
    and get draxler for sanchez money plus gelson martinz
    we could easily be in top 4 with this
    just for fun bcoz i knw arsene wont ever do it
    just check this out

    laca costa gelson
    draxler ozil
    xhaka wilshere/coq
    kolasnich van boss
    even i could mange arsenal better

  23. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Never mind getting Virgil Van Dijk to sign for Arsenal. Wenger could not get Dick Van Dyke to sign for Arsenal and he is 91years old. Arsenal are all over the Place and the people to blame are Wenger and the Arsenal Board because they had no Plan in Place. BAD BAD BAD MANAGEMENT.

  24. samz says:

    wait before wenger says elneny can play as a cb
    ater failing monreal in the same position

  25. Sam-afc says:

    It’s doesn’t matter now who we bring in. It goes beyond transfers. Our spineless board took the easy way out giving the manager two more years. Players clearly have had enough of Wengers stagnant tactics (if that’s what you can call them)

  26. HA559 says:

    I can’t wait for the game vs Bournemouth. It’ll be the first time I’ve watched an Arsenal home game where I’m more interested in what the fans do rather than the players.

  27. waal2waal says:

    …just like DT says …we’re just papering over the cracks. so why is that the fans know from the beginning of this window what’s needed but wenger don’t know? the feeling we’ll have when lemar chooses liverpool or man utd is almost indescribable. its the news i dread, if or when that happens we can say we been well and truly mugged off and we can kiss top tier football goodbye.

  28. RSH says:

    getting rid of Gabriel so quickly is seeming like a mistake. He’s not the greatest, but is Evans that much better? And we’re also shipping out Mustafi, and if that was the plan all along then we are just morons.

  29. Elliot says:

    Dosent matter whi we bring in. The season is over and the emerites will be a war zone in 2 weeks when Sanchez leaves. Nice one Arsenal.

  30. COYG_CA says:

    Really, which impact player out there with any aspiration is going to sign for AFC now?

  31. RSH says:

    So the rumor is now us selling sanchez + PAYING for Sterling… Yup, Sanchez+Cash=Sterling. Makes no sense, just keep Sanchez and let him go for free next summer at this point. Arsenal may have to lose Ozil and Sanchez for free next summer, but it’s better than essentially selling one of EPL’s best for inevitable deadwood.

  32. Vish says:

    I wonder if the Arsenal board regret turning down Pep Gaurdiola ( before his move to Bayern ) and snubbing Max Allegri to hold onto Arsene.

    So many things wrong with Arsenal it’s frightening to think what the future holds for this club .

    1. HA559 says:

      Pep is better than Wenger but Pep is way overated in the media. He spent over £350m already and I’m telling you now they wont be winning the title, got lucky again with a late goal 2nd match in a row.

      I need to take a brake. Been online looking at transfer news for the past 3-4 hours.

    2. LL_cool_gunner says:

      The board regret nothing, as long as they are making money, they are good..

  33. Jack reacher says:

    I’m depressed

  34. stubill says:

    You’ve got it the wrong way round, it’s Sterling plus cash for Sanchez.

  35. I’m happy we are getting rid of the ox because players like him Wolcott Ramsey ozil Jack why we are missing out on players like sadio Mane because some fans and wenger will say we already have players in that position

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