Giggs claims Arsenal may have best end of Man United swap-deal?

Ryan Giggs has claimed that Arsenal may well have got the better deal having negotiated a swap deal with Manchester United between Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The two players were both confirmed by their new clubs yesterday, with no money believed to have been passed between the two sides.

Mkhitaryan was hailed as the complete player on his arrival at the Emirates by new manager Arsene Wenger, and Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has even moved to claim that Arsenal may well prove to have gotten the better deal in the long run.

“Maybe it will work out for him at Arsenal and he’ll set the place on fire, so I’m not sure who has got the best part of the deal, but Sanchez has scored and assisted more goals in the Premier League,” Giggs said.

“I think as well as every United fan I was excited to see Henrikh Mkhitaryan join the club and he looked on the outset like a United player, scoring and creating goals.

“I played with Juan Sebastian Veron, who was one of the most talented players on the planet, but sometimes it happens where it doesn’t work out, maybe because of injuries or maybe being played out of position.”

The Wales boss then moves to praise the addition at United also, claiming they are getting the man already hitting his potential in the Premier League, and he could prove to be key for them this term,

“Manchester United signing Alexis Sanchez is similar to Robin van Persie [in 2012] in the sense that they’re getting a ready-made superstar and you’re seeing the contribution already with Anthony Martial upping his performances,” Giggs said.

“That can happen when top players come in, those around them lift their levels, and there will be some difficult selection decisions for Jose Mourinho.

“It is an extra bonus that he can play in the Champions League. To have somebody like that, who won’t be fazed by playing in the big games, makes the squad look really strong.

“The defence is obviously doing really well as well, with Ashley Young back, Luke Shaw fit and Chris Smalling and Phil Jones really solid, so I don’t think they need to do any more business this month.”

Could Arsenal’s Mkhitaryan prove to be better business than the move for the Chilean?

Pat J

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  1. L says:

    its interesting how none of our players wished alexis good luck at hes new club on social media. So there was deffinetly some friction between the team and alexis.

  2. PIRES says:

    Sanchez is definitly the better.But mikhi isn’t bad

    1. Arnold says:

      No, is not just overhyped MKH is the footballer and Sanchez is the runner like compare Zidane and Christian Ronald – depends what you like but i will go with Zidane/MKHi probably Messi not Ronald/Sanchez

  3. Sven Knows Best says:

    2009 – “Mkhitaryan for his own part is dreaming of the English Premier League. “My favourite team is Arsenal,” said the attack-minded midfielder, who has played ten games for Armenia, scoring once. “I like their attacking play and fast style. Moreover, Arsène Wenger puts faith in young players while demanding results at the same time. I like that and want to play there one day.”

  4. AWout says:

    It’s obvious…Giggsy doesn’t fancy Mrs Sanchez.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Sure what they all say about Welbeck. Fans even went nuts. Utd have never given us a good deal not in my time, but hopefully Giggs is right, but the more he went on there you could see he didn’t mean what he said about us getting the better deal. They know Alexis is one of leagues most devastating.

  6. John says:

    Modern football is about the tactics and successfully implementing it…………ask Leicester……………..smaller and less prestigious and lower tier teams beat us because of that………his talent is a plus but he has to play his part in the team……..Alexis on the other gave the ball away lots………indirectly contributed to some goals against us………and scored some for us……….I am not sure we lost a lot………..yes we don’t seem to be good without him……but over time the team will gel and win most of their games…….but Van Persie was a bigger loss………..because arsenal invested in him………and there was a good team cohesion……….and everyone most of the time did their job……..Arsenal would have won the title if he had signed…………..with the addition of a few key players……………..Wenger is to bring blame for not doing the necessary additions…………

    1. l says:

      Sanchez, yes a good one man player with an eye for goal. I can’t count how many times he has frustrated me by breaking our team efforts in the final third by giving the ball to opponents needlessly in the final third. I know many fans didn’t noticed that successful dribbling has become a problem for him lately probably due to age factor. I wish him the best.
      Mkhi is more of a team player that if properly integrated with the likes of Ozil, Whilshere and co would bring back our beautiful football. He will bring on option for final passes for Lacazette and co .

      1. JJPawn says:

        Alexis is slower and heavier…

  7. gmv8 says:

    Can we all stop being so smug about this? The plain facts are that as a squad, we have again been considerably weakened over this transfer window, with Kroenke pocketing around 50 million profit for the players already sold, including our best player, and Wenger dithering over buying anyone in, like we were already storming the league. This in my view would be completely unacceptable.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Utd got the better player, and we lost out on around £70 million minimum on Sanchez. Could have got Mkhitaryan, and Aubameyang, and had change left over if we had sold Sanchez in 2016. I’m very happy with Mkhitaryan, but shocking business from Arsenal!

  9. Bashiru.S.Jolley says:

    Wonderful for the bringing of the united star,but wenger should bring aubameyang and leave giroud.

  10. COYG_CA says:

    You ALWAYS knew there would be some REASON for Auba deal to fall through (AFC). This is/was all likely another stunt that AFC never intend to happen, bringing him in, just another “shut the fans up” act . . .

  11. barryglik says:

    Not getting a big fee for Sanchez
    and possibly buying a 60mill marquee
    player like Aubameyang means
    seriously cutting costs else where.
    Niles free for Debuchy. Iwobi free for Walcott.
    Nelson free for Chamberlain. Ramsey 6m for Cazorla.
    Wilshere for Rosicky. Elneny 7m for Coquelin.
    Kolasinac free for Gibbs.
    Holding 2m for Gabriel. Mavropanos 3m for Metesacker.
    Now the replacement for Koz.
    No not Evans for 25m its surprise surprise back to the future
    with young French and cheap. And the guy was born in Tours where Koz played.
    The man is 21 year old French/Senegal national Abdou Diallo.
    Monaco sold him to Mainz in the summer for a whopping 5mill.
    Unless Abdou has the same agent as 75m Virgil (concedes goal to Swansea)
    Van diijk we can get Koz’s replacement for no more than 10 mill.
    The new Koz /Vieira hopefully not the new Djourou is a must have.
    At 8 mill it’s a snip. Sven go get him. 🙂
    PS.. All we need now is a value replacement for Mesut..
    Of course now I know why we bought Kelechi Nwakali for 3m :).
    P.S. Stan is smiling

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I’d say Mkhitaryan is Ozil’s replacement. Playmaker for playmaker.

    2. John0711 says:

      Why cut costs we have 300m in the bank ??

      1. Tas says:


        We are the six richest club in the world our incom is around 425 million and our salaries is around 225 million so where does the 200 million go? Yes I know we have hundreds of people working but we are banking over 100 million a year don’t forget last window and this window so far we are in profit

  12. Sue says:

    I don’t care how Sanchez gets on at utd. All I care about is AFC and I’m looking forward to seeing Mkhi play for us!

    1. Tas says:

      It will take Mkhi a bit longer to settle then Sanchez because we play a fast passing game in midfield and Mk has to get to know our moves where Sanchez is an individual player give him the ball and let him get on with it

      So patients pls

      1. JJPawn says:

        Foot ball is also about how players view the field as they play. Mkhi will do just fine, as he is a keen student of the game and has excellent abilities.

  13. sfgunner says:

    finally arsenal make good of a bad deal, very pleased at this outcome, to come away w a quality player, fantastic… really miss thumbs up and down?

  14. Coldzero says:

    I am very pleased with our deal. Sánchez has finally gone and we have got MKH and no more whining or histrionics for the Chilean poison dwarf! Not one Arsenal player wished him luck- speaks volumes doesn’t it.

    Never have I seen such a disjointed Arsenal team and I have been a supporter since the early 80’s. He has been creating trouble in that dressing room and to finally get rid of him and also get a great player like MKH as a replacement is a bonus.

    My prediction is MKH will do very well for us and within a year Maureen and the little mercenary will be at each other’s throats and he will end up being sold cheap to Juventus. ??

  15. Midkemma says:

    I think it could work out well for us if the manager makes use of the players he has.

    I do think teams are starting to learn how to deal with Alexis and that is by what we all know, he is a high risk player who likes to take as many risks as he can and do as much by himself as he can.

    Look how Laca isn’t scoring as freely as when he 1st came and Alexis wasn’t in the team.

    To get the best out of Laca then I think a player like Mkhitaryan could be more of a benefit.

    I personally think Auba would make a great right sided attacker, he played on the wings before being a CF and he has pace with intelligence, score or assist. Auba can be a massive player while not being the focal CF, let the poacher Laca excel in that role while still being classy enough to aid in build ups.


    If the players can consistently perform at their best then that CM/Att would scare the hell out of oppositions, I know a lot of pressure on AMN but that is only till summer when fingers crossed AFC will be looking at a DM marquee signing, AMN has shown he is a calm solid player when playing well… Tell him he has this end of the season to prove we don’t need a marquee DM but instead a marquee CB and buy competition for AMN instead of a top player in their peak. Might help in getting the best out of him…

  16. Grandad says:

    Based on his form this season Sanchez was not the best player at Arsenal, Ozil clearly is and hopefully the recruitment of Mhik and Auba will encourage him to sign a new contract.I’m encouraged by our new recruitment team who I am sure will recognise the need for quality in Goal,at Centre Back and Defensive Mid.

  17. Shinoda says:

    Well… Time will tell, MKH is a good addition but he has not played a single game for us. Sanchez on the other hand was great for us for the last 3 seasons and he was a nuisance to many defenders. Therefore if you look at the contribution both have made to their former clubs, it’s clear that ManU have gotten the better deal. I really hope that MKH will be great for us. However, all these attacking additions will be useless if we don’t address our defensive weaknesses and most of all get rid of Wenger.

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