Does Arsenal transfer rumour latest spell end for Gibbs?

One of the latest Arsenal transfer rumours has the club linked with the young Leicester City full back Ben Chilwell and after Arsene Wenger swooped this month to relieve them of their very successful head of technical scouting Ben Wrigglesworth, the east Midlands club must be wondering what they have done to make us pick on them. Having the cheek to challenge the mighty Arsenal for top spot might be the one.

Anyway, back to the young left back and I must say that I did not know a lot about the lad but I did watch the Foxes as they lost to our north London rivals Tottenham this week. While the Spuds dominated the FA cup replay and won quite easily against an under strength Leicester side, the big positive was the performance of Chilwell who looks to have some great skills and pace and caused the visitors some real problems.

The Mirror is reporting that the Gunners are not just interested but have actually made a bid. In fact the report claims that we have made a second bid for the talented 19-year old so it appears that Arsene Wenger is very keen on young Chilwell.

What I do not understand is why we are looking at a left back at all. With Monreal having just signed a new deal, is Wenger thinking of getting rid of Kieran Gibbs?

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  1. well monreal is older now so few seasons left maybe. get someone in..bed them into our system so by time he goes we have someone comfortable in that role.

    gibbs is not that person…the same way fickle fans see a poor performance from ramsey an say sell him…alot of u see gibbs do elementary stuff in a comfortable game an praise him like roberto carlos.
    he is a liability an has been for years.

  2. gibbs like the other british players are not good enough.

    ramsey is good enough but glory hunter is all writen over him. and he will leave arsenal the moment some one knocks at our doors.

    wilsher is the best, his ankle is not.

    chilwell makes sense, monreal is not young anymore.

    1. I actually agree with you on Wilshere, and I think he’s better than Ramsey. Unfortunately his injuries prevent him from showing it consistently.

      1. Theyre two different midfielders itsnkije comparing Rakitic to Iniesta smh and Ramsey is top class, he doesn’t have glory hunter written all over him, the manager encourages him to go forward because he brings in more goals than our entire midfield.

  3. Well Leicester doesn’t seem to want to go away. Almost seems as if now we must beat Chelsea just to keep pace.

    1. And we need to start scoring. We have scored 5 less than Leicester and 6 less than City. We can’t have them both have superior GD to us.

  4. OT…
    Leicester are blowing away a team that we struggled against…The sooner we see them as title challengers, the better for us.

  5. We’re going to have to win this. No one’s going to do us any favors – not Leicester and not Citeh.

    To be honest, Leicester is doing everything right. Watching them rip apart a Stoke team (with Shaqiri back) that we were so timid and feeble against is disconcerting. It’s ironic to see Ranieri (my respect for him grows weekly) out-Wenger Wenger, post Highbury-Emirates.

    Even the chickens showed mettle to come from behind to beat Palace. Charlie Austin’s goal (as a sub and therefore a squad player) also makes nonsense of the idea that there are no buys to improve in January.

    Vardy, Mahrez, Ighodalo, Austin, AFOBE, Deeney, Kante. Any of these would have been classic Wenger buys in past years.

    Clear out BFG, Arteta, Flamini, Sanogo, and Rosicky(hate to say it). No longer Arsenal quality.

    Play Campbell, Gabriel, Iwobi, El Neny. Maybe Adelaide too.

    Get in a WC striker in the summer and rotate in the young uns once games are killed off because Ozil’s sumptuous meals are no longer wasted.

    Bench Walcott and sell him if he doesn’t back his Prima donnaship and cost with GOALS, assists, or near assists (forcing teams out of shape).

    Loan or sell Ox, Gibbs, Debuchy.

  6. I looked at the Mirror article. Usual standard of reporting, no quotes or backup to justify what they are reporting as fact. If they make enough predictions then eventually one will turn out to be true.

    This article is a waste of everyones time. Its like a few years ago when Wenger and Gazidis were reported as being in Spain watching a player. The “proof” was a photo of the two at a match in Spain. The article did not explain the presence of the Cannon logo on the pillar in the background.

    Off topic, west ham have just scored in first minute against man city.

  7. I have been thinking for sometimes now on how did the scouts at Arsenal didn’t scouted Dele Ali for Arsenal when he was at MK Don before Spurs eventually snapped him up. That guy is supposed to be playing at Arsenal and not Spurs. What are the Arsenal Scouts scouting? Or did they scouted him and he was rejected by Arsenal?

    Okay, and it could be fine as the Boss had said, Welbeck is soon expected back to lead the line in rotation with Giroud. And thus relief Giroud of the sole burden of leading the line.

    But even then, it would have been more saver, if the Boss had signed another top quality striker on a relative small sum of money like Charlie Austin who can do a good job for Arsenal.

    Leicester are putting pressure on us. We have to win tomorrow at home against our bitter rivals – Chelsea to remount the table top. I pray for Arsenal to win that big game. And the Boss should still re-examine his stance of not to sign another striker for Arsenal before the end of this window. Arsenal could still need a 3rd top quality striker for cover and option.

    I have seen the problem at our left back during the early stages of the season. And I advised the Boss through this website and another one to sign another top quality left back as that position looked shaky towards the end of last season when goals were conceded by both Gibbs and Monreal that denied us becoming 2nd in the table. So, we will be glad if the Boss has decided to act on this matter now if the media report on the issue is to be believed.

  8. Should stop worrying about left back and bring in quality attacking option … If isco is available should get him Sanchez giroud/welbeck isco ozil should be ok to keep us there or thereabouts … With Campbell as back up …ox on loan Walcott sold to some Middle East team with more money than sense … Or test Bilbao on the Williams kid suspect they might take 25 even with his buy out clause upped …need something … We r 2 points above spurs right now with a much poorer goal difference

  9. Gibbs I agree isn’t a starter but as a back up he’s more then good enough
    The position we really need to worry about us right back were relying on a 20 yr old who yes is quality but it’s asking a lot of him esp when/if he gets injured, even when debuchy took over from sagna in french team I didn’t rate him then I dint rate him now average at best. Now il move onto Jenkinson goodness me how that lad is a footballer baffles me absolute joke he is and not season needs to be thrown bk dwn to the conference because that’s his standard he is awfull. Oh yeah those who haven’t seen it watch the pen he gave away and then faked an injury straight after lol

    Nxt season
    Out – Jenkinson debuchy arteta , rosicky, flamini
    Loan to prem teams- chambers , zalalem, hayden, akpom,gnabry (not rugby teams)
    In – iwanyama, laporte, Coleman, mahrez?

  10. Every time we go behind I feel no confidence in us turning it around most of the time and we end up putting more pressure on ourselves and make it easier for the opposition on that day. Yet other teams have no difficulties in turning games in their favor from a losing stand point. I get nervous every time I hear talk like this is perfect time to face this team and that team and the inevitable happens, we end up losing our dropping precious points. Make no mistake with Chelsea tomorrow as playing at home is of no significance. I hope we mentally prepare ourselves as well as the next time we face City, Tottenham, Leicester, Utd, West Ham, Southampton, Stoke, and Everton. Teams that have caused obvious problems for us in the past. Take nothing for granted!!!

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