Gilberto Silva confirms Arsenal’s plans for Thomas Partey

It appears that Arsenal legend Gilberto Silva has confirmed the club’s intention to sign a new midfielder due to Thomas Partey’s ongoing injury issues.

Initially, the Gunners had hoped for a better fitness record from Partey this season, leading them to retain him. However, the Ghanaian midfielder has faced at least two different injuries that have kept him sidelined in recent weeks.

Now, Arsenal is reportedly looking to offload Partey and actively seeking a replacement to support Declan Rice in the midfield. While the specific player they are targeting remains unclear, Gilberto’s comments strongly suggest the club’s genuine interest in signing a new midfielder.

He said, as quoted by Mirror Football:

“I heard that they were maybe looking for some midfielders especially because of Partey being injured at times.

“I’m not sure if it’s 100 percent going to happen but obviously, they have to be aware that this is a very short window and very specific. You have to be like a fisherman sometimes, to grab the right player that you really need that’s going to help you to win games and to be useful for the rest of the season. Also to improve the way you play.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey has to be replaced if we want to make progress as a club because the Ghanaian is too injury-prone for us to rely on him.

He remains a fine player, but it makes almost no sense if we cannot use him.

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  1. This should have been the plan from in the summer, to sign another powerful midfielder whether Partey stays or not.

    Shows Arsenal Management are reactionary as opposed to being proactive, come we can do better than that.

      1. Onyango yes, and Raya arrangements suggested l FFP maneuvering maybe at play.
        But Arsenal never showed interest of signinganothermidfielder in the summer, we couldhave applied a lot of creativeways , loan deal, some sort of gentleman agreement etc
        Instead we ventured in an area never need strengthening

  2. Anyone who fondly and naively imagines Gilberto knows any more than any of us do about Partey leaving, is not thinking straight.
    Look at his exact quotes; ”
    “I heard that….” Oh, yes?? FROM WHOM EXACTLY? Perhaps MA invited him round to dinner and told him all his future plans!! Then again, ” I’m not sure it is 100% going to happen….”.

    So in other words Gilberto knows nothing at all and is simply guessing!!


    1. Lol I read that with alot of passion Mr Jon Fox and it made me slightly chuckle.

      I do however agree with you. Just old Gilberto Trying to stay relevant and perhaps make some change on the side or something

    1. Only in THIS article Sue? I suggest in all seriousness it is prominent in MOST articles.

      Bear in mind that, apart from opinion pieces, most articles that claim to KNOW something about what is ACTUALLY happening inside the club, are just whistling in the dark.

      Yes, we know what HAS happened and can easily discuss what is already in the public domain.

      But as for what is REALLY GOING ON INSIDE THE CLUB CURRENTLY, we are all simply guessing, or trying to present opinions as facts, when they are no such thing.

      1. Jon, that’s what makes life interesting. As a student of English, you are more aware of the value of fiction than some us who read Social Sciences. I bet there are more people who read fiction than factual books. The reason is simple. Facts are boring and tiring. Fiction makes reading nice. You don’t have to cram the facts. Things just flow and there is no loss if you can’t remember what you’ve just read! William Shakespeare made it all easier when he said, “All the world is a stage”. Thus, we all love acting in one way or another.
        I always get amused at how much time we spend tearing at each other over issues which none of us has intimate knowledge of. We often argue about another person’s imagination instead of bringing up our own ideas. Such is human nature.
        Fiction is fun. It makes life worth living. Thus, if Gilberto is trying his hand at imagination, so be it. It is better than being idle and disorderly. Who knows? Tomorrow he could try his hand at writing a novel on Arsenal! Life is better managed by light-hearted individuals than the serious ones.

        1. An interesting post DAVID, which again demonstates your own keen intellect.
          Although , speaking only for myself, I don’t fit into your “reading fiction is nicer” scenario, I do accept your general theme , though I am bound to dispute that most reading is either fiction OR ” cramming facts”! That is plainly far too simplistic a claim.

          Again speaking personally, my own love of fiction is what I make up in my mind and what I use when I entertain audiences, though I choose my audiences carefully first.
          None of which changes my view that Gilberto was merely guessing, just as I wrote.

          And while guessing is fine and has its place , I rather think MOST on JA prefer informed info, rather than playing guessing games.
          I know I do anyway.
          In life there are times to be serious and other times to remember we are all children, at heart. I do ESPECIALLY agree with your final line, which I have long thought is profoundly true.

  3. MA made mistake by wasting big money on kai Harverzt instead of buying straight replacement of Xaka we miss Xaka a lot now our Rice has a lot loads in the midfield

  4. Partey is one of our best players along with saka and Rice and Saliba. But the most sad part is his injury issues so although the reality hurts, Partey will be most probably leaving this winter transfer window. He could play very well in Italy where the pace of the league is less demanding physically so he can adapt well there and flourish. As for Arsenal, the sooner we decide on the replacement the better since the January transfer window is very short. My best wishes to Partey, wherever he goes, as he has served arsenal excellently.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with those above who are not taken in by rumour and innuendo. What does Siva know after all. In the end it’s simple common sense. Partey is not able to earn his keep, Arsenal need to replace him.

  6. Gilberto could have heard it around the training ground I don’t know if he personally has spent time around the club lately but I do know the players are welcome and some do visit training sessions

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