Gilberto Silva responds to Piers Morgan’s claim on his value to Arsenal

Piers Morgan claims one of Arsenal’s most underrated signings was Gilberto Silva and the humble Brazilian has responded on Twitter.

Silva was a member of the Arsenal “invincible” squad that went through the 2003/2004 season without losing a league game.

The Brazilian is hardly a very vocal player or individual, but he went about his business with effectiveness when he was an Arsenal player.

The midfielder made 170 league appearances for Arsenal between 2002 and 2008 after joining them from Atlético Mineiro.

He left them for Panathinaikos in 2008 after winning the Premier League, reaching the Champions League final in 2006 and winning two FA Cups for the Gunners.

While the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira, his teammates at the time, have been hailed as legends, he remains with a relatively low profile.

Morgan, however, believes that the midfielder is one of the most underrated players that Arsenal has had.

The TV show host was asked by Sport Bible on Twitter: “Who’s the most underrated player to have ever played for your club?”

He responded: “This guy: @GilbertoSilva”

Gilberto then responded to him with: “Haha, thank you Piers”

One fan disputed Morgan’s claim by saying: “Emi Martinez? Probably worth triple what the Gooners got for him only a year after he left”

Gilberto humbly responded to him with: “Totally agree with you my friend”

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  1. Gilberto Silva.
    Pure legend.
    Humble for such a World Cup winner.
    Obviously loves our club.

  2. Silva what a legend. His play and performances allowed his partners in midfield, wingers, and strikers to play the attacking football we love.

    Being the anchor in front of CB’s and doing the dirty work doesn’t make the headlines.

    Love the guy, sure could use his ilk now.

    1. He is better than so many overated England players eg those whose cant score from 16 yards

  3. Not often that I agree with Morgan but in this instance he is right. When an attack broke down Silva was always there to break up or slow the counter attack.

  4. it’s one thing to know your role, it’s another thing altogether to embrace that role, especially if it’s a rather thankless undertaking…kudos to you Mr. Silva for never shying away from doing the necessary dirty work so the stars could shine

  5. not a fan of Morgan at all but he is bang on with this comment. you only ever realized just how good Gilberto was when he wasn’t playing. the team just wasn’t as good without him. and he done it consistently over years so you simply can’t compare Martinez to him.

  6. Gilberto Silva, a great team player, who made those around him better. The last great DM Arsenal has had. About time he was replaced with someone to partner Thomas Partey, like Gilberto Silva partnered Patrick Viera.

  7. I have said it long time ago, that Arsenal is still been punished for the way we treated Gilberto. The time he was supposed to enjoy the leadership of the club we shipped him away and gave arm band to younger player and also seeded his playing position to those kids.

    1. Without wanting to take anything away from Gilberto, who I agree was immense (less flashy makelele), I think he was a victim of being unable to form a dominant partnership with Cesc in a 4-4-2 (which is a big ask). Flamini’s performance that season was miraculous, and he earned his place in the side.
      We shot ourselves in the for by letting flamini’s contact run down – could have built a great side had we kept him and Hleb

    2. Wenger gave the armband to Gallas instead of Gilberto in 2007 while Gallas just arrived 1 year sooner. While Gallas was a brilliant player and defender, this was a huge mistake from Wenger.

      1. That’s true, but Gilberto rightly lost his place that season anyway (at least with the system we played).
        Giving the captaincy the armband was a mistake but I have a feeling it was the reason he joined(?) He was always second fiddle at Chelsea, even though his performances were outstanding. Just didn’t have the right character to be captain

        1. Gallas is another example of mismanagement during the last 15 years of Wenger. We let him go for free at the end of his contract… Why ? He was good enough to them be a captain at Tottenham…. Wenger, this genius but stubborn, would say they built is stadium and that’s why they could not compete for bigger things….

  8. Anyday a 44 year old Gilberto would bench Xhaka and Elneny. What a player! Respect! I count myself lucky to have watched these pros play for us. Wenger – the man who once gave us diamonds slowly replaced them with pieces of broken glass (despite paying top dollar). Unfortunately these jagged pieces cut him, the club and the fans.

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