Gilberto Silva tips Brazilian superstar to shine at Arsenal

Gilberto Silva has named Neymar as one player he would love to watch in an Arsenal shirt.

Neymar recently concluded his European adventure by moving to Al Hilal from PSG. The Brazilian had a successful career with Barcelona and PSG on the continent before opting for Saudi Arabia, where he is expected to finish his career.

Despite this move, Neymar continues to showcase impressive performances, leading to speculation that he could be enticed back to Europe by one of its top clubs.

Arsenal, aiming to reclaim the English championship, falls into that category. Neymar’s addition could elevate the team’s stature and gameplay significantly.

Silva, reflecting on this prospect, expressed his admiration for Neymar and highlighted him as a player he would love to see wearing an Arsenal shirt.

He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘I’d love to see Neymar in the Premier League with Arsenal, it would be interesting that’s for sure. 

‘It would bring a lot of joy to fans and make the competition even more special. When you look at the Premier League, we want to see the best players in the world and to have him around would be great’. 

Just Arsenal Opinion

Neymar is one of the world’s best players and it is hardly a surprise that he has been tipped to join us.

However, he has gone past his best and we are too big to act as a retirement home for him.


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  1. Wouldn’t be my cup of tea for the team we have and how close they’ve become.
    I see him as a distraction to team unity.

    1. Arsenal have very talented players in their team who performs at a very high level already even though there’s still some room for improvement and the club still needs to make some few signings. Neymar hasn’t been at the top level for over two seasons now. He’s been injured for the most part but even when he’s a bit fit he still doesn’t look like the world-beater Neymar that we used to know until 2020. Neymar could still be a great player for Arsenal but right now Arsenal as a team are very good with good chemistry in the game of play and humility within the board,
      coaches, and players. Neymar might bring an unwanted distraction to a growing team who are very serious right now in winning the premier league title. I wouldn’t expect Neymar to stay fit for the rest of his career though but he should be a bit comfortable on the bench for a high number of games if it eventually happens. All the best to Arsenal and Neymar.

  2. Neymar is bigger than Arsenal but he,s a winner of all time neymar,s clubs he played won leagues every year which means to sign Neyama it’s like u a sign league trophy 🏆🥇 big deal

    1. Are you sure go and come back to say something meaningful there is no player on earth who is bigger than Arsenal.

  3. Gilberto looks to be endorsing for his compatriots who are struggling and in search of a retirement last payday while still competing at the highest level. Neymar,Casemiro to Arsenal lol. Well done Gilberto!

  4. Rubbish,he is a great player who can contribute to arsenal achievements.unlike the amateur players used we can’t win any trophy

  5. Neymah is so good but cannot be bigger than Arsenal as a club! However, if added,the Gunners would come back to claim trophies once again. Thanks to Gilberto Silvia!

    1. I agree with you, he has lot’s talent and experience that he can add the team. I wish he can come to Arsenal.

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