Gilberto talks about Wenger mistake that is costing Arsenal now

Arsene Wenger spent more than 20 years as the manager of Arsenal before he left them in 2018.

The Frenchman is considered a legend at the Emirates, a stadium that he helped the club to move into.

He made a lot of good decisions, but there are other bad decisions that he made too and one of them is selling Olivier Giroud just before he left, reckons Gilberto Silva.

The club had signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the winter of 2018 and his arrival would limit the playing time for Giroud and he moved to Chelsea.

The Frenchman has similarly struggled to play at Stamford Bridge, but when he has been given the chance to play, he has been in fine form.

While Arsenal struggles for goals, Giroud scored four goals in his last Champions League game at Sevilla in midweek. He also scored Chelsea’s opening goal against Leeds yesterday, and at 34 years old he has remained a key player for the French national team as well.

Gilberto claims that Arsenal’s current style of play suits Giroud and the Gunners should have kept him.

Speaking on The Invisible Wall Podcast, Gilberto said: “It was a lack of creativity for me, a lack of clear chances, they tried so much crossing.

“In my opinion, Aubameyang is not the best guy in the air, even though he’s scored a few goals, he’s not the best.

“It would be different if Arsenal still had Olivier Giroud who they had in the past.”

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  1. what a joke.. talk about being reactionary.. if somebody said this one week ago he would have been humiliated but now everybody is going about that.. i like giroud and would have preferred him over laca but thats not the question in that january it was either auba or giroud so the decision then surely was the right one, as irrespective of form and auba is getting on my nerves but surely auba over giroud

  2. Auba was on fire under wenger and after.

    Giroud benched by laca or Auba.

    Not getting article tries tell us…

    We have team and squad to beat anyone, just missing a coach to pick & play them simply, at their best & natural position. He is incapable to get it right, keeps guessing it all wrong and favor few players to not lose locker room!

  3. Of course, both Gilberto and the headline are wrong.

    As any Gooner knows, it was gazidis who sold him, as he took over the contracts and buying/selling of players from January of that year… now before anyone says I am siding with AW, just remember I have never credited him with the signings of Aubameyang, Torreira and Leno either.

    They were ALL under gazidis and/or his three musketeers.

    1. exactly

      finally someone sees it

      Auba was a Mislintat signing and Gazadis approve the finance

      A good signing though but a little too late….

      If Dein was around Auba would have been signed earlier in 2010, 2013 or before he moved to Dortmund

  4. we could have used him today when a rookie manager goes for crossing the ball all day to a set up without a target forward. Unreal!!!

  5. We cant cry for the spilled milk. Many gooners wanted Arteta to play Auba up front. And he has done that. Auba is getting worse and more worse. Willian, my foot!!! I wonder why frank said he should just sign for a year, xhaka too good for nothing. Gabriel honestly showed xhaka how to move pass through opponents. Anyway, i rest my case.

  6. Auba Auba
    this is the problem with Arsenal depending on one goal scorer ,when he doesnt we shit in our pants

    who came up with the decision of selling Martinez anyway and making usesles Leno No 1

    Leno is no keeper u cant count on him always conseadin goals leting us down

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