Giovinco transfer rumour gives Arsenal fans the SHORT straw

Arsenal have had all summer to sort out a new striker and even if Arsene Wenger really did believe that he had enough options before, the injury to Olivier Giroud that has made signing a centre forward even more important happened over a week ago.

But here we are again, somehow, nervously checking the sports websites’ deadline day updates in the dwindling hope that the Prof has got it all in hand and will pull off another Mesut Ozil style stunning swoop before the window shuts tonight.

So this is a great chance for all those anti-Arsenal journos to start winding us up. And I really hope that the report by Metro suggesting that we are looking at the Juventus and Italy forward Sebastian Giovinco is just that, a wind-up.

For those that don’t know Giovinco, and why would you because he can’t get a game for the Turin club, he is possibly the smallest striker in the world. So we are looking to replace the big powerful 6ft 4in target man Olivier Giroud with a 5ft 5in support striker are we?

I am not saying that Giovinco is no good, but we have more than enough small tricky players for two teams, so I am hoping that this particular Arsenal transfer rumour is a joke.

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  1. Pearsenal says:

    I hate to say it but at this late stage in the window I’d even take Sandro from Spurs because he us unarguably a solid enforcer. it’s turning out to be a disappointing end to a window that promised so much.

    1. Arsenal Target says:

      Call me crazy or even deluded but wait for 6-11,I dont claim to have inside knowledge but something WILL happen

      1. Jimbeam says:

        Unless that SOMETHING is Cavani or Reus AND Carvalho then it’s too little to late as usual.

        Even Ozil was too little too late. It would be like getting a world class right winger now instead of getting CD or DM or CF

      2. seancali says:

        6-11? WTF? Nothing will happen. the window is all shut down for us arsenal fans. Good bye BPL

  2. GOONERGETYA says:

    Wenger i hate you !!!! you fu_king t_at !!!!!!

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Ok I am going to say it, and I know that many here will hate it but here it goes.

      Morinho is light years ahead of Arsene and I wish he was our manager.

      There I said it, I feel lighter.

      1. mike1977 says:

        That’s exactly the point, Mourinho is a MANAGER, Wenger is just a guy who sits at the side of the pitch each game.

        1. Jbmofficial says:

          NO Wenger is a manager and mourinho is a coach .

          Wenger has too much say at the club.

      2. tititata67 says:

        No no no… Mourinho is a coach but AW is a businessman. Making money comes first for AW while winning silverwares is Mourinho’s priority. Run a football club like a football and not a business empire Mr AW.
        4th placing in EPL is not a guaranteed position and simply not good enough!

      3. SaveArsenal says:

        I have said it before, Wenger plays tiddlywinks, Mourihno plays maejong like a pro!

      4. jonestown1 says:

        Can you imagine Mourinho without any money to spend? Monkeys can spend money and compete/win. De Matteo, Ancelotti, Hiddink and Benitez all managed major honours there even Avram bleeding Grant managed to be UCL and PL runner-ups. Money is the only consistent background theme/factor to success at Chelsea in the past 10 years. Mourinho is a top, top hired-gun coach/manager but with no staying power and dependent on money. I will anoint him as the greatest manager of all time when he creates a dynasty, leaves a legacy that doesn’t stink and does it with a lesser team than the ones he has cherry-picked to date.

    2. sevenitti says:

      Falcaos plane apparently landed in london instead of manchester united. Could he be joining arsenal instead? Would make my day haha. Then off to Roma and sign De Rossi!! Huehue

      1. seancali says:

        SOURCE? who said his plane landed in London?

  3. Pearsenal says:

    Of all premier league clubs we’ve made the least signings to date.

    1. lupe says:

      Really?. You mean even the smaller clubs have signed more players?.
      wenger is off to rome for a charity game when he is meant to be busy signing a st, cdm and cb. i will take just anyone right now for those positions not just for quality but for numbers sake, we are so short in those areas. Any long term injury, and we are finished. seriously, sometimes i just hate wenger.

    2. rock88 says:

      VELA+ FABREGAS + DJOUROU+ VERMAELEN= 11+ 4 + 1.5 + 15= 31.5 M

      1. HA559 says:

        I thought the agent you were following was 95% right, it looks like 100% wrong to me. Every transfer window you guys start following a so called agent on twitter, and its a different one every window.

  4. jp says:

    A little different to last year on sky sports news as there seems to be nothing about Arsenal mentioned at all…. hope that doesn’t mean we are not buying anyone.

  5. muffdiver says:

    now talksport is goading arsenal fans.

    ffs here on the radio,my boss, whatsapp from pr*k friends. cant get away from this sh*t.

    want this bloody day to end

  6. It’s the world’s biggest ALS challenge thing as he poors a bucket of ice cold water over Arsenal supporters hopes and dreams for the season

  7. Twig says:

    Because he looks like a prof, doesn’t mean he’s one.

  8. On contrary note I can feel a big signing coming towards the late hours

    1. Twig says:

      Zigic is big. He’s nearly 2 metres tall.

  9. royalman says:

    What abt Bacca?

    1. muffdiver says:

      you mean chew-bacca?
      yeah, he was great in star wars

      1. captinweestain says:

        He wasn’t even good in star wars, messed up his brrrrrrrrughhhhhh lines loads of times, not impressed today, more beer i say.
        o too oo to oo to be a gooner! gonner, nearly for us lately, heart attack mode!
        crack jokes gooners, it will make the pain go away, or drink!

  10. Arsenal Target says:

    oh and galen,”btw” doesnt mean between,it means by the way(in the last post)

    1. NIKK says:

      right now also means bulls!ting t%@t Wenger!

  11. captinweestain says:

    Just woke up, drunk 4 tinnies watching the footie sky sports tra da, and fell a sleep
    Not singed anyone, going back to bed with kebab, if we do sign someone get even more drunk (phone up work pull another sickie) and get a mega kebab, thouse 8 quid monsters that include every turkish meat possible.

    So……………….wipes blurry eyes, who have we bought ?
    Still in the dark ?
    Wenger making gooners go bald by the minute as per use ?
    faccccccccccccccccccck this !

  12. Jimbeam says:

    Cavani and Carvalho and all is (almost) forgiven!

    1. captinweestain says:

      I could do with some of you, no homo. better than jack daniles

  13. Twonk says:

    We won’t get anyone, it’s too quiet and AW hanging out with the Pope isn’t he or something?

    Still Diaby is coming back and he is like a new signing…….

    1. captinweestain says:

      probably comparing wallets
      Diaby new signing, that… joke….

  14. ethangooner says:

    So depressing. It is clear we can kiss goodbye any hope of challenging for any big title this season. We do not even cut it to be the dark horse with Giroud out half a season.

    The only small comfort thing is that we actually only miss out Falcao the only one who can bring us to the next level – a title challenger striker. Remy, Bony just fill in the hole left by Giroud and give us more chance to finish in top 4. At least not buying mean money not spent so still there and more budget should be available in Jan or next summer. No hope for this year, just want to see some good performances with certain young players breaking through given the excessive opportunities they will have this season. Wenger you failed us this season, and I know you won’t go, thanks for the FA Cup I will wait for another season but this is the limit of my patience

    1. rock88 says:

      The teams who are spending money on world class players are struggling. Can u imagine what
      it will happen to the team who doesn’t spend= relegated.

    2. red14 says:

      how many times we will say that we must wait one more season?

  15. rock88 says:


    1. captinweestain says:

      Cloud daddy doesn’t exist, otherwise we’d have what we all want CB CDM ST

  16. Twig says:

    Costa, Remy AND Drogba

    Dzeko, Aguero, Jovetic AND Negredo

    Sturridge, Balotelli, Markovic AND Borini

    Rooney, RVP, Januzaj, Welbeck AND Falcao 😮

    Giroud AND … Sanogo 😐

    1. Jimbeam says:

      The worse problem is that our main striker Giroud would not get to play in any of the above teams except maybe in the league cup.

      Yes our MAIN striker would not make it to the subs bench of our competitors that is SAD.

      This is what Arsene did to Arsenal. From having strikers like Henry and RVP now we have a striker that is behind in quality to all the main strikers AND the Subs of our competitors.

    2. jp says:

      and Giroud is out (Giroud will be the January “new” signing) so just Sanogo! …. :'(

    3. Andrew U says:

      Good summary. Arsenal are setting up for an epic fail! The delusional Wenger will be preparing his excuses at present. Wenger promised to be active on deadline day, but he didn’t say they would sign anyone. I would love to play “poker” with Wenger. What could he possibly say to justify his massive failure?

  17. The Dude Abides says:

    I pray theres a sigining already done but they’re just waiting until 10 pm to leak it out, either that or it will be someting nuts like a 100 million for Messi, so when its rejected Arsene can say we tried to do business but we couldnt make an agreement. Like it was ever a chance in the first place, its Suarez all over again.

  18. captinweestain says:

    “Who have we bought nobody, go back to bed, with a kebab”

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Which kebab?

      1. captinweestain says:


  19. kanaka says:

    I’m not holding my breath for anything. The fact that Wenger is in italy refereeing a charity match says it all.

    1. The Dude Abides says:

      Maybe hes looking for someone who knows how to finish crosses!

      Bu dum ba Dah!


      Gotta laugh before i go home and kick the cat.

  20. emaster says:

    I can’t get over the fact that Falcao was available and we didn’t go for him. I can’t think of a single other team that needed him as badly at we did. We don’t have a single fit senior striker! Even with Giroud we needed a striker. Now we need one twice as bad.

    Wenger no longer has the excuse of top players not being available. Falcao was clearly available. We were just too cheap to buy him.

    1. HA559 says:

      Falcao just doesn’t like playing in the champions league does he.

  21. morfin443 says:

    Why always wenger… I can’t even hangout with my Chelsea friends no more without getting pick on because I suport a great club with a stupid manager…. we are now tbe prey in the jungle… sorry to disappoint you Arsene I can’t kill myself…

  22. Demwan Jones says:

    Wenger needs to sign a quality player fast both dm and forward

  23. PC says:

    F**kkkkkkk! Man I hate twitter!!!
    So many fake accounts.
    @arsenal you almost got me with that cavani tweet.

  24. dboy says:

    Remember that one??? I can see it coming again.

  25. leo says:

    Confirmed: Diaby is having a medical at Arsenal!

    meanwhile even hull city have signed a striker abel hernadez

    1. mike1977 says:

      Bet he fails it.

    2. dboy says:

      HAHAHAHAA!! classic

  26. Mo1 says:

    Arsene wenger and the board are a disgrace, i feel for the faNS WHO PAY TOP DOLLAR EVERY WEEK TO WATCH, these prima donnas play. Absolute shocking not even being linked to a single player, il also say another thing Top 4 No chance, United are amongst favourites to win in it now.

    Doom and gloom, only thing which can turn this around now, Sokratis, Khedria and il Even take Welbeck/bony we are that desperate.

  27. leo says:

    Utd: Judas,Rooney,Falcao.
    CFC: Costa,Remy,Drogba.
    LFC: Balo,Sturridge,Lambert &
    Arsenal: never mind

    1. Twig says:


      Giroud: Who’s injured till 2015
      Podolski: Who plays striker once in a season
      Campbell: Who won’t be given a chance
      Walcott: Who’s mainly a winger and won’t work against big defenders
      Sanchez: Who has only played the lone striker role for the first time in his life at Arsenal

      Have I missed out anyone?

      1. leo says:

        sanogo……….. no sanogo no party remember

  28. leo says:

    Arsenal continue to be a cash register for Kroenke. Continues to make money selling. Stan not in the game to win trophies. Just ££££££

    & fans here still waste money 2 go 2 games paying expensive tickets 2 see sanogo

    1. leo says:

      Beat Beşiktaş made £35m for what ? Nice little bonus for Arsene Stan & Ivan as we watch Sanogo tripping over his own boots

      board wneger out will change my mind if we get reus lol

    2. th14 says:

      Arse you sure stan is the problem?
      We could still spend £65mill and make the same amount of money we have been in previous years.

      1. leo says:

        stan should have interfered when it matters look at manure their board have shown that ambition which was needed

    3. NIKK says:

      No lastminute big names rumours wafting out from media or you mate so expecting couple of mediocre signings and will be stuck with them for next 3/4 yrs….depressing!

  29. Moreno says:

    Having watched Chelsea/city/Liverpool/arsenal/utd play it looks like as of now (too early to tell) Chelsea looks very solid. It is clear wenger doesn’t want to win the league, it really is, it is also clear what was right in-front of my eyes all along, arsenal is a business, a corporation established to make money for its investors while being competitive (3rd or 4th place) and earning champions league football every year.

    Sagna was right when he said he isn’t the first and he won’t be the last player to leave Arsenal for city. We have wenger for 3 more years so better get used to being top 3 or 4th until he retires from management and i suspect whoever else comes on will dictate the same policy.

  30. nyc says:

    Only 3 CBs? No cover
    The most lightest and friendliest dmfs : Arteta n flamini
    Weakest strike force in epl bar 3-4 small teams
    The most injuries in the previous season and half the team already injured
    The most tactically naive manager
    The team where players play at wrong positions
    No genuine left winger
    Least signings in this window among all epl teams
    5th richest and most valuable club in the world with 2 billionaire owners
    Manager gone to rome to scout the pope on deadline day
    Welcome to ARSENAL !

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Perfectly put!! Yes that is Arsenal in a nut shell.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Happy to agree with all that but the 2 billionaires do not own us, they have shares in the holding company. Abramovich owns Chelsea, IG and SK don’t own Arsenal. Only a small part of their personal wealth is tied up in Arsenal. 5th most valuable club in the world, not the 5th richest. There is a difference. There are many richer and a few so much richer it ain’t worth talking about it. Not sure why everyone is so loose with these facts – but probably explains why it adds to the anger, annoyance, frustration if that is what people think the true state of affairs is.

  31. PC says:

    6 hours till the window is shut. I wonder if it’s still possible to sign someone in 6 hours.

  32. Jimbeam says:

    There are rumors that we are i for Reus at 40M??? I cant see it happening but nothing is impossible on deadline day!

    1. leo says:

      heard the same but looks impossible

  33. captinweestain says:

    I’m going back to bed!

    1. rpk says:

      gn..atleast u ll be happy in dreams..

  34. Runu says:

    Not even a spec of dust transfer news on Arsenal …

  35. LoCkAy says:

    Radamel Falcao to Man United…!!!
    Just an update !

    Not only we need a striker, but we are also short in CB and we are begging for a DM…!!

    It seems that every season and at every transfer window we have to go through the same emotions, comments, uncertainty and bullshits regarding Wenger and his damages transfer policies.

    We warned about the fact that nothing will change after Wenger signed a new contract, but the Wengerists and deluded fans who hold and praise Wenger like a “God” (fools basically!) thought that because we won the meaningless cup, we would push on to greatness… Almost laughable.

    The fact is nothing will change because Wenger is never under pressure. The fans get upset once in a while, but then go back to their “pussy” ways and bend over when he speaks.

    The fact is all will change if the team start playing in a empty Emirates stadium ( stretch but radical)… And if we finish mid table. It will not happen because at the end our players do have some pride. Wenger has no passion and “balls” and does not mind getting trashed once in a while by direct challengers.

    Top club?
    My f*cking a*se, not even near…!!
    Well, we got Sanchez and Ozil ( overrated German so far), but they have both double their wages at Arsenal, so I am not too sure if they came to win titles…!!

    Anyway, stay tuned… Wenger may have a card up his sleeve or not 🙂

    -a CB
    -a DM
    -a striker

    Let see Arsène show the world of football young it some “balls” and you do want us to succeed. So far so sh*t…!!!

  36. nyc says:

    Winning the FA cup made Wenger the king of the world and now he wont listen to anybody. I hope he frustrates the board so much by not listening to them that the board are made to realize that they made a mistake by handing him another 3 year contract which made him the most earning football manager in the world. If arsenal fans actually wake up, this could be wengers last year at arsenal. We ain’t beating city or Chelsea with their monstrous squad or even Liverpool. Utd are getting stronger with rojo blind Shaw Herrera Mata Rooney falcao di Maria rvp. So 4th is maybe gone too. Ucl is just a dream which won’t continue beyond round of 16. In the FA cup if come up against a big boy away from home, we will be knocked out. Same for capital one cup.

  37. mr lean says:

    How about we start a petition on this site calling for Wenger to resign .

    1. mike1977 says:

      Because he’ll read it as Re-Sign and expect that we want to keep him here longer lol.

    2. The Dude Abides says:

      Im as wound up as any true fan, but who would we get to replace him? When he gets it right its incredible, invincibles, double season etc. Were all on here screaming we need 3 players to challenge for the title, Yes it what we deserve but beware what you wish for. 1 season after Alex the red nose leaves Manure and they have to start breaking transfer records to try and recover their season, after 3 games! losing to Swansea and MK Dons, In Arsene ill have to trust as i dont think theres anyone else we could have in the seat instead at the moment. But it doesnt mean ill be happy about it come 11pm if we dont have a class CDM and / or ST in the door.

  38. LoCkAy says:

    We are no where near a title challenger club and Wenger cannot even pretend to say that…!!!
    We just don’t have the squad nor the quality… And the manager, anyway… Why tripping?

    Business as usual and delusion at the menu.

  39. mortal says:

    Just woke up now and checked my phone but couldn’t see anything about seems to be so dry for arsenal and time is ticking very fast.

  40. rock88 says:

    I want Europa league this season. Whats the point of making UCL when we cant even win it.
    I predict we will not make it past knock out this season.

  41. mike1977 says:

    At least in their panic they are buying total World Class players. Di Maria and Falcao would be quite welcome, if not essential in our team.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      mike1977: You are good on here for a bit of humour; thought you would pick up on the funny side of what is happening at Manure. Truthfully now, do you admire what Man U are up to at the moment? I think it is pathetic. Seems like a watershed moment in the PL for me. Forget our troubles for one moment; there will be some funny shit-storms at the end this season – surely ManU aren’t gearing this spending to just getting a CL spot? Don’t know if we should laugh or cry with LvG having a bigger net spend in the last couple of weeks than Arsenal has had for the last 10 years!! Couldn’t Moyes have spent £200M and make them a bit better, hell I reckon I could. Have to laugh when they say LvG is “building” for the future – if that is “building” a team then they can shove up their arses. One of Man City, Man U or Chelsea are gonna be in tears. And L’Pool acting like they just don’t care and don’t expect to win the PL – well their net spending for the last 5 years says otherwise.

  42. The Dude Abides says:

    Love the optomism, but even if AW does see the light and dumps Sanogo for Campbell, its still only one striker and the way he plays at 100% every minute he’ll be knackered by January, you could see that in the World Cup, he needs to pace himself which as a kid he hasnt learned yet. Who do we turn too when hes tired in the games or worse injured from runing into the ground?

    Sanogoal again?, its painful watching him miss, and i cant put up with that for a season.

  43. CraigZWE says:


    but the dude getting old and senile

  44. CraigZWE says:

    our St are laughing stock of PL

    even Leicester ST look better than ours

  45. gunnerman8701 says:

    Welbeck having AFC medicals

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