Giroud and Alexis doubles in BIG Arsenal win at Sunderland

There was a period in this match when Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger were thinkingh that it was going to be another of those days when Arsenal somehow failed to win a match that we should have won at a canter. But in the end the Gunners did win at a canter and the forgotten man Olivier Giroud can give himself a huge pat on the back for his part in the three points.

The big centre forward scored with his first touch in the 71st minute, a nicely swept in finish to a great cross from Gibbs, to give Arsenal back the lead that we had lost to a Sunderland penalty. That had been a huge blow because just before that we should have had our own spot kick when Alexis Sanchez was hauled back in the box when racing in on goal.

It was the Chilean who had opened the scoring in the first half with a briliant header from an equally good Oxlade-Chamberlain cross from the right. THat one goal was scant reward for our dominance and the failure to score more looked like costing us until Giroud came on.

Five minutes after his first goal the Frenchman was at it again, glancing in a header from an Ozil corner before Alexis got his own second with some fast feet and a tap in after Gibbs crashed a shot off the post. So we got what we deserved in the ned but it was nervy there for a while.


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  1. A fantastic way to bounce back from a disappointing home match
    A huge win away
    A mark of a Champion, I think

    I would have been happy with 0-1 win
    But 1-4 is Awesome

    Guaranteed a happy weekend 🙂

      1. Van persie?? I think even chamakh eas better with his head…alexys for sure even ehen he is 1.69 cm…

  2. Is a win win for AW now. He will drop TW to play O G ? AV thinks he the best in the prem. see AW face when he scored
    We can’t change our team and if TW was playing we would have put 6-7 past them

      1. He was looking shaky against Middlesbrough’s and PSG…am just saying we should give him a rest now before his mistakes culminate in a loss. We have too many fit players to not consider other options.

        1. So we should just disregard him and Kos keeping bundles of clean sheets? Mustafi does make minor mistakes cause he’s not as experienced as Kos is. To say he’s done enough to be dropped is ridiculous I think, he’s been great. He was by far the standout player against Burnely. Our defense has been great. I like Holding as well, but do you honestly think Holding will be mistake free if he were to start?

  3. Good win. Also shows how important giroud is to the squad. Spent much of the game tapping it around box trying to work through center, but having giroud on the pitch allows us to just put in a decent cross and giroud can score (Alexis showed he’s also capable). Seeing us respond so quickly was also a great thing to see. Onto the next one!

  4. Nice to see 12 back. Alexis came to meet a pass when he backed into a defender. The defender came right through him with a knee to the back. If you ask him to continue to do that then he won’t last the season. Being a possession team your CF must come up to meet those balls.
    How many corners last week? 8-10? Set pieces? 6-8? I want the best header of the ball in the league to be on the pitch.

  5. Some idiots come on here and slate Giroud while praising Ozil,
    Giroud is always a vital member of this squad and I hope he comes back into the first 11…

    Some even say he hinders Ozil but now he has given Ozil his first assist in the league….
    Well done Giroud!

  6. Goodwin. Well-done boys. Special shout out to the improving OX for that sublime cross for Sanchez first goal..

    Like I once said, we talk like Giroud and Ramsey are bad players. They will hold their own this season. It’s a long season so all hands must be on deck.

    Derby game up next. Arsenal Vs Tottenham.

  7. Guess who is back , back again, Slim shady (GIROUD) wow, wonderful win for the arsenal, this match could have been a banana slide the way this league has been going on recently, but we got a wake up call from the Sunderland penalty.

    Now some points:

    The most important thing today was seeing arsenal going to near the byline and making crosses, with people actually arriving in the box, which was something not done in the BORO game and our attackers getting across the defenders to score.

    Gibbs confidence seem to have grown and to me seems to have become a more physical presence, i hope he gets more games under is belt and stay injury free, because i have seen massive improvements.

    Ox and Iwobi both got in spaces and had chances but fail due to poor finishing, but should be encourage to continue shooting when given those opportunities, both i think are cpmpeting for the starting stop or the first change off the bench.

    Giroud ooo Giroud, i think he has been the missing ingredient for a team that has been doing so well without him, he allows the team to change its attacking style with his physical presence in the box, one thing of vast importance for the Giroud situation to work at its optimum is Ozil must not be content on being only the provider of goal opportunities but must become a finisher of those opportunities by playing closr to Giroud and finishing in the box when crosses are provided, which he actually has been doing.

    Ramsay is back although low key today, i think he his far more inventive than Coquelin and Elneny, especially when Cazorla is not playing and is a very important part of the squad, especially against park the bus teams.

    Well all i have to say is “who next”

    1. Coquelin/Elneny was our only real option today. Wenger trying not to rush Ramsey back. I’m also glad to have him back. A more forward thinking CM. Will have to fight to be ahead of Cazorla though, who’s irreplaceable at the moment. Hooray for squad competition!

  8. Good Win at the end… what a relief. Elneny passes sideways too much for my liking. Mustafi plays more forward balls than him IMO.

  9. i personally think Gibbs deserves his starting place in the first 11 now. I still think Monreal is a solid reliable player but to me the thing that got him in front of Gibbs for the past 2 seasons was firstly Gibbs injury, before which he was playing fantastically. Since then Monreal was solid defensively, as was the rest of the team, so we saw no reason for him to lose his starting place. However this season we have seen Monreal struggle a number of times defensively, not being able to keep up with pacey powerful wingers. Gibbs I feel has improved vastly both physically and positionally, while also providing that threat going forward. Just my view I could be wrong 🙂

  10. Great match glad the OX got an assists good game all around though ramsey didnt provide an impact but fare play every one turned up and together they pushed great solidarity briliant GOALS

    1. didn’t provide an impact, yet he assisted. If it were Ozil people would be going crazy. Enough with the Ramsey bias. He’s played 15 minutes and people already coming for his throat.

      1. What goal did he assist ???Oops thats than my mistake I didnt see it going out for the video replay

  11. I (just like most of us) have stuck with Arsenal through the bad times
    But its so nice to finally be winning most of our matches and playing well
    Long may it continue

    United and Spurs drew their matches 🙂
    City won :-(. They are ahead of us on goal difference
    We have the same record 7 wins 2 draws 1 Loss
    Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool are all at home next weekend
    We MUST beat Spuds!!! For honour and points

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