Giroud and Lacazette rivalry good or bad for Arsenal?

If Arsenal are going to keep hold of Olivier Giroud this summer as Arsene Wenger has suggested he will, then the big centre forward will be only too aware that he faces a fight for his place in the first team. The Frenchman spent most of last season on the bench so any new addition to the Arsenal strike force this summer was going to make things even harder.

So I suppose we should not be too surprised that Giroud has not exactly welcomed the new signing Alexandre Lacazette with open arms, with the Daily Mail reporting that there has been very little warmth between the fellow countryman on the Gunners’ tour of Australia at the start of this pre-season schedule.

We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes and we can only hope that the professional rivalry between the strikers on the pitch is not stopping them at least being civil to each other off the pitch. If that is the case then Arsene Wenger could have a problem on his hands.

We do not need an unhappy and disrupted dressing room when everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction, but at the same time some rivalry and competition for places could be ideal for Arsenal. Giroud looked very sharp and scored a good goal in the second match or pre-season when playing in the central striker role that most fans expect the new striker to fill.

Maybe the big man was inspired after seeing his new rival score just 15 minutes into his Arsenal debut, because he certainly outshone Lacazette yesterday. Hopefully that will be reciprocated as well, with the new Arsenal forward pulling out all the stops to ensure that he is the first choice.

Do you think this rivalry will prove to be good or bad for Arsenal’s season?



  1. Rivalry should be put into goals rivalry and not jealousy. I remember one time when Hleb, Fabregas and Rosicky (I think) went into a challenge who’s gonna score more goals than the other in the coming season.. we need those kinds of rivalry, everyone will play his best for the better of the team

    1. Disagree
      That’s not playing for your team.
      Selfishness will Lead to poor shot selection when another player has a better option.
      Don’t get me wrong, I see value in competitive positions, but the team winning comes first.
      Assists >>>goal scoring in my book.

  2. Bad. Giroud dont want to pass to lacazette! what is that? Wenger buying Lacazette can t play him out of his position.He want play the same as before.. He must sell Giroud or keep him as a substitute.
    We cant miss on Mahrez this time, that guy has skill, drible that Walcott can dream of..must replace Walcott with him if we want to go for the title! And a replacement for santi. I can see Jack replacing him but we need him fit..

  3. Mbappe’s old man is holding talks with Monaco lol probably not happy about Lemar coming to Arsenal? ?

    According to Emanuele Giulianelli, writing for Tribal Football, the Gunners have agreed a deal with Monaco for Lemar.
    They say the deal is done and Arsenal will pay £48m plus add-ons for Lemar.
    Giulianelli adds that Monaco originally wanted £53m but the Gunners have slightly reduced the Ligue 1 champions’ asking price.
    An official announcement is expected when Arsenal return from their pre-season tour of Australia and China.

    1. Hope ur right bruv
      That giulanelli prat gets so much wrong

      Alot smoke hopefully fire
      Any more incomings??

      Heard that pjanic rumour imagine that

      1. 21 year old JAKUB JANKTO .. What a name, he’s supposed to be the new Rosicky, Rumours state that Wenger is thinking about making some room for him on the treatment table ? ? oops! I meant making a move for him ?? signing him. ?

    2. Hahaha, Are you still alive? ?? Don’t worry man, you can have all the medals and peanuts that are awarded for sharing transfer rumours! ??

      In the meantime do something useful ?? like crawl back under that bridge, which you came from.


      1. Okay, while the Troll is thinking hard on what to say next!
        Here’s some more…

        According to the Daily Telegraph, Wenger has told Arsenal to pull out of the Mbappe chase and pursue his Monaco teammate Lemar instead, who has already been the subject of two rejected bids.

      2. The facts are that you keep using bogus fake email addresses every time you come back and comment on here lol ? ? Hence your profile character keeps changing. ?? which also explains the extra thumbs ups that you give to yourself and the downs you keep giving me lol ?? Have Fun Son, this is the last reply you get from me. ??

  4. Yea.. the rivalry between them was evident when giroud scored and didn’t celebrate WITH LACAZETTE.. Lacazette came to celebrate but giroud went to the other players.. after that Lacazette also didn’t force the issue n carried on.. when Lacazette scored giroud just came n tapped once.. then he went away.. while other players were very enthusiastic n happy that laca scored.. it’s not a good thing to have in a team.. they might play selfish n the team may suffer.. ☹️☹️ Let’s hope that they can develop into a lethal pair n this is just healthy competition !!

    1. I think this is being over blown.
      It’s a friendly in Sydney for crying out loud.
      It’s rude to celebrate too much over an obviously inferior team.
      I feel sure if Laca scores in a PL match, OG will be right there.
      At least I would hope so.

  5. The Rivalry between them is a good thing because premier league defenses are very advanced and strong nowadays so many keys have to used to try and unlock the defenses.

    Some defenders are fast but lack height and Physique; Giroud can thrive in those defenses while Lacazette might struggle.

    Some defenders are Tall and Bulky but not quick; Lacazette can thrive in those defenses while Giroud will struggle.

    Also some Defenses play deep, so Lacazette won’t find space to run in to, but Giroud can score with a glancing header just getting there split second before the keeper.

    Some defenses play a high line, Giroud can’t run behind, but Lacazette can run behind the defenses sell the keeper a dummy and tap the ball into an empty net.

    Also both can play together ;creating acres of space for each other, just watch the preseason goals for Lacazette and the one for Giroud, you will notice Giroud stretching the defense for Lacazette to get a tap in, though Iwobi is credited with the assist, Wenger will definitely know of Giroud’s part in the goal. Also Giroud’s goal; though Monreal got the assist, credit has to go to Lacazette also for setting up monreal and also getting himself into the box to give defenders one more person to mark thereby making sure Giroud has just one defender to beat for a tap in.

    Arsenal have been guilty of not getting enough bodies into the box when crosses come in, but with Giroud, Lacazette and Ramsey on the pitch, that will be a forgone issue. COYG

    Premier League is very hard and sophisticated now, margins are very slim and every team is capable on their day.

    1. Spot on!! Some fans who do not like Giroud are twisting the real story. I watched the replay last night and Giroud didn’t ignore Laca at all. Laca was a bit late as Giroud had already turned away. Tell me how many players celebrated with Ramsey or Elneny? Not many for sure.
      I personally believe if Laca is probably replacing Alexis who does not want us but fans continue to hail him. Giroud loves Arsenal but some fans just don’t like him.
      Your analysis shows clearly we have some valuable asset in Giroud and Laca, COYG

    2. Sorry dude but this particular rivalry ain’t good for Arsenal, it would be very different if Giroud was a team player but he is clearly all about himself and not for the team. Giroud is more interested in power and hierarchy and is willing to humiliate his fellow team mate (Lacazette who has been nothing but respectful and humble since he has arrived) rather than except that he has not done enough to secure a starting role in the team.

      Guys like The Ox, Holding, Campbell, Lucas Perez and Welbeck have a lot more to complain about because they have not been giving a chance to even prove their worth. Giroud has been given everything without earning his starting position, he should be thankful he’s even on our playlist yet the Donkey is entitled, that’s and openly disrespectful.

      If he really cared about the club he would represent it in a way that would not harm us. I don’t want a player like Giroud in our squad, he’s poison and will not except being second fiddle to Lacazette. There are many team players who put winning first and Giroud is not one of them, plus he doesn’t even fit our style of play, any striker who goes 11 games without scoring ain’t fit to wear the shirt and it’s not like he’s Mesut Ozil creating for other, he’s giving away the ball most of the time with a terrible 67% passing average.

      Giroud out!!

  6. Just wondering! Is these the same Giroud who said a year ago he doesnt mind arsenal signing benzema? Actually he said we get another striker which is best for the team. Why does that change that!:-( That is one thing we dont want in our team if u dont want 2 fight for ur place in thse team sorry we dont nid no free comes laca

  7. Giroud shouldn’t be worried about Lacazette at all. Isn’t he keeping him out of the France team?

      1. Greizman is a Second Striker who plays behind a Striker, Lacazette is a Striker who leads the line what are you talking about? Giroud is keeping Lacazette out, when Lacazeete comes on for France he replaces giroud not Geizman.

  8. If there’s a bad-blood between Olivier and Lacazette then, one will have to make way for the other…do i need to mention name/who?

  9. i am hoping it gets the best out of both, both forwards are suited for different situations and also there is a fuss about them playing together, i think it can actually work, once we get the bugs out the system.

    i am hoping we get the other one or two signings and get ready for the upcoming season

  10. Wenger should just pay the £53 million before Monaco decides enough is enough.
    They have already sold some players. There are only about 6 more weeks left in transfer window. Monaco will reach a point where they can’t afford to let more players go and lack time to get the appropriate replacements.

    I also think we should try to get Mahrez for less than £50 million and sell Walcott fpr £30 million (if offered)

    Can’t wait to see Lemar’s crosses, set pieces, dribbling skills, passes and speed
    We lack crosses and Lemar can free up space and feed Lacazette

  11. If Giroud and lacezzete don’t get on or Giroud feels that lacezzete has step on his toes the big Frenchman needs to go. In fighting and a bad vibe in the dressing room will effect the team and does nor Hong to help build a bond with your team mates.

    We need everyone to fight for each other to finish top of the pile.

    1. It’s very true everybody seems to want Giroud to stay, don’t know why. Maybe they like they like the way he looks; personally all I care about is how effective a player is for us in the style that we play. Giroud don’t fit and neither does his stinking attitude.

      Unfortunately Wenger is not strong enough to sort him out as their is no way Giroud would have felt brave enough behaving the way he did to Lacazette if his manager would have come down on him like a ton of bricks. He needs to go, it’s only preseason and Giroud is already playing games to unsettle Lacazette, he’s a nasty piece of work

    1. Build up play is also Lacazette, Giroud can’t pass with his 67% pass accuracy which is absolutely horrible if you don’t know. Plus Giroud is not mobile and can’t efficiently move into the pockets to link for team. He just plonks himself in the center of he pitch whilst the ball cannons of his hooves to the delight of the opposition.
      Let’s not overrate the Donkey

    1. That’s called politics dude, Kolcieny is very tight with Giroud so obviously he’s not going to say anything bad about him or bring attention to the fact that he’s a nasty piece of work.

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