Giroud and Ramsey in official Arsenal team for West Brom

I was half expecting to see the Arsenal and France international centre forward Olivier Giroud back in the styarting line up tonight. Arsene Wenger spoke in the build up to the game against the Baggies about expecting a strong and committed defensive display from Tony Pulis’s team and that means that Giroud’s attributes could be more important than the pace of Danny Welbeck. And it is not as if the England forward has been in great scoring form himself in recent weeks, so the Frenchman gets the nod.

I am slightly more surprised to see Aaron Ramsey back again as our central midfield duo of Coquelin and Elneny have been looking good. But the boss clearly wants more attacking threat as it is the more defensive Coquelin who makes way for the Welshman.

The other change to the Arsenal side that drew with Crystal Palace is the return of our Big Flipping German at the back in place of Gabriel, again perhaps this is specifically designed to cope with the physical nature of the visiting players.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Elneny, Ramsey
Sanchez, Ozil, Iwobi

Subs: Gabriel, Ospina, Walcott, Chambers, Welbeck, Campbell, Coquelin.

Will this re-jigged Arsenal side be able to get the win we so desperately need?

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      1. batman and robin.
        ike and tina
        bert and ernie
        lennon an mccartney

        where are giroud and ramsey on that list of duos?

  1. Wenger must go he just keeps on making bad decisions that are not in the best interests of the club,Giroud and Ramsey are always a recipe for disaster it’s these sort of players who’ve killed our season!

  2. Well I guess Welbeck has been very invisible in the past few games although he has bagged 2 assists.

    Surprised to see Monreal on the starting lineup, he’s been shambles recently..

    Let’s go boyyyyss or whateverrrrr… 4th place trophy on stake

    1. Even a shambles Monreal is a far better L back than Gibbs. What ever happens it’s all down to team. CB

  3. Yah, am a gooner, am gonna proudly put my gunners jersey tonight, walk past all the name calling ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’, and support the team I have always loved. It’s my birthday!

    1. horrible news im going into this game deflated

      hope boys can make us smile with some great football

      come on lads

  4. Hard to get excited about Giroud and Ramsey. Ramsey is a defensive liability and is little threat going forward. We allowed Palace back into the game once he came on.

    Giroud? Need is say more?

  5. Even if we lose this game, as long as it leads to us getting a new manager. I would that consider that a trophy itself!

  6. Youwelcome buddy. ‘Pass the ball pliz, ooh- I mean the beer pliz! It’s awesome to be a gooner. ‘Fly like a butterfly, sting like a gunner’.

  7. OT: how is Ozil replaced by Alli in the team of the year when he is nominated for PFA player of the year? The robbery smh

    1. It’s definitely spot on Muff except the Alli Ozil thing. You’d think 6 goals and 18 assists are better than 10 goals and 9 assists? Alli has been great this season but i just think Ozil deserves it more. Can’t help but feel him being English played a part

  8. Emirates looks empty…..the revolution started ….must say as a Fan feel bad for our Players as crooked as some of them are….but a point needs to be made WENGER needs to leave enough is enough

  9. 4 in 4 for Sanchez!!
    Re’ the empty seats can’t believe the BBC website has not mentioned it.
    The press mock as and ask why fans don’t demand more and when we act, they ignore it!

  10. The empty seats would have more of an impact on Sunday! The ”weekday” excuse will just be used for tonight. Great goal by Sanchez btw!

  11. Shout out to Toby Crozzier who’s tweat made it onto the BBC website.
    No one mentioned the return of tickets so far, but they have now.
    Let’s have a 2nd then…….!

  12. Sanchez made it 2-0.
    Too little; too late in the season.

    Maybe just good enough for Wenger’s ambition: 4th place.

  13. So, we wont get beat tonight. West Brom have little to test us now the wenger trophy is under threat.

    Question is as always what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things?

    75th minute walkout still happening?

    Is sanchez putting himself in the shop window?

    Questions, many questions

  14. aguero
    da bruyne

    are so much better then the rest in the leauge. its a pity that they have to play with team mates half of their talents

  15. wow so many empty seats, trust me that will make the money grabbing directors sit up and notice. The end is coming wenger

  16. First of all it’s nice to see ppl who genuinely worry for arsenal fc have started to boycott games.i saw only few mins to check if ppl were really going to boycott.I will stop watching this mediocre team on television as that is the only way i could protest. The result today or the next game or the game after is pointless as i would rather watch a team with drive and passion, not a team who qualifies for a tournament they aren’t gonna win anyways. The manager has become shameless to the point that he is out to tarnish his own reputation and image for his EGO.He should take a hint that majority of the supporters want a change of manager.He is running out of excuses. Earlier it was financial restriction so people understood it and backed him. but this season has proved that he couldn’t motivate the players.He is out of depth when it comes to playing against physical sides. All his weaknesses have been shown as LEICESTER CITY are gonna win the league due to his inability to strengthen the side in the summer. He has lost touch with the reality of modern football.If a player is good you can’t always ask for bargain ffs. PAY THE EFFING MONEY and strengthen the team.Even when we were in great position in early stages of this season i wasn’t totally believing this team could win the premier league as there is no one of real quality except Sanchez. And yes i don’t consider mesut ozil with all his assist and what not to be any good than the rest of them because under pressure he has failed to deliver. He goes missing in important matches, he still hasn’t adapted to the physical nature of premier league.I would have rather had a striker than a playmaker when he was purchased . AND YES I DONT LIKE GIROUD AS WELL ITS SAD A TEAM WHICH HAD THE LIKES OF BERGKAMP AND HENRY HAVE STOOPED SO LOW JUST FOR CHEAP ALTERNATIVES. Anyways this season is a waste but start emptying the stadium if you guys don’t wanna settle for mediocrity. Do whats best to save the club we all love. i think i have wasted 30 mins to write this post.

    1. Agreed same crap every year. Greedy people ruining a big club like arsenal making us laughing stock in world football with no passion, no tactics, no transfer startegy, no game plan, no defensive organization, no fluid attack, missing sitters every game. It’s time for a change.
      We need Usmanov, New board of director, new transfer manager and new boss like someone.

  17. Emirates in full voice, one of the loudest most boisterous nights to date …Boom!! ..shakalaka ..Boom!!

  18. We need more protest. Bring in new banters wenger out, krone is greedy, 4th place is failure not a trophy. We will boycott all games.

  19. 75 minute walk out please. I’m not watching live at all until wenger the specialist in failure leaves.

    1. Isnt happening. Must be that those who where gonna walkout stayed at home:)

      Or they have all be convinced of Wengers genius by a win against west brom now it doesnt matter accept collecting the 4th place tin cup.


      1. I hope they don’t go live until wenger leaves. The Akb’s at the probably the only ones watching live no matter what. They need to protest outside the stadium. Half empty crowds every game will break Money hungry Gazidis and no merchandise sale will guarentee change next season.

  20. This is pure dung. WBA are a mid table Arsenal should be eating and shi….. this team. No shots in the second half.

    1. Mezut or Alexis will leave next season becAsue they are not gonna sign new contract just like can Persia and they will be forced to sell with only 2 year remaining in their contract.

  21. Wenger’s sons giraffe giroud, tortoise mertesaker and Brocken leg horse Ramsey will be first choice every season as long as the specialist in failure is our manager.

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