Giroud – Arsenal could have scored more!

Arsenal came out of the traps flying against Liverpool yesterday and had the game wrapped up by half-time after goals from Bellerin, Ozil and Sanchez, but Olivier Giroud, who scored the fourth in the dying minutes, believes the Gunners could have been even further ahead.

The Frenchman told “We knew that Liverpool start games well and we wanted to put them under pressure from the beginning of the game. We did well in pressing them high and they lost a lot of balls from the back. We could have scored even more goals in the first half and we were really pleased to go back in the dressing room 3-0 up.”

Giroud and Sanchez were joint top scorers for Arsenal with 13 before the game and both added one to their tallies as Arsenal raced to their seventh Premiership win in a row, but Giroud still refuses to worry about going all the way to the top of the table just yet. “We want to finish strongly and take it game by game.” he continued. “We need to focus on our results before looking at Chelsea or City’s results. We want to look forward now and win every single game. After that, let’s see what happens.”

Arsenal now sit in second place, but the two teams below us, Man City and Man United, face each other next weekend so another win for the Gunners at Burnley will be crucial. The result of that will determine whether we are second or third when all eyes will be on the Emirates where Arsenal will take on the Leage Leaders Chelsea. If we can make that our ninth League win in a row then we can really start to dream….

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  1. Exactly the right message from Olivier. One game at a time. Hope the whole team is on the same page.
    Burnley away next Saturday, and they need the points to stay in the PL, so they won’t be easy.
    We need to bring our Man City/ManUre away game mentality and performance.

  2. I’m afraid to ask but I just started making YouTube videos of my beloved Arsenal,
    unfortunately since I don’t have subscribers, they barely get watched.
    If your interested, I just uploaded a video of our Academy players – Akpom, Gnabry,
    Crowley, Bellerin, Zelalem and Maitland-Niles:
    and one of Ramsey:
    If you could give them a go, I’d be sincerely grateful,
    if not, I wish I could give you your reading time back, sorry to bother you.

        1. I liked this! Good to see an up-to-date version, been looking for one for ages (also like that it doesn’t have the weird montage most YouTube video’s have of a player falling over).

          Any chance you can separate the one of Gnabry/Maitland-Niles/Akpom out and make it a bit longer?

  3. I have a dream that Chelsea will fade and that Arsenal will unexpectedly win the title. Yes, let’s start believing as every single player at Arsenal is hungry for success and for more goals. Gooner for Life!

    1. Man u have to do us a favour.
      we have beat them (for once)
      Then we pray without costa they have one of those games

      See near yet so far. Coyg

    1. There’s probably a few people named arsene wenger but I get ur drift.
      Did u see his reaction from the goals he really wanted revenge.
      Am pleased to see some vigour in him
      Chelsea beckons

  4. So true! Mignolet made a good save to deny giroud’s direct header! We could have had more goals indeed! Coyg!

    1. cazorlas shot in 8th min or so, ramsey should have scored 1 v 1. i remember an offside vs welbeck not given. welbeck also went one v one and hit the keeper and dragged a shot wide.

      the amount of clear cut opportunities are too much haha

  5. rumour has it that barca wants bellerin and wants to sign him.when hes ready in 2 season time…coincide with their transfer ban completion

  6. After some more post-game thought one observation which has been scarcely been mentioned.

    Liverpool went in with Allen, Henderson and Leiva on the team-sheet, with Markovic, Moreno and Coutinho who all could’ve pressed hard as well. Their energy, hard pressing and what was a good midfield is a lot of the reason they were on as solid of a run as they’ve been on.
    Wenger opted for Ramsey on the wing and Cazorla and Ozil centrally… Now, it’s very easy in hindsight to say that it worked masterfully but when looking at the team sheets how many of you would’ve expected that?
    Ozil and Cazorla have both proven how big of an asset they can be in midfield, despite their previous physical short-comings (no pun intended for Cazorla). But if you were like me, and expecting a much more heated midfield battle for dominance in midfield you’d have to opt for Ramsey in their due to his work-rate and superior defensive qualities.
    It really gives evidence to how confident Wenger was in the game-plan and our ability to exploit Liverpool’s short-comings and play as dominantly as we did. For a manager who gets as heat as he does for his tactics being.. let’s say.. one dimensional. It actually was a pretty large gamble that had a huge impact.

  7. one more observation!! haha

    Now i’m not just saying this because he got on the score-sheet!! Promise!!
    But Bellerin’s attacking qualities are really strong… For a RB he makes intelligent attacking decisions while passing, has no fear in taking defenders on and is blessed with as much rapid pace, if not more, than our other wingers.
    If Debuchy comes back fit and healthy (touch wood) is Bellerin good enough to keep him on the bench or does Bellerin sit? We have no shortage of players in either position, and hopefully we have Ox and Theo fit and raring to have a big next season.. So where is he to fit?
    And if say.. We had to contain a certain Eden Hazard, Robben or Ronaldo. Would playing Bellerin in front of Debuchy be a legitimate option for both defensive strength and attacking balance??

    I really don’t want to sound like those who were suggesting Ramsey as a striker because he was regularly getting on the score-sheet. Just input if anyone else has been thinking similar thoughts?

    1. It would definitely be possible! Much like playing Gibbs in front on Monreal, we could definitely play Bellerin in front of Debuchy. Hector spent 8 years in the Barcelona youth system before coming to Arsenal. That’s part of why he is so comfortable on the ball, and so comfortable going forward, much like Dani Alves and Jordy Alba.

  8. Josh dats some brilliant idea about bellerin playing upfront….. he’s actually capable and would secure that whole wing both front and back with our tattoed frenchman just behind

  9. Did anyone else notice how reluctant the MOTD ‘experts’ are in giving Arsenal any credit.?
    According to Alan Shearer every goal was due to a Liverpool mistake! Even our early pressing game wasn’t given any credit, but was poor Liverpool passing…No comment on how good Mesut was…
    The media, particularly BBC bias is getting unbearable.
    I wish I wish we could win league and watch them squirm.

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