Giroud chosen over Lacazette and gets last laugh on Alexis

Olivier Giroud started the season as a reserve striker at Arsenal after the Gunners brought in Alexandre Lacazette in the summer. Not only did Laca displace Giroud in the pecking order, but he was also expected to replace the veteran Frenchman in the national team to go to Russia this summer.

When Aubameyang also joined Arsenal in January it looked like Giroud would be left out in the wilderness, but luckily he was given the chance to join Chelsea and he hasn’t looked back since.
He not only got to play regularly for Conte’s team, he also scored many goals and had the added bonus of lifting the FA Cup at the expense of Alexis Sanchez, who demoted Giroud at Arsenal the season before.

Don’t you just feel sorry for Alexis? Joining Man United and winning nothing, while Giroud adds another FA Cup to his trophy haul. And in a great week for Giroud, Didier Deschamps announced his France squad for the World Cup, and he has chosen Giroud while leaving Lacazette at home. The France coach made it clear that he simply had too many top strikers to choose from. Deschamps said: “There is especially strong competition. I consider Giroud, Griezmann, Mbappe and Fekir as axial strikers, even if they can play in other positions.

“Just watch Mbappe’s performance in this position against Russia recently. I think there is no point in accumulating multiple players in the same position.’

It seems a bit harsh on Lacazette, who started the season well and ended on a flourish, but it was a shame he wasn’t fit all season. Well good luck to Oli…..



  1. Feel sorry for Alexis? The man is on 400K a week you need to have your head checked if you think he lost any sleep last night.

    1. Neil says:

      Good benefit for arsenal if Laca not picked as then he will be fit for next season..players sometimes struggle with the physicality and speed of game so will give him time to get to the gym.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Giroud is Chelsea and France number 1 striker

    and yet hes not deem good enough by Arsenal fans

    1. Goonerboy says:

      @ John..

      I was never part of those set of fans that underates Giroud, he is one of the best target men in the world
      I always feel pity when after all he has done, fans will always bash him, when he has been so effective for us.

      It pains me to the bone to see him at Chelsea, and i still cant leave with it, surely he would have gotten us a lot more away points if he stayed, Athletico wouldnt have made that final if he was with us.

      I love Giroud now and always and will always appreciate him….na na na Giroud!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        You might be right on that Atletco prediction, beating them to the final if Giroud was still here. Not because Giroud is exceptional or anything. It’s because that game v Atletico was the best I’ve seen us whipping crosses in, in a very long time. The best in the last ten years maybe. Bellerin was even striking it sweetly, perfect height and perfect pace on the ball, you only needed someone to read it before leaping and guiding it into a corner. The other side too, Monreal hit some nice ones, and when Ozil went to either flank. Lacazette’s goal came about this way, great leap and couldn’t have hoped for better contact with it not being an easy ball to hit for someone well under 6ft. If Giroud had played we probably wouldn’t have tried to surprise them, they didn’t expect it because of our players but with Giroud it might have been different. So a few ways to look at it, but he would have eaten them balls for sure if he had gotten them.

      2. Neil says:

        Barely won an away point after Giroud left… Could have been interesting ‘re top 4 and Europa League if he had stayed and we won those matches against lower teams !

    2. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already says:

      @ John – no he is not good enough. Take a trip back to reality and you will see he is not even in the same universe as Auba. We sold him and now have two strikers better than him.

      1. TJPAM says:

        He is not in d same class with PEA but u can never underestimate Giroud quality too.. Had it been that we have Giroud against Athletico . I think we ll have good chance of lifting earopa cup because of his option as an Ariel threat .. Which is what we lack against Athletic.. So Giroud is very important to any team…. Bcoz he is a good plan B option for any team.. And he doesn’t affect the dressing room with bad attitudes . If u put him on bench, he doesn’t complain. That’s why am not surprised that he was in French tean

    3. ThirdManJW says:

      @John Ibrahim

      Simple question, would you prefer Giroud or Aubameyang?

      1. Sammy says:

        Never, they aint of the same class aubameyang is more better than Giroud!

    4. RichSAAlao says:

      @John I
      There are Arsenal fans who are critics-by-nature, fault-finding-sensitive BUT know so very little about the game. Led by weapy Claude
      However, we who know Olly Salvation, know ourselves. A mo ara wa.

  3. Sue says:

    Glad for Giroud… well done for beating Sanchez! And no Admin I don’t feel sorry for Sanchez ????
    Was really surprised & a little gutted for Laca not being picked for France

  4. Maurice a says:

    Welldone G, 4 Helping me to ALEX

  5. Dalinho says:


    This is what arsenal need to be looking to sign if they want to re-build, it’s time for the no.10 types to go like wilshere Ramsey when we have mhki n ozil also sell kos and mustafi n xhaka with ospina coz we have elneny holding chambers and cech can stay on bench. But if we don’t buy 2 wide players and 2 midfielders and 2 cb’s or we won’t rebuild anything

  6. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already says:

    What’s sad is that Sanchez is like my brother but traded his soul for riches

  7. Otim Vincent Robinson says:

    True,giro was always our saviour. That was never noticed. miss him.wish him well.

    1. Otim Vincent Robinson says:

      Arsenal still misses you.

  8. Ozziegunner says:

    Although I would have liked to keep Giroud, as another striking option, his 9 game goal drought 2 seasons ago was a major factor in Arsenal not doing better than 5th.
    Arsenal looks stronger and more productive goal wise, with Aubameyang and Lacazette up front and the goals scored since Aubameyang arrived supports this. With Ozil and Mkhitaryan and the addition of a winger/ wide player such as Max Meyer or Wilfred Saha the forward line would look strong for Arsenal for next season.
    As far as Alexis Sanchez is concerned “karma is a bitch”.

  9. John Wick says:

    Alexis is a shadow of his former self, maybe it’s his ridiculous haircut or the breaking up of one direction but we’ll never really know he’s a bit of an oddity ?

    1. Phil says:

      Sanchez is now playing for a manager who will NEVER get the best from the player.At Arsenal he was the main man.He got the ball all the time(and more often than not lost it)and everything went through him.We played expansive football with the emphasis on attack.He went to Manure for the money.Hes got what he deserves so F***ing serves him right.

      1. John Wick says:


    2. Sue says:

      Sanchez needs to get back on that piano ???

      1. John Wick says:


  10. Otim Vincent Robinson says:

    Go and prove to the world that you are that worthy.

  11. Durand says:

    Glad to see Giroud do well at Chelsea.
    Never hated the man, just wanted him gone. Had enough years at Arsenal to convince everyone he was top striker and could lead attack.

    Instead he proved to be best Plan B in EPL.
    That wasn’t good enough for Giroud, his performances weren’t good enough for Arsenal, so he had to go.

    Honestly worked out best for Arsenal, Giroud, and Chelsea. I would take Auba over Giroud everyday, most would. Auba different universe than Giroud, that is if goals, assists, movement, technique, pace, poaching matter to you.

    Giroud does well in national team, most people would surrounded by that all galaxy lot.

    1. Phil says:

      Totally correct Durand.Lacazette is a far better striker than Giroud and far more suited to the way we play.Giroud has no pace the turning circle of an oil tanker and was NEVER prolific in terms of goals scored.Aubamayang is World Class and can play in any formation with or without Lacazette whereas Giroud is far too one dimensional.We got the best deal out of both Sanchez and Giroud leaving.

  12. Godswill says:

    We have a better strike force in PEA and Lacazette. But fans were not too fair to Giroud. It is in the character of some Arsenal fans’ to slate their players and destabilize them. Giroud, in a shirt spell of time is well loved by Chelsea fans. What he did not get at Arsenal. Isn’t fans’ support a morale booster?
    We have started again, before Arteta is even being appointed (if he would) some fans have started negative insinuations. Is it in our DNA? Watching Chelsea fans hailing their team in a season that should be termed a failure, I pray that some Arsenal fans should better decamp and leave us alone.

    1. Phil says:

      @Godswill-not you as well?Why do posters on this site always infer supporters should go and support another team?Pretty childish and pathetic comments to be honest.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        @Godswill, yeah I know what you mean. Take Oxlade for instance. He is the very same player we had, playing average for a game or so, then a good game under his belt. He tries hard and is a good dribbler, good at carrying the ball long distance but other than a simple pass you don’t expect him to do anything great with it, but now and again he might surprise you. He is the very same player all in all. But Liverpool are actually appreciative, whilst we looked at Bayern’s Madrid City players and imagined bigger stuff and better things. Oxlade is enjoying his time at pool, that is the biggest difference. There is a feel good factor at Liverpool, and it has gone in their favor at crucial times you’d imagine. All it takes is one domino to fall …but the Liverpool fans are quick to prop them back up. If people think this stuff doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference, am telling you it does but it’s just impossible to examine how much.

        1. Godswill says:

          @Break-on-through Exactly what I mean. Don’t run down your player. At least at that moment they are what you have. Better to say “you did not do well and I know you can do better”.

    2. Durand says:

      Godswill I apologize for being an Arsenal fan with expectations.

      1. Sorry I expected Giroud to score more than 20 EPL goals in 5 years.
      2. Sorry for wanting titles and trophies rather than settling for top 4.
      3. Sorry for wanting an experienced manager to pick up where Wenger left off, and push on for title.
      4. Sorry for being disappointed with Arteta choice, but it feels more like starting over than carrying on.
      5. Sorry that I show more ambition as a fan than our board, owner, and CEO combined.

      Don’t worry, I’ve naturally lowered my expectations if it turns out to be Arteta. Just give me time to adjust to our new rivalry with Burnley, Everton, Newcastle, and West Ham.

      1. Durand says:

        Correction on point 1

        More than 20 PL goals in 1 season, over 5 years trying with little or no competition.
        Sanogo, Walcott trial, Welbeck, 2 games for Perez, and sanchez as striker.

    3. Ingleby says:

      Giroud is ‘well-loved’ by Chelsea fans because they directly compare him to Morata – and it’s a no contest.

  13. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Completely off topic but a message for any youngsters out there from a person who’s watched football for sixty years. Watch Barcelona tonight, In Andres Iniesta it could be your last chance to watch the greatest midfielder that’s ever lived.

    1. Phil says:

      Absolutely Kenny-A football genius who even Barcelona know will NEVER be replaced.Hes up there with the very best of all time

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Cheers Phil, there you go youngsters, That’s coming from another person that knows his football.

      2. jon fox says:

        Iniesta? Never heard of him! Is he any good then? There will be SOME, though not many, who actually believe this comment, sadly!

        1. jon fox says:

          I refer of course to my OWN teasing comment!

  14. Break-on-through says:

    It’s Fekir that took his spot, or could be argued Mbappe. Giroud just keeps his placer as the battering ram that Greizmann feeds off of. Also Mbappe could do something special at the tournament. Disappointing for Laca, most other managers would bring him because he has traits that Mbappe or Greizmann don’t have, he can be patient waiting for one opportunity and his strike will look just as good as when he’s had practice. Also he has shown that he can play with Auba very well, so Mbappe and Greizmann could have supported him well. Fekir is very involved with midfield play but you would class him as a striker, I like players like that. But what if a couple of injuries occur, I hope he ends up regretting making this axe, and then see how far Giroud can carry this teams threat.

    1. Nayr says:

      Agree mbappe,griezmann.thauvin and fekir look so similar in style to me.

      should have taken fast mobile goal poachers like benzema and lacazette.

      suppose they meet a team that cuts out crosses to their target man giroud?

  15. Meja says:

    Giroud is best in a team that depends much on dropping the ball in the box from the wings. Arsenal is/was not that kind of team under wenger and thats why i rated giroud as best in what he does but what he does isnt the best that we required.

    Sanchez oh sanchez i just cant be any happier at his predicament.

    Otherwise #arteta_kroenke_out

    1. jjn says:

      That is the fairest comment here!

      The thumbs up/down should be brought back, a lot of people get to put up foolish posts that get to stand up beside sensible thoughts. There should be feedback on the comments.

      1. jon fox says:

        Feed back by sensible people who can actually write something of their own. Yes, agreed! BUT the thumbs were mainly used by ignoramuses who could not be bothered or even able to pen anything of their own. Much better site now that the thumbs are gone for good and the level of debate has noticeably improved with fewer dullards on here. Even a trained monkey can press a thumbs button. No need for monkeys now the thumbs are , mercifully , gone!

  16. Malch95 says:

    Nothing against lacazette I think. France always take a target man with them to tournaments (befembi Gomis, Gignac exc.) As a plan B. Not taking away that Giroud is still one of the best options off the bench in the EPL. Unfortunately for martial, Kingsley Coman, lacazette. Deschamps has opted that Lemar, fekir, mbappe, greizmann, Dembele r all more flexible in terms of positions up front and have had better seasons. Giroud is just a different type of striker altogether and was a necessity to take to the world cup. Only takes one injury for lacazette to get the call up though! Oh n Sanchez is trash

  17. Nayr says:

    Lacazette is around 26 while giroud is 31

    so in a few years to come lacazette will be the main striker for france.

    Deschamps will fail terribly in the worldcup.
    i dont mind lacazette being left out but leaving martial is suicidal.
    though not as his best this season.
    he is one player that can deliver on the big occasion.
    should also have swallowed his pride and taken benzema.

    the only special thing about france is griezmann.

    other wise very poor team in my opinion.
    umtiti and varane=error prone
    giroud=misses more than he scores

    great article admin.

  18. Big Charley says:

    I am very happy for him. He deserves everything that comes his way. And I also wish him the best of luck in the World Cup

  19. AndersS says:

    Whether Giroud or Lacazette is better for France or indeed for Arsenal is touch and go for me if they were first choice strikers. I would probably lean towards Lacazette. But as France have Griezmann and we now have Aubameyang, Giroud is without doubt better to have in the team. France have made the right choice.
    Unfortunately, we have 2 strikers similar in style, so we can’t really change how we attack.
    Giroud might have been the different option we needed against Atletico.

  20. Sean says:

    Well done Big Giroud, was always loyal to Arsenal, gave his best & one of the best big strikers to be in the prem, his goals for headers is one of the best in the leagues history. His game didnt suit the way we played but i would like to have kept him for a plan b but hes 31 & needs game time, Chelsea suits his style & cone this summer he will be in the same position comin off the bench for Chelsea as he did for Arsenal as hes not WC, just the bracket below.

  21. jon fox says:

    Since I care nothing for this (or the next World Cup), for politically corrupt reasons and will not be even watching either , for the same reason, I am glad when one of our players is not chosen. I believe all decent people worldwide, esp players, but all fans too should boycott this farcically corruptly chosen competition. If sport is not honest there is zero point following it. That is MY point of view and I am only sad that I am in a tiny minority who will actually do something about the corruption, by not watching or following at all. Think on, you corruption ignorers everywhere.

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