Giroud deserves a bit more credit from Arsenal fans

Last weekend’s 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford was not a fixture that the Gunners will be very favourable of. Arsenal fans would’ve expected a much better performance from a side that has looked far superior to United in the league this season. However as has been the case in previous years, the Gunners just cannot get past United at Old Trafford, or Jose Mourinho.

It took a late equalising goal from Olivier Giroud in the 89th minute to secure a point for Arsenal, after the Frenchman had been introduced as a substitute. Giroud hadn’t had too many opportunities come his way during the match, but he made it count when fellow sub, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain got the ball in the box from a cross in the late stages of the game. Giroud was highly praised for his cameo appearance, so much so that following on from his form these past few weeks, many have suggested he should be reinstated ahead of Alexis Sanchez as the side’s starting sole striker, starting with this weeks Champions League fixture against PSG. Please remember if you need to buy tickets for Arsenal’s Champions League matches then you should contact

Giroud has now made it four goals in his last five appearances, despite yet to start a match in the league this season. Giroud has spent a lot of the season injured so far, but after returning last month he’s found some form for the side. In fact he’s only managed 109 minutes of Premier League football this season, but has already turned a few games around for the Gunners against the likes of Sunderland and United.

The Arsenal fans always seem to be criticising Olivier, but one of his teammates, Petr Cech, has recently come out to praise the Frenchman following his good string of performances and I’m sure he’s not the only one praising the striker at the moment. Cech said: “I think from time to time people do not give him enough credit because he works hard for the team. He is useful when he starts, he is also useful when he comes on. He can make the difference; I think that he is a very important player for us. And today he showed again that even if he does not start the game, he is ready to make the difference.”

Arsene Wenger said last week that Giroud is angry over his lack of action so far this season, but is using his time away from the starting eleven to improve his game and fight for his place at the club. I think the striker has reacted in a very positive way to being dropped, when many players would quite possibly sulk in frustration to losing his place. Giroud has shown that he can make an impact on the pitch as a sub and so many may wish to keep the team the way it is, after all there is a saying you don’t fix what isn’t broken. But given the Frenchman’s last few performances, I think Wenger should give the striker a chance from the start in at least one of the following set of fixtures, especially since we play three important games in the space of seven days.



  1. Jim A says:

    When you can’t produce 1 single shot on goal the entire game, I feel we could use as many goal scorers out there as possible. It’s not about goals either his presence creates havoc in front of goal just like he did when he saved us 3 points in an earlier game when he was pulled down in the box and then Santi converted the penalty.

  2. I hope the people an this site are not kids because the future of Humanity would be in big’s amazing the lack of ability to observe scrutinize an make decision. it’s clear us day light that giroud is arsenal second best players weather he start are not apart from sanchez not Wolcott Chamberlain ozil Ramsey iwobi should be starting for arsenal. giroud allways score when he come on us a sub why because we chasing the game so alot of ball are deliver inside the box from the wing so then an only then we play to is strength. Wolcott lots of fans say he was on fire with Opportunity goals not creating chance for other. ozil don’t make me laught look very pretty to the eyes but when we need him to step up sanchez is the one who come into the middle on try to dictate the game

    1. BUR says:

      I think every Arsenal supporter knows that we claimed a point out of the grip of defeat. But how many times did UTD do that in the past while going on to win the league. Bringing on Gerioud and Ox wenger added another dynamic to the game which resulted in a point. There are horses for courses and I would rather have Sanchez as our central forward but brining on Gerioud and playing wide crosses is always a great option.

  3. Mark_K says:

    I like Giroud, he’s been an excellent purchase for us and got us through a couple of tough years where he was our only viable striker. For £10M and 86 goals in 195 games you can’t really complain.

    The criticism he gets from certain fans is because he’s not world class and didn’t cost £50M, yes his 15 games without a goal cost us last season but he’s hardly the only striker to have a long goalless spell.

    Unfortunately for Giroud I think he’s most effective as a sub. Too often I think he frustrates if he’s our main striker. If he’s got the hump at being on the bench maybe that’s a good think for his performances?

    1. bran99 says:

      “The criticism he gets from certain fans is because he’s not world class and didn’t cost £50M”, good point, he is not world class, we should not expect world class performance from him. coming from the bench is the best tactic for his level

  4. Kostafi says:

    I like Giroud don’t get me wrong – I think he has the same 60 goals now in the PL in 4 years plus that Walcott has in 10 years plus- which is good (not great). Aguero has 110 in 5 years plus. For a team like Arsenal that have had strikers like Henry (2 Euro golden shoe 4 PL golden boot) and Van Persie (2 PL golden boot) and even to an extent Adebayor (30 all comp goals in 07-08), Giroud is a huge come down.
    Does he deserve credit? yes but we need a better striker is all. 15 games without a goal last season was not good enough, regardless of the hat trick in the final game.
    He is definitely a good plan B and think has the most goals off the bench (10) in the PL for Arsenal now. We definitely need the big guy so if he needs a hug or an arm around his shoulders, then Wenger should. We will continue singing his name in the stands and on the terraces.

  5. for arsenal to become a very serious team in the bpl an Europe make sanchez our number ten new center forward right winger give Perez a good run of game see what he have to offer if not new left winger. very easy we can compete with Barcelona Real Madrid of the world

  6. Jansen says:

    I am getting tired of reading articles trying to promote Giroud. The guy had his chance for years to prove he was what we needed. Instead he disappeared when we had the best chance of winning the PL title in years.

    He is too slow and simply doesn’t have the talent to compete with a fit Sanchez. Wenger knows this to.

    Having said that, Giroud has impressed in a major way by being a game-changing sub. What’s wrong with applauding him for that role and using him in that role? Not many strikers can play that role and it is nearly equally important as the starting striker. To bring a big physical Giroud into a tiring defense late in the game seems to work well.

    I am grateful we have Giroud on the bench but I have no illusion on what he will bring as a starter, particularly in conjunction with Ramsey. The two on the pitch at the same time is a no-no IMO.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It’s a very crucial tool to have in your armory. R Parlour was always one of my very favorite players. We would need to hold onto a lead, or a CDM would go off, then Parlour would come in to do an excellent job. Even chasing a goal sometimes Parlours tenacity and workaholic nature would be just what the doctor ordered. He’d plug in at four different positions over a season and you knew what he’d give you each time. Then when Bergkamp were out we’d have Kanu and his box of tricks, Anelkas pace would be a miss but Wiltord could do a job. A reliable first substitute is every bit as important as a first team player. If Giroud could embrace this like some older stars used to he would be adding to Arsenals overall strength, and we’d owing a great debt of gratitude.

      1. Jansen says:

        I agree 100%. Giroud can be invaluable as a substitute, there is no dishonor in that.

        To try to go back to last season by making him a starter again and moving Sanchez back to the outside is so wrong on many levels. It didn’t work last year or the year before, it makes us too slow and too predictable and it will probably piss off Sanchez who seems to like the striker position.

  7. Jansen says:

    PS; Of course all changes if and when Sanchez needs a rest or is injured and Perez is not available.

  8. royalman says:

    Giroud is a good player n our team needs rotation, then let him start some games Sanchez starts others. Girioud as a sub is great but this can’t happen in all games, d player won’t b happy n we may loose him. Note: Arsenal won’t sign world class, keeping OG is so important. He has tried to his worth n ability.

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