Giroud DOES still have a future at Arsenal – as a backup!

Why Welbeck is an excellent attribute to Arsenals current setup by Big Gun

I have just read an article by KJ about Olivier Giroud and the possibility of him leaving because of Danny Welbeck. It was a good read and I agreed with most of it, except that I believe both Giroud and Welbeck can be utilized effectively in our current setup. Giroud is useful against certain teams. We saw what happened when he was brought on against Everton. He gives us an extra dimension to our attack when we play those teams with more physicality. Giroud will just have to come to terms with the fact that he will and must be used as a squad player and not our No1 CF. If he had pace and dribbling skills and worked a bit harder in terms of pressing defenders, then I’d say yes he deserves to be played as much as possible without wearing him down too much. But honestly he is NOT an all-round striker that is capable of adjusting to any situation, therefore he will have to be used strategically.

Danny Welbeck not only has pace and can run in behind defences, he has height too (1.85m) and I think it is an attribute being overlooked, because this means he can run onto through balls from our midfielders AND capitalize on crosses and air balls from our wingers and full backs. To give an idea of how tall he actually is, Karim Benzema is 1.87m tall. Olivier Giroud is 1.92m tall. Theo Walcott is 1.76m. Alexis Sanchez is 1.69m. You get the point. All of our pacy strikers, (Walcott, Chamberlain, Campbell, Gnabry etc) are lacking this one attribute, but not Danny Welbeck. He compliments our current setup more than we currently realize. The only thing he will have to work on a little bit is his finishing, but that will come in good time. The more game time he gets, the more confident he will become in front of goal. He never had this opportunity at United so his progress was hindered quite a lot, especially having to compete with the likes of Rooney and Van Persie for that central role. At Arsenal, he will be given plenty opportunity and as many have said in previous comments, Sir Alex Ferguson rated him highly and had big plans for him before he retired.

I am convinced he will gel perfectly with our current squad and I honestly think Wenger has signed another gem in the making, if not already poised to make his mark in the BPL. At 23 years of age and tons of experience already, Arsenal have a long term CF with all the attributes to lead us to glory for years to come.

Big Gun

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  1. I think danny welbeck will fit right in and will be one of the first names on the team sheet in a couple of months, even for england last night he showed great passion! This is good news for giroud, now he has competition he will need to up his game significantly

    1. It all depends on how welbeck performs in the next 3 months. If he starts banging goals then Giroud will be in trouble. I hope welbeck starts scoring right away against shitty.

      1. According to reports we are in for MARIO YEPES. He is old but he was one of the best defenders at the world cup. He would be a good 4th choice defender for 3 months I guess.

        1. I would sign him for a year immediately. No questions asked, then we would be able to start testing Chambers at DM as well.

          1. He’s 38 but proved to be a rock at the world cup for colombia, I hope the rumors are true and we do sign him as I personally would be a little more relaxed regarding the lack of center backs. we have another option in Lugano but I would ASAP go for Yepes!!!

            1. It seems unlikely that YEPES would happen as we have submitted our 25 man squad for the BPL till january. That means Yepes could only play cup matches which would still in my opinion be good as we could be able to rest and avoid our main defenders from injury. I would still go for him and use him in carling cup/FA cup

  2. I am a Giroud supporter and have supported him all along, but I really hope welbeck can find his scoring touch with us and bang in 15 goals before Giroud gets back. I rather have welbeck as our main striker cuz of his speed and passing accuracy. Giroud will be a great back up striker. Hope welbeck scores tons of goals so that manure fans will be all pissed off…lol

  3. Welbeck is tall and appears slim but he is deceptively powerful and strong, he’s a real athlete.
    I can’t wait to see him playing for Arsenal 🙂
    Been reading a lot of comments over the last few days from ex Man U players and fans that are really gutted that they’ve lost him.
    At 23 with all his experience and attributes we were so lucky to get him.


  4. TBH: I was one of the person slating OG on this board, but now somehow I miss his tall presence. This was especially missed and noticeable in the Leicester game, Wenger knew this!

  5. Injury to Giroud is now looking more of a blessing in disguise, otherwise the need to buy Welbeck would have been an unrealised dream! Now we’ve bought him, I think Giroud should be allowed to leave in order to give Joel Campbell opportunity to showcase what he can do in that position. I’m happy we bought Welbeck judging from the reactions coming from Old Trafford rank and file. I also watched him come on for England yesterday and thought, “what a gem of a player”! Giroud’s sale would release much more needed finance to reward those who are prepared to fight for the shirt. He was at best an average player who was given much kudos by Wenger by virtue of his nationality. COYGs!

    1. I’m a huge Joel Campbell fan, but I don’t think Wenger is the manager he needs any more. Wenger needs people Like Welbeck and Giroud who do what they do, he has lost patience with developing forwards like Joel, well that’s my view.

      1. You think he does not have to develop Welbeck?.
        Joel Campbell has MORE regular game time than DW, and is NOT a 16 year old fledgling.
        I do think some on here are going a bit overboard on the prospects of a young player, that has NEVER played for us. Will be interesting to come on here if he has a poor game against Cty, assuming he plays.
        As for selling Giroud, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. Wenger will NOT sell him, and we all know it.

    2. Stupid comment.
      You CAN voice your opinion, but, that is the most ridiculous comment I have read.
      You REALLY believe Giroud does not give 100% for the shirt. May not be the greatest Striker, but, he always tries.

      1. Have been watching him to giving it all,but after the “incident” at the hotel the night before
        Lpool slated us,just can’t say i am as willing as before to give him credit about this attribute of him.He performed like crap that day,in a big day for us.
        Try to remember his statements about how he now has to make it up to his coach,team,us fans and his family.
        And as for me,he hasn’t made up already.Just hopefully he warms our bench and bang
        a critical goal in one of big matches.till then…

  6. i understand arsenal may go after yepes, which would be great, a short contract, even a year would be excellent. Hope Giroud heals well and be ready by february.

    I actually think it may be the perfect time to play Mancity, the have not found form as yet and we will be on a buzz from or new arrival, it will be a great match

  7. I think it’s a win-win transfer.

    Welbeck will have more games playing for Arsenal than United. He will have the opportunity to improve to his optimum potential

    We get a hard worker, passionate player with speed, great passing and great in the air. His finishing and goal scoring rate will need to improve though.

    Giroud is a very good striker and will have the opportunity to challenge Welbeck for starting position. They will both push each other

    Sanogo can play Carling Cup if he wants

  8. Just a shout out to Sanogo

    He scored 2 goals for U21 France today against Khazakstan U21

    Good job. Now do it for us

    1. I think Sanogo has got what it takes, and I think he showed it against Benfica in the Emerites Cup. The difference from then to now was the quality of ball delivered to him and confidence. He is still very raw, and needs to develop both physically and ability wise, but it will come to him I’m sure.

  9. I doubt OG will be back up to Welbeck , unless he has an awesome few months.

    Doubt that’s Wengers plans as well

  10. I think it’s funny one minute we’ve no back up forward then we buy one and people say sell the other.
    By there logic if we got a top cb then we should sell one like mertasacker I don’t think people cop what there saying.
    We need back up and keeping Giroud will help us more than selling cause you seen how long it takes Wenger to replace.
    Anyway delighted we have compitition up front now.

    1. I try to like every Arsenal fan, but some of them are like 10W bulbs if you know what I mean.

      Some Arsenal fans actually think they are Wenger; and make actual decisions for the club.
      Wenger still has two spots in the senior team, so free agent now, or in January another player.

      No FIFA14 managers, Giroud is NOT being sold. he is still our go to guy.

  11. Just hate how they put deadline transfer day before the international break! I wanna see our Gunners play including Danny Welbeck now!

    Goals. All I want is for our offense to score some goals. We won most of our games by a 2 goal margin last year which is great, but we all know how important goal differentials are. So let’s increase that margin to 3.

  12. First we had a post contemplating Giroud being sold…!!
    Now we have an article talking about Giroud future as we got Welbeck!!

    I mean can someone explain why Welbeck is “better” than Giroud? (or Remy as a matter of fact)
    As far as I am concerned, Welbeck is still unproven… Or the hype comes from the fact that he is English (Pathetic as usual!!)…

    Sometimes I do wonder if we just deserve all sh*t and the lack of trophies…

    After the Fa Cup, some “idiots” even said that we were going to be unstoppable and trophies will line up… I will put to the emotion of victory because he means f*ck all.

    This is a club going into 4 competitions (We with 6 defenders… f*cking joke!! And we will have delusional fans bowing again when as Wenger starts vomiting statements about “how great we are” or “why we are short” (when injuries start pilling up and he finds it difficult to cope).

  13. This a guy who said “I have plenty of players capable of filling the position”
    “If you ask Campbell, he will tell you he is a striker”

    Those are Wenger words…. Then he goes and buy a striker (thankfully)…!!!

    He said “If we sell Vermealen, we will have to find a replacement”
    The papers even wrote that Wenger was waiting to find a replacement before selling Vermealen… !!!!

    May be he should look for a free agent… Nothing is impossible with that guy… He brought back Silvestre from the abysses and told us he was a “top player” (the guy was already dead on his feet!!).

  14. that story with Silvestre was trully sth.
    Just sth!i really didn’t know if crying or having the laughter of my life was best for me..

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