Giroud explains why Arsenal will NOT buy a new striker

I guess it would not be a big surprise that Olivier Giroud thinks that Arsenal don’t need another striker, especially as he has already been displaced once by Theo Walcott this season before the Englishman got injured. We all know that Olivier gets worried when he thinks that Wenger is looking at new strikers as he admitted during the Benzema saga in the summer, and the latest Arsenal rumours linking us with strikers like Hernandez and Aubemayang may also be playing on his mind.

Alan Shearer lately said that Arsenal need a centre-back, a defensive midfielder and a striker to win the League title (don’t we always?) but Giroud obviously thinks he is wrong about the striker and ranted: “Tell me where! Just tell me where! I will explain the opposite judgement.

“We have very good players as well on the bench, young players waiting to come in. They are very talented. I am not worried about it.

“Danny Welbeck will come back in a month and a half. Theo Walcott can play up front, Joel Campbell is doing well with his national team up front. If I am less good or get injured, we still have a solution.”

Now although we all think that we need a new striker, especially as Danny Welbeck may be out for much longer than Wenger’s estimate, the fact is that I believe that Le Prof knows that he can’t afford to have Giroud’s confidence dented, and he is thinking exactly the same thing as Giroud. I believe Wenger has no intention of buying a striker no matter how good he is….


  1. Barcelona or Bayern for example have teams who are close to perfection, yet they go out and buy players to become even stronger then they are.

    quality is never to much, you never can have enough of it, if you have the opportunity to become stronger, then you do it, if not, someone else will do it, and by doing so they will surpass you with time.

    Arsenal has other things in mind then winning the leauge alone. Big pity.

    1. why do we as gooners put ourselves thru this every window.

      yes we know what we need
      yes we have the money to do it

      but that doesnt mean it will happen.

      every window its the same- soon as the window ends in disappointment its…..ffs im never falling for this again, im so disgusted, its a shambles.

      then January arrives….aubemeyanggggggggggg …lol

      lads save yourselves the grief

  2. We do need a new CF and PFA would kick some ass in the EPL. Go buy him and get a good utility player until the Sumer then have a clean up of players and staff. I think pep is coming to Arsenal and PFA is a player he wants. There is work to be done at Arsenal club not just the players. And I must say our shop compared to other teams is rubbish TBH. Need more things for the kids just saying

  3. OG usually plays out of his skin during the transfer window when we are linked to other strikers. Hope this trend continues as it is a crucial month. For the long term though it would be good for the club to bring in some fresh blood, OG’s love for his team mates is making him blind but I cant blame him as he wouldn’t want to upset his buddies.

    We have a good squad, but it can be better with a purchase of 2 or 3 quality players.

    1. ‘We have a good squad, but it can be better with a purchase of 2 or 3 quality players.’
      you have just explained why we havent won the league in a decade in that one sentence dude

      just have to accept it is what it is

      1. Sad but true muff.

        We always blame Wenger for been stubborn and not learning but actually its us the fans that should be laughed at for believing things will change when all is well documented.

        To save myself from stress at the end of the window I will lay low on all the transfer talk till the end or at least when we make a signing of note.

      2. False, we haven’t won it for a decade because we could only afford players like Chamakh and Squillaci. Players like Nasri, RVP and Fabregas were developed by the manager’s own efforts and he can only do so much with players he develops. Successful teams spend an average of 60m a season, if you expected us to win in the last decade then you are deluded and only proving how good of a manager Wenger is to use mid-table quality to consistently qualify for CL and make people believe we were challenging. It’s only in 2013 that he said our ambitions had risen and he didn’t lie, two FA cups in a row and a challenge for the league, but because our team was incomplete were were just short in 2013. Now our team is closer to completion and we’re ahead of City with HALF our squad out injured. Learn to compare the scenarios and background situations before assuming we’re repeating the same mistakes.

        1. Goonerlad if all the gooners share your view, they will begin to understand that we are on up after paying the stadium debt and subsequently appreciate our manager.

  4. I would rather have a dented Giroud with a Premier league trophy…. We definitely need another striker,
    Super- Lamp- post better put his scoring boots on again!
    He seems to relax alot when his position in the team is safe.

    1. @Fatboy Gooney
      Yeah. He upped his game when Theo was on point. But now that he see’s Theo struggling, he’s eased up.

  5. I dont know what it is with some fans.If they are stupid ignorant or just trollers.
    People said we should get aubeyang.
    Why on earth would dortmund sell their best player midway through the season when they dont even the money
    Thats just impossinbe impossible impossible.Are u guys authors of the daily mail?
    Others saying to go for herbandez.Is there any need to dicscuss this?
    there are much higher chances of him returning to manu.
    We are not yet even a settled club.Start dreaming when we have won three premier league titles or more

    1. Borussia Dortmund Chief Executive of Operations Hans-Joachim Watzke has claimed that while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is highly valued at the club, no single player is ‘irreplaceable’.

      The Gabon international has been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal over the last month, with a £42.5m bid reportedly being readied by Arsene Wenger and the board.

      The 26-year-old has been most impressive for Dortmund this campaign, scoring 18 goals in his first 17 Bundesliga appearances this season, making him a prized asset for the German giants.

      However, in recent years, Thomas Tuchel’s side have been known to allow some of their biggest stars to leave the club, with the likes of Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski joining rivals Bayern Munich.

      With that said, Dortmund CEO Watzkeadmitted to BILD that Aubameyang is not irreplaceable and for the right price, could leave the club for the Premier League due to the financial differences.

  6. Well I suggest Giroud score lots of goals in January to convince us and rest of the season too.

    Giroudi has improved this season in the sense That he has probs he can score in big match situations ie vital hattrick against Olympiakos, scoring against Bayern in both matches, Leicester, Man City. So he has got over That hump.

    However, he is still not as consistent as I would like and his finishing is sometimes excellent and sometines awful.

    But to be fair not many CF are more consistent. Vardy, Aguero, Ighalo are the highest scorers. Mahrez is midfielder but scored a dozen. I would say Giroud is the fourth or fifth best CF in the League, which isn’t bad at all.

    However, the injury to Alexis showed to me that we need just one more goal scoring attacker. And Aubmeyang would be ideal.

    Campbell, Oxlade and even Theo haven’t really impressed me this season and even though they work hard and have pace we need another more prolific goal scorer. If it’s possible to get Aubmeyang then we should go for him

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