Giroud future has no bearing on Arsenal’s Aubameyang deal

Borussia Dortmund are claimed to have told Arsenal that they have no interest in any form of swap deal, but are not ruling out two separate deals.

The BVB are claimed to be looking at the possibility of buying Olivier Giroud from the Gunners, as they look to replace supposed Arsenal-bound striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon international is hotly tipped to move to the Emirates Stadium this month as some form of replacement for Alexis Sanchez, who himself looks to be on the move this winter. The Chilean has been wanting out of the club since his failed move to Manchester City on deadline day, and looks to be very close to getting his wish, albeit to the other side of the city with United.

Aubameyang should go someway into replacing the goals which we would lose due to the exit of Sanchez, with the striker banging 21 goals in his 23 outings in all competitions so far this term, and our club appear willing to pay the supposed £60 Million asking price.

There had been talk that our club were looking to use Giroud as a makeweight in the deal, having heard of interest coming from our target’s club, but we have supposedly been told that the deals will have no bearing on each other, without ruling out either possible move.

The French striker has fallen down the pecking order in North London this term following the arrival of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, and could well be open to the move knowing his importance would have been lessened once again.

Should we keep Giroud even if we did agree a deal to sign PEA? Would Olivier be better suited to playing alongside either of the other two strikers than they would be to each other?

Pat J

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    In my opinion, there is no need to keep Giroud if we are getting Aubameyang as we will now have Auba, Welbeck, Giroud and Lacazette or maybe we should not even count Welbeck as he is unreliable…

    Although, you feel even with those players, we still a little bit of something. Everything is just so messed up right now
    And i forgot to add Mhiktaryan to the list also, add him will totally require us to offload Giroud.

    1. McLovin says:

      Welbeck doesn’t get as much criticism because he is an athletic and keeps on running like a headless chicken. In England this seems to be almost a virtue.

      He has no end product. He’s a relegation team forward, no doubt. He couldn’t score regurlarly when he played for Sunderland. He couldn’t score regularly when he played for United, and he can’t score regularly for Arsenal.

      He’s not even a good squad player as he is so injury prone.

  2. CorporateMan says:

    Please can they have Welbeck instead? We wouldn’t mind ???

  3. Jera says:

    It’s possible to use all three at once. Lacazette and Aubameyang began as wingers.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Agree with both above posters; use Welbeck in any swap deal (has trouble hitting a barn door) and look at using combinations of Lacazette, Aubameyand and Giroud including all three on the field at once.
      Now for the midfield; keeping Ozil is a must to feed these forwards plus a new DM; then an upgrade of the CB positions.
      Wenger will have apperplexy!

  4. jl75 says:

    We are interested in Aubameyang. If Dortmund are really interested in Giroud, what would be the difference between a swap deal + cash and 2 separate deals?
    Giroud is probably not their first choice… this move seems very unlikely.

  5. Tatgooner says:

    there is no one else coming to arsenal this window apart mkhitaryan

    1. Phil says:

      Not sure you’re right.Sven M and Raul are in charge of who comes and who goes and one hasn’t even started yet.A new dawn anyone?

      1. McLovin says:

        Mkhitaryan turns 29 in 3 days. If he doesn’t hit the ground running, he might just become Wenger’s worst signing ever.

    2. Winnie says:

      Not sure about Mkhityaran and Auba .. add Giroud to it all 29 or 30 soon I think it’s a bit too geriatric .. if Mkhityaran was younger he would be perfect… hopefully we get a group of younger talent moving forward

  6. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Giroud should not be sold until we get a consistent striker.

    1. Phil says:

      Giroud CONSISTANT?

  7. Ddog says:

    Aren’t Madrid now in for Auba? you know that club – the most successful one in the world that Auba’s been fawning over for last year or so ? : /

  8. Sue says:

    Still nothing about signing any new players! Other teams have shown how quick & easy it is to sign who they want! We have money in the bank, just bloody spend it!! Don’t want to be a 6th place or below team!!

    1. Phil says:

      Sue we are all with you.We have to sit tight and hope Sven and Raul are the ones pulling all the strings.Mikki Abua and Malcom with the Greek lad are all signings that will improve us and all names we would not of imagined a few weeks ago. Keep the faith

      1. Sue says:

        Thanks, I’ll try to Phil

    2. Phil says:

      Sue it’s hard I know but keep the faith

  9. Badenglish says:

    Congratulations Arsenal. aubameyang a very good player. Maybe the best Striker in the Premier League

  10. Josh says:

    Watch out for Wenger, he won’t sign anyone, wait until 31st and u ll see how Sanchez stays stuck to d club and wenger will den give his usual excuses that paperwork was not in time, a player refuse to do dis and dat, we tried to get PEA but fell short somewhere,,, blah blah blah,,,, Wenger is d only one that needs to b sold ds January….
    …… Boring transfer window

    1. tas says:

      Not a bad idea if United deal dont go through City will never sign Sanchez after what he did to them, united wanting Sanchez is more about not letting a good player go to direct competition at all cost, it could happen that United might move on in the summer so Sanchez has pissed off Liverpool, City, Barca, PSG, Bayern, Arsenal, so he could end up at Juventus

      1. tas says:

        but i’m rely hoping the deal goes through because Mkhitaryan was fantastic last season then all went pair shape but that’s the DNA of Mourinho if he has a issue with you you are out

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