What a game! What a result for Arsenal, and what a brilliant night for Olivier Giroud to score his first ever top flight hat-trick. It doesn’t matter how many times he gets knocked down by the critics he gets straight back up again.

He has always been considered to be a confidence player, and he has been known to hang his head when things don’t go right for him, but after tonight I dare anyone to say he is not a top-class striker. And he spurned the chance to be big-headed after the game and rightly thought of Arsenal and his team-mates and only looked at how far the team can go in this confident mood.

“It’s fantastic for me and for the team. We are really pleased. It’s nice to go through because we were not in a good position and finally we have done it. We feel relieved tonight,” Giroud was quoted as saying to the BBC.

“In the Champions League it’s one level up and we need to be all focused. As a unit, together, good cohesion, defending well and finishing well. It’s nice for us. It was not so easy in this stadium with this atmosphere and we are really pleased to have done it.

“We want to go as far as we can. The target is to maybe reach at least the quarter final. It’s the fourth year I’m here and we have never played a quarter final. We will have a good rest and open the new page of the Champions League in February.”

I don’t think Giroud can worry too much about being criticized in the future and if he does he can just remember this night and ignore what anyone says. The fact is that if the team carries on in this excellent form, and Giroud carries on banging in the goals, there is no reason why we can’t go MUCH further than the quarter finals.

A fantastic night for Arsena, their fans, and especially Giroud, Giroud, Girouuuud!

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  1. WOS says:

    Sorry giroud i always doubted you but I’m the happiest person ever to be proved wrong
    Giroud high on confidence
    Give me some more olivieeeeeer

    1. Colin says:

      Don’t worry, it’s hard enough sometimes for those of us who always defend him lol. However, tonight he showed his mojo, and it wasn’t pretty if you were Greek.

  2. mohawk says:

    Giroud, yes AND…………

    Nice that Wenger also recognized and acknowledged Campbell’s great performance by subbing for him late to let the fans give him a well-deserved ovation as he departed the field.

    1. Jim A says:

      A special moment for I’m I’m sure.

        1. Colin says:

          I thought that it was a very kind touch that the Olumpiarcos fans gave Joel a standing ovation too whenhe came off.

          1. jonm says:

            It was good that the Olympiacos fans gave Joel a standing ovation. It also shows that he played well for them. Lets hope his recent improvement in first team games continues and he becomes a regular for us. His performance in the World Cup was outstanding. I am hoping he develops in to a great player for us.

  3. Jerick says:

    And yet after only 3 games some people wanted Arsenal to give up on the CL and focus on the PL. Smh

    1. Twig says:

      Bro, if we get thrashed 8-0 by Real Madrid in the quarters, I would wonder if we might have been better off not qualifying. I don’t mind getting knocked out, but I certainly don’t want to get knocked out ignominiously 🙁

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        It beats fielding a weaker team and sacrificing the CL in order to prioritize the EPL. Which might have landed us in the Europa League. Imagine the knock to our players confidence…

  4. Flaminowski says:

    How many goals has he scored this year now? He must be on pace for at least 25 if he stays fit!

    1. Davros says:

      Just Checked Wikipedia
      It says 13
      8 Pl and 5 CL
      (Not sure if it has been updated or not)

      But with a good run, he could get to 25
      We have loads of matches left

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Giroud! Giroud! Giroud!……… *sound of fatboy screaming* L()L

  6. Bluegrass says:

    what a great performance by the french strike i hope he can continue with this superb form of is…. good strike good team work to all the lads…. #COYG

  7. Mehrzad says:

    OG OmG

  8. infumous25 says:

    YESSSS well done Giroud….well done ARSENAL..Great performance…..

  9. infumous25 says:

    I am even more pleased with Campbells performance..he is coming good like I have always said and he is starting to get more consistent…before he would show up 1 in 8 games then 1 in 4 now 1 in 2 he is improving and showing more confidence. Right now he deserves to start more games…

    we have now officially more quality on our wings


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