Giroud has a problem with Lacazette – And what can Arsenal do about Alexis?

Giroud seems unhappy with Lacazzete and Alexis might leave. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellas! The two games in Australia are done for our preseason and the one thing I didn’t like is the way Giroud treats Lacazzete. I could be reading too much into it, but it seems like he was not too happy when Lacazette scored in the first game and in the second one when our new signing went to congratulate him on his goal I thought Olivier ignored him.

Also throughout the game there were a few times where Giroud didn’t pass to Lacazzete where he had the opportunity and I think Olivier could be heading for the exit door. There’s a possibility Arsene tries to play them together but it won’t happen if one refuses to accept the other. I think Lacazzete is the better finisher and we should be playing him up front and he gives us something we’ve been missing.

I didn’t like shutting him on the wing, but I have a sneaky feeling that Alexis will leave and we might try to put our new signings explosiveness in the place Sanchez will leave, next to Ozil behind the main striker or on the wing depending on the formation. And this is a problem. I strongly believe we should push hard for Lemar or Mahrez if Alexis does leave.

But will he? I think so. He’s asking for ridiculous wages and various reports have come out from Chile and the latest words are he wants Champions League. I don’t blame him on this one. He’s 28. How many more years at the top level does he have? He’s hot property and Chelsea and City would immediately offer him a contract if we decided to sell.

What I’ll do if I was Arsene will be to sell abroad if a team like PSG comes and if not, I’d keep him against his will, just so we don’t strengthen our opposition. I think that if we force him to stay, he won’t be happy sitting on the bench and his fighting spirit will not allow him to give anything but a 100%.

We’ll probably sack the Europa League and just focus on the title and I’d like us to have our best squad available. We offered Sanchez a very good deal and if he’s decided to leave fair play to him, but as Arsene often says “he should respect his contract”.



  1. Sanchez and leaving is a sure thing, but the problem is where he will end up. It might be City, and when he ends up at City, we will lose twice as much.

    One: We wont get a better replacment. There arent better players out there.
    Two: We will make our rivals stronger. City have already more quality. With Sanchez they might do a Manure on us.

    But in the end days, it doesnt matter what we do, whats important is to that we play our roles in open up others theirs doors, where we stand watching drooling like idiots

    1. On what basis are you saying we won’t get a better replacement andthat there aren’t better players out there?Quality and talent wise he’s not the best winger in the EPL.To Arsenal he’s the best but do you think the world sees it the same way?Speak for yourself bro.Before Sanchez came here did you know he would score 30 goals and record 16 assists?If he wants to go we should give another player who has his talent the chance too.You can’t know till you try it.He’s world class but people are making him seem better than he actually is.I for one think he’s as overrated as many Arsenal players.The patience of Wenger which allows for mistakes makes many Arsenal players play a lot better and improve their game.This patience is what many managers lack explaining the reason why majoroty of world class players who leave Arsenal struggle in the teams they leave to.If I was Arsene I would’ve sold him abroad long ago and gotten a player with his talent to replace him.But now it may be too late because even the new player has to gel and adapt quickly.

      1. As for Giroud I hope what I’m hearing is not true.You get the feeling that once Lacazette starts scoring he just won’t like it.He’s also another overrated player who’s also hear because of Wenger’s kindness.Apart from the fact that he’s good with his head I don’t see the positives of keeping here and even Welbeck.We need players who can push Lacazette to perform and these are just not the players.They are more of rotation players.Do you think if Welbeck and Giroud were at top form they can challenge Laca at his best?I always laugh at our strikers though.On one hand,one doesn’t fit our style of play but at least he can finish.On the other hand, the one who fits our style of play can’t even score a goal.I can’t believe we are joking with such a crucial role.I’m sick and tired of seeing average strikers in the club.It’s been painful watching the likes of Bendtner and Chamakh already.Now I have to cope with this.

        1. Acting like some dumbed people who after they getting rejected come up with things like, well he wasnt that good was he, i am sure i deserve something better. bahahaha.

          The world wanting to have him is no fluke. Wenger begging him to stay is no fluke. This is not overrated. Overrated he can not be, knowing that he is better then any other players in the club. And to whatever place he will move on, he again will remain on of the best player in that team. You can breathe you can blink you can cry but when Sanchez leaves, it will be surely be a bye bye. XD

          1. I laughed when you said he will likely be the best player in the club he’s moving to.I hope Arsenal fans don’t deceive themselves also into thinking this.The thing he has over most wingers in the world is work rate.Apart from that in terms of technique,skill and talent there are quite a lot who can match him there or are even better.He won’t have that patience of a club like Arsenal that allows for mistakes and he’ll be benched even when he doesn’t want it.I did mention that he was world class.The fact that you’re overrated doesn’t mean you aren’t world class.I know all his stats and like you I’ve watched him since he came here and I can say we are making him look better than he actually is.As for him being irreplaceable I don’t think it’sthe first time we heard that about an Arsenal player leaving and we saw how they eventually ended up.

            1. Its irritating how you can missread something, when my comment is up there to read as often as you want. Read it again would you. I know my broken eng is terrible but at least try.

              You gibberish of worldclass means nothing. Worldclass is when in comparising to others you stand out. He stands out. further then that you dont need to go with you analyses of technicue etc.

              1. Your broken eng. is terrible indeed.You’re not even getting my point.I was comparing his technique,skill and talent to other world class players who I felt can best him in those areas.That was why I brought those three things up.Also when you’re world class you may relatively stand out but there may also be other world class players who are better than you.The comparison was based on world class players and not just any players.If you don’t understand something ask for help and stop the assumptions.

                1. Thats not the point of the debate. To make it as short as possible so you will have it easier to understand.

                  You are the one who thinks that replacing Sanchez will be not as hard as i think, as you think that there are others who can do the same job, if not better, ( based on skills) Arsenal somehow brings the best out of players, besides some of them being poor ( which is partly true).

                  But there are player you simple can not replace. If Messi and Ronaldo are a 10. Sanchez is 9. And there arent any 9s out there, therefor you see many players like Lukaku on 75mil. Being a former barcelona player always means something.

                  Sanchez is rare, and there is not such a thing as Arsenal succefully replacing him. Wenger knows. Sanchez knows. That why him being better then every other player in the club brings him to leave the club. Just like all the other former players before him did.

                  1. Well every one has his opinion.If you feel Sanchez is a 9 I respect that.I also have my opinion about how I rate him.I’ve seen many wingers play for Arsenal and I know some who were as good as Sanchez but were never called irreplaceable.Sanchez had far better stats than them yet quality wise they’ll always be mentioned and as regarded as Sanchez.What I will never put into to debate about is him being world class.That’s a fact no one can deny.

                  2. I do not understand why KS is being thumped down because every single thing he says is true. People who think otherwise should give their arguments and not just use the like/dislike button.

                    I will summarize what my view on the scenario is
                    (1) There are no better winger/creator/striker available in the market. Griezmann is the only realistic option (80M) and even he is not in the market
                    (2) He is head and shoulders above any player in our team- Period
                    (3) We need to keep him. Our objective is to get back to CL and Sanchez is to play in it. Keep him for 1 more year. The 50M we lose if Sanchez doesn’t re-sign we get it in revenue by being in CL and at the same time being able to attract world class Sanchez replacements. Our best bet is to keep him and qualify for CL and hopefully win something along the way- without Sanchez it will be incredibly difficult.

          2. You are too much overlattin him brah, he is better ofcoz but nat e best winger in the world. ey are alot of quality wingers out there.

        2. Who cares? They are two grown men with kids, they should do the job they are being paid for effectively and everything else will be A-OK.

        3. Giroud was a donkey for to long, its only late that he has become usefull. But to this point, he has turned arrogant, and thats what you get when you play football without competition for to long

          1. Here I disagree with you – disrespecting anyone is NOT kool. Giroud is a 11M striker and the fact that he did not have competition is not his fault. He is not the typical pacey striker we are used to. He has his strengths and we don’t typically play to his strengths. Give it time. Giroud is of course insecure because the last thing he wants is Lacazette replacing him in the French starting 11 in a world cup year through his own club. I would keep Giroud because if we play to his strengths he is very efficient and we need goals to win any tournament.

  2. My favourite recent rumours

    1. Us being linked with Morata
    ……I like the idea of Lacazette and Morata though. Deadly combination
    2. Everton interested in Walcott (£30 million)
    3. Lemar DEMANDS (lol) move to Arsenal

    1. Listen I Will be happy with lemar coming an Walcott bouncing

      1. Wow this is getting way to boRing noW!!
        Where The Mighty Arsenal FC and No players is as big as Us!!

        To SancheZ u have a contract with AFC! honour it or rot in the reserVe ( jog on to man shtty or where eVer u like in so many months time) but until then Honour ur contract like a man!, I don’t giVe a fcuk about ur champions lge quest as u was in the team that failed to reach requirements,

        As for that French frog Giroud .. LoVe him or haTe him he’s a warrior for the team , so he’s a must keep!!as he brings a lot to our game ( useful player to have n hardly eVer injured which goes a long way as u consider most of our fairy plaYers)

        # Welbeck Wiltshire Ramsey debucey Campbell iwoba ship out ASAP,not good enough. Walcott keep his speed speaks for it self just quietly sit him down and tell him to Man The Fcuk up or ur finished and sold on next Season.

        And most importantly to mr Wenger play the dam players in correct position , lacazette a striker not a winger play him to his strength get ur tactics right and if they don’t work tweak em ASAP not 70-80mins to late

    2. The only one that seems likely let alone possible is Lemar
      But can still go belly up if Wenger procrastinates or goes cheap
      Let’s nip this one in the bud at least

  3. ….”Giroud doesn’t want to pass to Lacazette”, new to me, but if it’s true, Giroud should be like a baby girl, too childlish indeed.!, if you want to leave there are several ways to let your feelings known,but not that childlish act.!

    …about Sanchez saga, already tired of it.!!

  4. So many people believe everything they read or see online or in papers god id hate to be you guys missus or bloke.
    Dont get to upset by it wait see what happens one thing is for sure it seems different this year but that means nothing untill deadline is up.
    So lets see what happens before dragging our players through the mud before anything is clear cut.

  5. It’s without doubt Giroud has a problem with Lacazzete. I heard years ago they don’t get on and you can tell Giroud is not being very friendly towards him.

    Just look at his body language around him.

  6. Please, it’s high time Wenger do away with this Sanchez issue for it is delaying our movement. Sell Sanchez wherever you can and use the money to go for Lema, Mahrez and if possible go for Morata and let’s see what happens. I’m sick and tired of this Sanchez issue, please

  7. I think you are reading too much into this whole Giroud/Lacazette thing, and yes, I think Sanchez is leaving. My beef with Alexis is that he priced himself out of Bayern, who have a much better chance of winning CL than City do. For some reason it looks like he has his heart set on playing with Pep again (who wasn’t exactly all that nice to him over at Barca), and I think it will be a mistake to sell him there… unless an offer of 80mil or so comes along. I mean, if Alexis can be stubborn, so can we. I hate to lose a player like that, and on a free next season, but who knows what’s gonna happen in a year. Pep and City might not win anything again, and he’ll get the sack. We might win the title, and get CL back. One might say that Sanchez will be a distraction in the locker room, but I think that with a World Cup coming up next year, and a potential departure he’ll play his best to make potential suitors more interested. So bottom line – sell only for a good amount of money, and re-invest in decent replacement, or make him honor his contract.

    1. Just swap him with Aguero if it’s to City, with Willian if to Chelsea, the market is crazy, if not you’ll end up sitting with a pile of cash with no players, which the silent one loves by the way. I wouldn’t mind a Draxler plus cash [from us] deal or straight Di Maria from PSG, a swap with Lemar should also be interesting too. I really don’t want to see Alexis go for cash.

    2. Vlad – ur points make sense.
      Where I am not sure is if we can find a replacement for Sanchez – there is none in sight and it will be foolish to expect Lemar/ Lacazette to take PL by storm in their first year and prove to be an able replacement. We must make Sanchez respect his contract. People are only looking at 50M loss in sales but believe me that there are a lot of intangibles to Sanchez staying for one more and worst case leaving for free
      (1) We make it to CL and recover the lost revenue
      (2) CL next year means that even if Sanchez leaves we are still attractive to world class players
      (3) We don’t strengthen our rivals
      (4) Sanchez can make Lacazette as deadly as we expect.
      (5) It sends all the contract rebels a strong message that the club will have the last word.
      Sanchez is not the type of player who will throw in the towel and a place in the national team is not the only thing which drives him. He is a winner the sort who wants to win even in the training ground. So if he stays he will give his 100% till the last and that is what we all want.

  8. Giroud will hopefully push himself to score more goals off the bench

    If we do indeed sell Alexis, Lemar will not be enough
    We need to sign a World Class midfielder to show Ambition and too compete with Chelsea, United and City. Perhaps Liverpool too if they sign Aubemeyang and Keita

  9. Right now we could bench sanchez the whole season and he would still be Chile’s star, except for him, vidal and the keeper name the other major stars. so therefore is worldcup place is not in threat. There is no viable reason why we should keep Sanchez, so let him go and look suitable replacement and the sooner the better

  10. Totally amazed at the insider knowledge available on this site ! 🙂
    Sanchez is going…really?
    Giroud and Lacazette are not the best of buddies…surprise,surprise…both want to retain the attention of Deschamps and Giroud is way ahead there already.
    Reading the headlines about Arsenal for the last 3 weeks confirms my suspicion that every Arsenal player is about to leave us because of the incompetence of AW !
    Can’t wait to come back down to earth 😀

  11. If and it’s a big if, they don’t get on, so effing what.
    Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole hated each other at Man U but still forged one of the best forward partnerships the League has ever seen.

  12. You’re looking for problems that don’t exist here! You can’t judge anything about how they play in a kick about over in Oz. Giroud knows his near the exit door barring some minor miracle so he’ll be trying his absolute best to either get a good move or to be kept at Arsenal.

    Our squad is strong, make no mistake about that. We will definitely challenge next season on the domestic front. Just look at our run in and how convincing we were. We beat City, we beat Chelsea…….

    Our terrible dip in form destroyed our season yet we were still within one win of finishing 3rd and a UCL place. Nobody else in the top six hit such bad form as us yet with the exception of Chelsea and Spurs, the others looked mediocre. United can’t win and will continue to do so, especially without Zlatan. Lukaku’s not in the same league. We will most certainly be in the UCL places next season…..

  13. Could a Sanchez plus (insert dollar figure here) to Monaco in exchange for Mbappe deal work for both sides?
    Sanchez gets Champions League football (not sure about wages or his desire to go there though), Monaco fills one of the holes left by the many players leaving, and Arsenal insure he’s not sold to a direct competitor.
    What we do know is that big clubs buy big name players for large sums of money KNOWING that they won’t recoup the money by a future sell on of the player (e.g. Ronaldo at Real).
    If Arsenal are truly past the phase of stadium debt reduction, than they should have Sanchez honor his last year of the contract and be willing to let him go at age 29/30 for nothing – and THEN sign a suitable replacement.

  14. Giroud needs to understand that there is only one life, one love, so there can only be one king

  15. Arsenal is a team…….made up of bits and pieces…….the players for each game………we, the fans are too harsh on some of these players………Wenger playing his favorites does not help………..we need to focus on the team……….find the correct pieces…… build a winning team……..that’s what Leicester did……..Sanchez will be hard to replace but……..Arsenal will find a replacement from within or outside…….if he wants to go……sell him to the highest bidder……..we can win the league title without him………this team just has to work harder…………and Wenger has to work harder too……..

  16. I don’t think Giroud has problems with Lacazette. we are reading too much meaning into it.

  17. Didn’t see any evidence of Giroud not working well with Lazarette. Very much the opposite-

    They interacted and supported each other incredibly well.

    If it wasn’t clear before that they could play together – for me it is now.

    This gives us great flexibility and options for future.

    If they prove they work together – will also be great for both there chances of playing for France too. So really think this can work

    #COYG – be positive!

  18. Sell Alexis and Wallcot buy Lemar and Aguero. That’s gonna be deadly force in the front 3.

    1. What if we loose both Sanchez and Giroud. That will be bad. Monaco would raise the price for Lemar. I think Wenger should give Wanchez a take or leave it offer. An ultimatum to sign the contract. If he delays, put him for sale. The club should sell him to either PSG or Juve. A swap deal for Dybala. We cant loose him for free. If he stays without signing the contract, and he goes on a free, that is bad biz. What should be our target for the season. To win the EPL and Europa league. This can be achieved with or without Sanchez.

      1. Fantasy football ? we sell Alexis to Juve (because we don’t want to sell to man city) and ask for their best player in return (who they do not want to sell). Anyone else thinks we have leverage here ? 😛

        1. I do understand you. I am just worried. I hate it when a player holds us to ransom. We may not have a leverage really. I have a bad feeling about this. Keeping Sanchez without him signing the contract will be detrimental. Like Dortmund did with Lewandosky. If a player wants to leave, sell him to a team outside your league. Barca and Inter did a swap with Zlatan and Etoo. Man City cant just have our players every now and then.

          1. Ur right. If it comes to selling we should totally sell him abroad at all costs- even if Juventus comes with a lesser bid. I am totally with you on that. Look there is nothing called loyalty amongst players. You would have seen Ozil do the same thing to us if he had any kind of demand in the transfer market.

            Sanchez has the demand and he wants to be with a team who can win the CL – he knows Pep well and he knows Man city have a strong team and they will not shy away from spending millions to get the CL. So mancity is an obv choice for him. All we need to worry about at this time is that we get back to CL ASAP. We must avoid falling into a cycle like Liverpool did. And keeping Sanchez will give us the biggest chance of qualifying for that CL spot.

    2. MCity are just waiting for AW to say ‘give me Aguero +30k i give you sanchez’ , get aguero, his goal return is averagely 20 per season. better than welbeck,walcott and wilshere combined.
      sanchez was benched atbarcelona by Pep until Wenger rescued him, he is thankless. let him go. or sell him for 80k and buy morata. and we wait for leicester on match day 1

  19. I didn’t watch our last game so I don’t kno wat happened btw Laca n OG12. If they have issue Wenger ll settle it, pls don’t blame one for one bcos we don’t kno wat actually happened btw them. Sanchez matter is becoming annoying, I don’t believe is irreplaceable, let me ask this, wat did arsenal achieved with him that is special. Any player inside or outside can replace hin, if one player can’t replace him, two player can. I like him on pitch but he is not bigger than arsenal.

  20. I have never commented on this website before but I am really angry with Sanchez. I like him as a player and I don’t want him to leave because of his talent and work rate. But to put the club and manager in a difficult situation is not good at all. The club manager will say something today and he will say something different the following day. Why is he turning himself into a problem for his present club and his fantasy club. He wants money, huge salary, he wants to win championships league….. if he wants to go then let some club make a bid for him else he should shut up and be respectful to the manager that took him away from Barcelona where he had become a surplus. Beyer Munich is not a crazy club so they will not pay his desired salary, Man City has Aguero and they will not be too crazy for him also, has he not noticed that Pep is not willing to pay crazy salary to any player. So he has been doing his transfer business with senses. Buying players from outside premier league that will not give him stress. I think it is high time for Arsenal to call his bluff and tell him to get a club that will pay 60 million plus for his transfer fee (lets see how far he will get with that) with his desired salary the club will be looking at almost 120 million for a player that will soon be over 30. And to think that a player like Costa of Chelsea has been told to look for a new club is the more reason Wenger should be more ruthless with some of his underperforming players like Chamberlain, who had only one good season out of five and the next thing he did was to go to Sky Sports for advertisements (sad). Am sure this 2 players will think differently if it were Jose. He removed Ibramovich’ name from the club then said he could come back. Has anyone heard Zlatan speak since then? That is how to deal with some players that think they are larger than life (Sanchez) if Sanchez wants to go and win championships league please Wenger let him go so that we can use his transfer fee to buy Costa. I promised he will not be making troubles anymore after he was sent out of Chelsea disgracefully.

  21. AW should sell Welbeck! sell Wallcort, sell Wilshere [wheel chair] these English boys have no fighting spirit and they cant win you anything. Why is everyone talking of Giroud going, he is better, 10 times than Welbeck. How many goals has Welbeck scored for us recently.
    Swap Sanchez for Aguero or Morata. Get Lemar and Brozovic and close business. Concentrate on beating Leicester on match day 1.

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