Giroud identifies a problem that could stop Arsenal from making progress under Mikel Arteta

Olivier Giroud says not spending as much as their rivals could hinder Arsenal from breaking back inside the Premier League’s top four.

The Gunners want a return to the Champions League and they are hopeful that Mikel Arteta can help them achieve them.

They spent around £150m on new signings in the last transfer window as they look to get back inside the European places this season.

However, Chelsea Spent almost £100m on signing just Romelu Lukaku after they won the Champions League last season.

Giroud has played for both clubs and makes the comparison while trying to explain how a lack of spending holds Arsenal back.

The Frenchman insists that the Gunners have a good chance of returning to the top four with Arteta as their manager, however, they might not do that unless they support the Spaniard as much as their other rivals always back their managers.

Asked how long it will be until Arsenal finish in the top four again, Giroud told TalkSport: ‘Wow, that’s a good question! I think Mikel Arteta has got time to come back in the top four.

‘But sometimes the problem is that money plays a huge part in success also.

‘When you see Chelsea after winning the Champions League spend over £80million (£97.5m) on Romelu Lukaku to reinforce the forward line and after spending a lot of millions the year before, I think money plays a huge part.

‘That’s the thing with Arsenal. Maybe they don’t put as much in as their opponents.’

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  1. Arsenals self sustaining model aint working.
    The gunners have been on the decline the last ten years.Imho,it started with the 8-2 hammering followed by heavy defeats against the top sides.
    6-0,6-3,5-0,etc were very painful.Arsenal kept on selling their b

  2. best players.
    Get ready for Nu to lure White,⁰Gabriel esepecially if the gunners continue their decline

  3. Thats the sad part of todays world. Money rules football, the originality is lost. Liverpool could be an exception though, they have managed to build a team havent spent as much as City and Chelsea but yet won the CL and the PL in recent years.

  4. We need dedicated players to win something and a manager who makes tough decisions.While we have the latter right now, the dedication of the senior players remains a question. Leciester won the league, Liverpool won the league with dedicated players. Untill we rid ourselves of the remaining dross, winning the league will remain a mirage.

  5. Ah if only Giroud had kept his mouth shut instead of crying to journalists because apparently Mbappe ignored him on the pitch,he probably still be playing for France, that’s what we called a self inflicted wound,he is paying the price for starting the media circus in the French camp at the Euros,all this because he was upset that Karim”the Benz”Benzema was welcome back by the team!not only that after a 6 years absence KB is going to surpass him pretty soon,,so will Griezmam,Mbappe?

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