Giroud insists he has important role to play for Arsenal this term

Olivier Giroud has been linked with the exit door for much of the summer, but has made the decision to stay and play a role for Arsenal instead.

The striker has fallen down the pecking order over the past 12 months, playing only a squad member role for the majority of last season, and has now fallen further down the pecking order since the arrival of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon.

The Frenchman did impress as a super-sub for much of the previous campaign, scoring a number of crucial goals during the season, and is happy to stay with the club and play his part, regardless of the likelihood that he will start very few matches.

Giroud’s decision may well cost him his first-team role for France for the World Cup in Russia next summer also, but the player revealed that he is happy at the Emirates, and he feels the right decision was to stay.

“There was something in my soul and in my heart which told me to stay,” Giroud said.

“I’ve been hesitating because I’m the most happy man when I play and I am on the pitch.

“But I keep the faith and I still believe I can have an important part to play this season in the club and I feel good in my head and also physically.

“So I am 100 per cent focused on the club project. I’ve been through five amazing years here so I felt like the story had to continue.

“There are nice days to come from me in an Arsenal shirt.

“Good competition is always good for the team – it forces you to always give your best.”

Is there any chance Giroud could play alongside Lacazette this term? Will Olivier start many matches?

Pat J

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  1. Kane says:

    Our Attacking Options is simply awesome. Alexis Lacazette Giroud Wellbeck Theo.

    Giroud is among the few strikers in the epl with at least 10 goals every season for the past 5 years, so he definitely has a big role to play this season. Lets keep our fingers crossed that prof can sell off deadwood & buy quality CB & CM/AM. We need more legs in especially with the Thursday night football. #coyg

    1. Me says:

      Alexis wants as far away from Arsenal as possible and Welbeck and Walcott are the deadwood you mention.
      When I think of our attacking options awesome is not a word that springs to mind…

  2. Waal2waal says:

    if giroud thinks by remaining at arsenal he can oust lacazette from being first choice he is mistaken. its written in the stars for lacazette he’s going to be the catalyst for arsenals change of fortune in the race to the top 3 premiership places. my confidence is in the fact we now have a clinical finisher poised at #9

    1. Me says:

      That made me laugh – not sure if it meant to though…

      1. Waal2waal says:

        i meant poised in no9 shirt – as in primary striker. glad you laughing tho as season pans out you’l be clearer as to what opportunities are available for super-sub when a proven striker hits form.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    He absolutely does
    Not many teams have a 2nd striker of Girouds quality. He is truly a SuperSub
    He is excellent at scoring goals of the bench
    Even match winning goals
    He will also start when Lacazette is injured or rested
    He can start Europa League too
    And both Giroud and Lacazette want to make the French World Cup squad so their competition will benefit us.

    Giroud’s goals will be very important to us this season as it was against Leicester. Giroud drew the match when we were one goal behind

    Also when we got Lacazette, Giroud could have easily run off to another PL team as a starter. But he had the courage and loyalty to stay and fight. I admire that.

    1. Hellhound says:

      Totally agree, Giroud is a great striker just not a season long starter. I see him being used like Kanu was in the Henry era, coming off.the bench and having a knack for scoring vital goals. See him doing that for the next three years.

  4. call it part role but I think he’s got a massive role to play.. he was massive in our first match.. he scored the most important goal that day… just want his teamates to play to his strength. if u don’t want Giroud in arsenal again then u need a rethink

  5. Waal2waal says:

    invariably the higher league placings are going to be determined by the goals of your main striker not by a super-sub. although we are fortunate to have it in our artillery im sensing we will have won the game before theres a need to bring giroud on the field. we have sanchez, laca, welbz, iwobi and ozil its a recipe for scoring goals. i think we’ll find there little need to resort to plan-b.

    1. Hass says:

      He came off the bench on the weekend and turned 1 point into 3… yeah there were 3 other goals but the fact is he scored in 85th min and secured the win… one could argue he is already worth 2 points to us. Seems a bit odd you would out of hand disregard how important that is?!?

  6. Jim A says:

    You want your best goal scorers on the pitch. I believe he is one of our top 3 goal scorers, so he deserves to play in the front 3. Pretty easy to understand. He also brings so much more like guarding the front post against an opponents corner.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      its welbeck that we play in a rapid response attack and not giroud. fitness, strength and pace – its the pace part that OG lacks – it’s why he comes on from the bench.

  7. Me says:

    Giroud is a good Impact player – a very useful member of the squad
    I am just disappointed that the dead wood are still there, depleting resources and destroying what little chance we have.
    What does players like Wilshere and Walcott really offer ?

  8. AmbassadorJB says:

    Most of you people should be serious when talking; i dont buy your judgement against this guy Theo. I dont know whether your analysis is based on previous years, present form or just inner hatrade? Accoding to me; a poor overrated player or a deadwood can not score 19goals from the wing unless you advice me its maybe magic or that am mis-caculating his goals last season.
    What do you want a winger to do for you to appreciate his effort? Tell me another winger in epl or outside who scored that loads of goes if even Lemar the guy we are dying for ever scored 19goals?
    We should at least appreciate his efforts to have played with Arsenal that long but still costant even raise his games. If you dont see any good from this guy with his 19goals then we could be number 9 or 10th in epl
    I absolutely understand its us fans that are deadwoods not our players cause we always blame them at anytime they fall into mistake than congratulating them more when they do good. We seem to support Arsenal yet typically window suppoters to other teams and their players

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