Giroud is not coming back! Has he been sacked?

That was a very interesting statement by Arsene Wenger in the the pre-match conference for Sunday’s game of Burnley v Arsenal. I know he’s French, but he has been in England for many years and certainly understands the nuances of the language.

So this is what I find strange. When he was asked about the team news for this weekend’s game (as confirmed on he replied: “Giroud will be out, he will not come back.” Does that just mean that he is going to miss the game? Or does he really mean “He will not come back”. The fact is that Giroud was obviously in a very aggressive mood when he came on the pitch against PSG in his last appearance, and swiftly got sent off for two yellows and looked very unhappy.

Since then Wenger has intimated that Olivier has a toe injury and is in the teatment room so is not available to play, but does anyone really believe that story? He had this apparent toe injury before the PSG game, but has he now had a repeat of the same toe injury after getting sent off? Is that believable?

Wenger has made it clear that Sanchez is now the first choice striker, and Lucas Perez scored twice in his first start in that position, so is the French Number Nine very very upset with being dropped by Le Prof. Has he had an argument with the Boss and been pushed onto the sidelines? I think this is very possible going by the signals coming out of the Emirates.

Am I just imagining this scenario? Or is the evidence clear enough?

Darren N


  1. Lexynal says:

    “He is not coming back” means he will not be back for Sunday match against Burnley…I hope i am right. But personally, I did not understand the rationale behind OG’s behaviour in his cameo against PSG. Unnecessarily rash and stupid. Perhaps he is out….of 1st team already.

  2. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    You might look too much into it. That’s just how Wenger talks.

    However, Giroud of all people has no right to be upset.

    He’s been undeservedly the first choice striker for 4 seasons straight. Now we have Sanchez and even Perez, who has done well in his limited minutes.

  3. ButtFlaps says:

    Giruod unhappy he not good for 1st team. You always suppose to be bench MAN!

  4. Twig says:

    Don’t write off Giroud too soon. He’s scoring the winning champion’s league final goal against Barcelona 😉

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I understand we all in high moods and enjoying sanchez as 9…its not like i want Sanchez to be dropped as 9 now but hey Giroud has earned my respect, he hasnt been the WC striker we all needed but he’s been there and tried for us, Van persie left n Wenger got Giroud who wasnt WC but he still stepped up and carried us as a lone striker for 4 years, i dont blame him totally..Giroud has his times and oh trust me we’ll need him in some match this season..whatever Wenger meant i really hope we wont just cast Giroud away..that will be unfair to his services..he’s done more than what we paid for him to do..i wont cast him away like you guys are doing

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @Eddie Hoyte
      Exactly. OG is a fighter. One of the last true “target men” out there. Dude humps from box2box and takes a beating in order to supply for our forwards…No, he ain’t quick, nimble footed or a prolific goal scorer. But he is still a valuable part of our team…

      1. Twig says:

        He also does his bit defensively. Soon enough folks will realize that Sanchez is not a striker for all kind of games.

        1. Eddy Hoyte says:

          i think he’s a good player….last thing we need now is abusing our players..lets get behind them all!! COYG!! lets push the team not half of the team

    2. Wilshegz says:

      the problem isn’t cos he isn’t WC,the problem is cos he is a rich man’s Andy Carroll; I mean even Defoe that play for relegation candidate-Sunderland is a far better striker than him.he isn’t WorldClass either
      Chicharito is also way better, he isn’t a 30-goal striker but when u play almost all games for a club with the creativity as Arsenal, scoring 30goals isn’t a big deal.
      we can never achieve true success with Giroud starting.
      we need to retain players that ll push the club forward not drag us backward

      1. Wilshegz says:

        dude couldn’t even score 20goals in any league season, always missing clear chances in addition to his sluggishness.
        we lost the league last season cos of his goal drought, we lost the league in 13/14 cos of him wasting chances and Wenger not signing any striker.

  6. gmv8 says:

    Yes Giroud is not a 30 goal a season striker, but he does have his place, when we are struggling to get the ball out of our own half as a target man, and in set pieces, and defence, and he does score the odd goal from free play as well. He does play a lot better with another forward man, so it would be interesting to see him play alongside Perez / Sanchez

  7. Wilshegz says:

    that ll be great news, I wonder why the likes of Crystal Palace, WestHam never come for him so we can get it over with.

  8. Jansen says:

    If Giroud never plays another minute for Arsenal it would not be too soon IMO.

    He is dumb, (not the first stupid red card he received against PSG), he is slow (look at the goals we scored against Chelsea and against Basel and ask yourself if Giroud could have been part of that), he’s fragile (went missing we needed him most last season and not scoring for some 15 matches), and he is arrogant (doesn’t score for 15 games and puts his finger to his lips when finally scores). Will not mention he has no talent (Trump told me to say that).

  9. royalman says:

    Is too early to praise Sanchez over OG as CF, Sanchez missed many chances against Basel, too many! That’s football, theo has been missing chances now is scoring, OG has tried as per his ability for us, is good we av different style, one with pace 2nd hold play depending on d team we play.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      Alexis didn’t miss chances, the GK was in incredible form and saved them… and even if he doesn’t his telepathic movement with Walcott is orgasmic.
      in Giroud’s case he plays them off target and I can remind u games;
      Monaco,Spurs,United,Chelsea,Liverpool,Zagreb, Cardiff, Sunderland,WestBrom etc
      I wonder why when one says the obvious truth u get thumbed down especially when it’s about a model so sluggish he can’t beat a crawling Phil Jones to the ball.

  10. Gworm says:

    Wenger’s English is never that precise, considering he has been here so long. You are reading too much in to it. OG will be back and we will win some games because of his particular talents. I would agree that he needs to get his head sorted out though, and that may be partly down to Wenger’s management of him which I don’t entirely trust. The Arshavin debacle springs to mind.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      what talents?

      1. Gworm says:

        His strength, his ability to hold up the ball and lay it off, his one touch passes in the box, his ability to tie up a couple of defenders, his ability in the air, and, when he is on form he scores. Enough?

        1. Wilshegz says:

          do those sound like “talent”?

  11. Gworm says:

    Er, yes

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