Giroud leaving Arsenal? No chance…….

We heard last week that Arsenal had supposedly agreed terms with Napoli over the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain to the Arsenal, in a move which would in turn see Olivier Giroud move to Napoli. It seems however that rumour was a load of nonsense and the Arsenal striker’s agent has now confirmed that his client will not be on the move any time soon.

According to the Metro, Giroud’s agent Michael Manuello, reportedly told TUTTOmercatoWEB: ‘Everything I’ve read about Giroud is not true. I’ve only ever said that if Arsenal want to sell him, then we will see. But today he is an Arsenal player I would like to stress that we haven’t even thought about another project. We never talked to Napoli and there are no other people appointed over me that can do this. We need to clarify this. Yes, you always need two strikers. Welbeck is out for nine months unfortunately. And it’s quite normal that if you play in a great team you should face strong competition.’

Giroud’s agent has certainly cleared the air surrounding the French international’s future at Arsenal and it seems pretty likely that the 29 year old will be remaining with the Gunners. Even though Giroud can be frustrating at times, I think it would be the wrong decision to sell Giroud, especially with the fact that we are lacking in squad depth up front as it is. As his agent says, it’s important that the club has at least two competitive quality strikers and unfortunately as Welbeck cannot stay fit, it’s very important that Arsenal look to invest in another striker to provide competition to Giroud, rather than replace the Frenchman.

In terms of Higuain, as much good as the player may be, I don’t think he’s the right fit for Arsenal, especially not at the rumoured prices that are doing the rounds in the media.



  1. I hope this new signing doesn’t Rob us of the title. I’m not Holding much hope.

    That is Gza level word play……

  2. Can’t see why all the EPL teams go and buy what they need but he just won’t spend money. O-G is not good enough simple as that but he just hopes he puts in 30 goles to say I told you so. AW is not what Arsenal need we need new blood and he must go and go from the club coz so long as he is there he will pull the strings. CB world class needed DM world class needed CF world class needed and some cover for cup games. I hate this so much and good players will go if he don’t spend. Go pay 60-70 million for a striker it’s what we need. And a captain that plays week in week out. BFG for captain my god man plz just go

      1. Arsenalkid1970 Where would this new DM you claim we need fit? Watch xhaka play for Arsenal in the DM role before stating that we need a world class DM. The last thing we need is another midfielder. We need a top quality CB and a top quality forward.

  3. We dont need to sell giroud.
    Im okay if he stays.
    Seeing him on the pitch is like watching a striker version of vieira playing upfront.
    I see him becoming one of the most fierce strikers in europe next season.

    Haters will say he is slow and clumsy.
    But i say he is a stability factor on the pitch opening up space with his hold up play and adds energy

    1. Plus he helps out well in defence, with corners, freekicks etc… Okay, he misses far too many opportunities in front of Goal but his overall contribution for the team, is pretty good.

      1. I’ll agree that when OG looks determined then his overall contribution is good, the problem is though is he loses form when he is secure in the starting role.

        I do think we need a SOLID cm partnership who will help keep the pressure on.

        I know Ozil got a lot of assists but look how that ended up when the Cazorla&Coquelin partnership ended due to injuries, they could turn the oppositions counter to be a counter for us…

        That is something I’ve wanted to ignore in all honesty, it could be used as an argument to say Giroud is good enough to win the EPL… I just don’t think he is clinical enough or consistent enough.

    2. Yes our striker is great even though he doesn’t score goal……..

      Shame Henry and RVP weren’t more like him because I now realise we have been being ripped of for years. Why didn’t we have a striker that does all the invisible things that a striker is now supposed to do among goners even though he barely scores.

      But I do lol at City where Aguero can’t hold the ball up and all of that nonsense. Those idiots are just happy that he scores. They don’t see the bigger picture of all the things their striker doesn’t do.

      1. That is actually a very good comment, I like it. I am surprised about the thumbs down, perhaps your irony was lost on them.

  4. Guys…. I think Wenger has signed his three players. Xhaka, Asano, and Holding….

    Expect more promising signings if any…

    Then Kindly wait for transfer deadline to see if He gets any other player available.

    That’s the way to follow Wenger and his transfer dealings to avoid heart ache.

    Let me go sip my tea peacefully…..

    1. I wouldn’t count Asano as Wenger clearly see’s him as someone who needs to develop and iirc Wenger will be looking to loan him out. I think we will get a CF still, might not be a big name but someone to be part of the 1st team and not someone being loaned out for the duration that Welbroke is at home in the physio room.

      Holding may surprise us all, so what he didn’t cost £200million… He is coming to us off the back of a very good season so lets give the lad a chance huh? Him and Chambers did well together internationally, they might not be the answer now but in a few years time… If they can gain enough experience through loans or playing on the fringe…

      And as a Arsenal fan I got to say there is no way to avoid heat ache during a transfer window 😛 lol. I hope for players like Xhaka and Lukaku but I counter that with expecting youth to be promoted or who will be back from injury soon and ‘like a new signing’. So far I am happy with Xhaka but still concerned that we have no competition for Giroud apart from Akpom or SoNoGoals.

  5. Wenger and the board are going to Hell when they die because of all the suffering he has caused Arsenal Fan’s. Wenger does not give a monkey’s what the Fan’s want once he get’s his own way.
    Another season with Haircut 100 up front I can’t take it anymore.

  6. Highly regarded Arsenal insider @AFCAMDEN (aka Pablo) has claimed that Arsene Wenger is trying to close massive striker signing.

    This Pablo fellow was apparently the first to claim that wenger was after Vardy.

    He also was bang on about Rob Holding as his tweet below was dated on the 7th of june.
    Pablo @AFCAMDEN
    @JakeyB__ Rob Holding from Bolton pretty much done. Interested in Rodriguez n that fella from Napoli.
    1:34 AM – 7 Jun 2016

    And his latest tweet in response to this question.

    Marc Tullett @marctullett
    @AFCAMDEN you’re too quiet for my liking mate

    Pablo @AFCAMDEN
    @marctullett Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet. Wenger is trying to pull off a madness#cf
    1:05 AM – 19 Jul 2016

    #Cf= Centre forward… Is it Higuain? … Griezmann? ?
    What else could be described as Madness? .. Bacca? ?

    1. I know who it is.. it’s:

      Adebayo Akinfenwa from Wycombe!!

      This MASSIVE striker weights over 100 kilos and is a proven goalscorer on the English turf!

      Wenger is right now haggling over the transfer fee of £200 as he is only willing to offer £40+1!

    2. Interesting.
      I’ve not heard this and as I can’t be bothered to look it up I’ll trust you aint trolling 🙂

      Oh crap, I just figured out who we’re getting…
      NB52 wasn’t with us just to get his fitness back up was he =.=’

  7. hey admin,why is this site not opening when using opera mini on my android phone but opens with uc mini browser. but I don’t l Iike how it opens in uc. what can I Do?

  8. @fatboy….. That striker may be Lewandowski, Suarez or Messi. Just thinking…

    Wish we got Suarez then. Oh well… That’s past tense now

      1. TBH as good as Ozil was I’d prefer Surarez anytime….

        Plus.. even if we haven’t got Ozil in the 13-14 season, we’d brought back Fabregas in the 14-15 season……

        There are way way less world class strikers then there are world class attacking midfielders.

  9. When I hear other Gunners talk about Girouds other strengths asides scoring I laugh. So I ask what’s a strikers primary responsibility? Is it not putting the ball into the net? And when a striker does not have that capability as his strongest asset believe me he is way off the mark.

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