Giroud on Wenger and Mourinho and Arsenal BEATING Chelsea

If confidence, form and belief stood for much in football, then Arsenal would be celebrating a famous win over our London rivals Chelsea at about ten to six tomorrow evening. After eight Premier League wins in a row and just three defeats and one draw in the last 25 games, it is hardly surprising that the confidence is flowing in the Arsenal dressing room.

The strong belief is highlighted by the words of our France international striker Olivier Giroud on Sky Sports, whose own form and record of 10 goals from the last 12 games are indicative of the way the Gunners have been flying.

The powerful and potent centre forward knows that beating Chelsea will not be easy but he firmly believes that Arsenal can do it. And just like his manager, Giroud is trying not to think about the recent history between the two clubs, which has yet to see him be on the winning side against the Blues.

The striker also spoke about the confrontation between Wenger and Mourinho at Stamford Bridge earlier this season and he clearly feels that the Portuguese must have been at fault to have provoked the usually cool, calm and collected Frenchman. But he also feels that the passion on show from Le Prof proved how much he wants Arsenal to win.

He said, “He is very calm most of the time. He’s got good self-control and we were a bit surprised by his reaction.

“But it’s a human reaction and I’m well placed to speak about that because I’m an emotional player. I don’t keep my feelings for me and that’s why sometimes it happens.

“Honestly, from my point of view I was more proud of that. It shows his character and if he has done that, maybe it was justified.

“We’ve played fantastic football over the last few months and we’ve won our last eight games in the Premier League.

“We want to carry on. I think second will be a good position even if we have a tiny hope to finish first. It’s been a few years since we’ve finished in the top three so it will be a great achievement if we can reach this target.

“I think it’s going to be really hard but we really want to win this game.

“For me, I have never won against Chelsea. It could be my first victory. We want to show our fans what a good run we are on and we want to carry on playing our football with our qualities.

“I know we can win this game but Chelsea are really solid at the back. They have not conceded a lot of goals and they are efficient up front. I have not scored against them so it’s a good challenge for me, for the team and for the boss.

“It will be a very big game for us and our fans. Hopefully it will be a great moment.”

What do you expect from this big game Gooners? More fireworks on and off the pitch? An Arsenal win or more frustration against the pumped up paltroon and his team?


  1. fred cowardly says:

    Mourinho is a disrespectful jerk. I just want us to beat Chelsea. F Maureen

  2. mobaygunner says:

    I moved out my mom and dad house because thay were chelsea fans.. (not really it was time)..but my whole family ar chelsea fans..iv been a arsenal fan since 2005 ( I know not long) but this team is my heart and soul were I live its all manu and Chelsea idiots here….iv had to go tru sooooooooooo much pain watching them celebrate watching them smile…but as a tru gunner I stayed loyal I still brought my jersey I still got my arsenal forever sticker on my car….when we won the f.a cup last yr….everybody was happy for me even the chelsea fan..even tho I hate them.. (well I love my parents but I hate them if u know what I mean)…tomarro is a big day…no one im my family go to wrk ill be there early and if we when.. ( scratch that)..when we win im gunner celebrate like I never did im gonna rub it in the time as come..let’s best this oil club, fake fans, sorry a*s manager and his Russian mob……ARSENAL FANS LETS GO LETS DO THIS…ARSENAL FOREVER..from Jamaica

  3. Mick The Gooner says:

    I just saw a map of global Twitter followers for English clubs. Arsenal look like the most popular in Northern Europe, the USA (just), most parts of Africa and East Asia. I zoomed in to the UK and it’s almost all Liverpool, except for each of the cities where other clubs are based of course. But pretty much all of Southeast England is Arsenal, except for a tiny speck of blue in West London for Chelsea. Very interesting map if anyone else has a chance to look at it.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Yes, saw it Mick and mentioned it on here the other day. Maybe more Gooners can afford computers than the others. As you say London is basically all Arsenal. The funniest thing was there being twice as many Gooners in Spud’s own borough as their own fans. I f**kin hate Twitter and don’t run an account – maybe I should just to add one more to the map.

      1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

        Football in the USA has very different markets depending on the immigrant population.
        Boston, NY area is mainly ManU, Liverpool. Most United and Liverpool fans are older, they are the fans with history.
        Arsenal has the most diverse fans base in the USA; Old, young and of every ethnicity.
        Example, I watch a lot spanish language TV (because the Mexican channels broadcast football), so I watched the Mexican league(Liga MX) and La Liga.
        Since Wenger brought us Alexis Sanchez the Arsenal games are on the spanish language TV. Now if Wenger gets Hector Moreno, we will capture all the Mexican market.
        There are two sets of new fans in the USA; it has to do with the USA doing well in World Cup and CABLE TV. Cable TV(subscription) brought us football when the regular channels ignored us “soccer” fans. For many years I would get games from every web outlet possible,and a fair number of virus on my PC, and then on Cable.
        But NBC (free channel) now brings every EPL game; the smaller games are streamed over the net. Now I am a football junkie. NBC (EPL) , spanish language TV(La Liga, Liga MX), MSL, Brasil football.

        After years of malnourishment, we are overdosing on football.

    2. jermaineBryan says:

      I also found it interesting
      I didn’t realise our fan base was so huge, it shows our influence across the world

  4. Greg says:

    Come on giroud score a double on chelsea, and lets see mourinho’s dejected sour face! That would be priceless! Coyg!

  5. HA559 says:

    Wenger should do one of his tricks again this summer like the last two.
    Bale to Real, Ozil to Arsenal
    Suarez to Barca, Sanchez to Arsenal
    Toure to PSG?, Matuidi to Arsenal

    1. vijaygunner says:


  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    With Shitroud leading the attack, we will nv win against chelsea…

    We need to spend in the summer and sign a world class striker that guarantee goals

    1. Arzenal says:

      Why are you supporting Arsenal? if you think this club is all rubbish. With all your Shit comments it seems like you hate this club.You are not under any pressure. Go support another club .
      Get well soon

      1. josh37 says:

        It really borders on moronic.
        The only possible reasoning i can come up with is this is a fan who takes FIFA ratings as gospel

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