Giroud relieved to score 8 in 8 – But will his record stop the boo-boys?

Poor old Olivier Giroud can do nothing right, especially for Arsenal fans! He has been much maligned by Gooners ever since he first arrived at the Emirates four years ago, and he has also been taking a lot of stick from France fans over the last month or two.

He felt under pressure in France’s opening game, especially as the home nation and the favourites, but he came good and opened the scoring against Romania. This means he has now scored 8 goals in his last 8 games for the national team, and he really would like the fans to stop picking on him!

‘My statistics speak for themselves,’ Giroud said. ‘People say I get better through adversity but I’d be happy to live without all the mudslingers,’

‘I was feeling tense,’ he said. ‘The pressure was enormous and the expectations were high, we could all feel that. So yes, definitely, converting that chance was a big relief.’

Despite his current run of form, he is aware that the cheers can so quickly turn to jeers again, but he is trying to be philosophical about it. ‘I just try to give it my best without asking myself too many questions,’ he said. ‘You never finish building the road to success. I like that one, it’s from my brother. It means you must never stop fighting.’

I honestly hope that Giroud carries on with his confidence and scores in every single game and France win the tournament. Surely that will shut the French boo-boys up. I don’t think it will stop the Arsenal fans from “slingeeng ze mud” at Oli….


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  1. The only reason I don’t think france will win the euros, mr giroud their #1 striker, lol

  2. I hope Giroud doesn’t stop scoring especially if we don’t get another forward

    BTW I hope we get Mkthtaryan because for around £25 million he is better value for money than Vardy or Morata

    1. @Arsenal_Girl

      Mkhitaryan isn’t a striker, so we would still need Vardy or a different striker. Not Morata though, as he rarely scores. Mkhitaryan would be a great signing though, have him RW, then it would just be a new CB, and CF needed, then we’re sorted. Ideally a new manager as well, but one can only dream!

  3. Fair play to him scoring 8 out of 8 matches but his major problems are the facts he needs 5 clear cut chances before putting one away, just like with the opening match against Romania, he already missed 3 sitters before netting, I will love to see the stats and look at how many chances he had in these 8 games before scoring the 8, probably 20 to be conservative…..and lastly he tends to score in patches and unfortunately his lean.patches MOSTLY seem to come during crucial moments and games, its alright scoring against the Norwich and Bournemouth of the league but at the end of the day goals against tougher opponents are much more appreciated by fans and means a lot more come end of season….

  4. Trying to head the ball off a set piece is considered a sitter and especially when someone is grabbing and pulling on your jersey or have you in a head lock. Its funny Greizeman missed one from point blank and the commentators were saying what a great effort to get his head on the ball.
    His goal was amazing but his set up to Martial with his back to goal showed his value in working as a target.

  5. 8/8 for france, 13/37 for Arsenal, don’t count that rubbish final game hatrick.
    2nd choice at best.

    1. Yeah… But I’m sure you’ll count Aguero’s 5 against a relegated team 😉
      Selective statistics at it’s finest!!

      1. Aguero always do it when it matters, the other one only do it when it doesn’t matter.
        May be for france but not for Arsenal.

          1. Probably because it was so irrelevant … There is no comparison between aguerro and giroud one is world class striker the other is a decent hold up attacker who could be an asset to any mid table team … Giroud should be a squad player for arsenal the fact that he has been first choice striker over 3 seasons is not his fault but that of a failed manager who puts corporate loyalty above football results … Sad … We need an 80m quid makeover upfront to challenge next season … And while not a big fan of either cavani or vardy neither are the answer by themselves that’s for sure

  6. The way most people talk here,you would think Giroud is Chamakh or Gervinho…

    I respect Giroud as he is a mentally strong guy..he is so unfortunate..
    People just blame him unnecessary and they exaggerate his weaknesses…

    He is not the one that puts himself on the pitch…but he gives is all everytime,a useful player…

    Have we been winning titles before he came?
    Is he the cause of our problems??
    I don’t know if we should blame anyone but all I will say is if you must blame anyone, blame Wenger!

    1. Mentality wise, his ego rules! .. he gets upset to easily.

      Henry’s comments regarding Arsenal won’t win the league with Giroud leading the line.

      Ozil liking a post which blamed him for not breaking Henry’s assist record.

      Giroud was always making remarks during every transfer window, about Arsenal not needing another striker.

      And as per usual, Giroud aways seems to finds some kind of form during the transfer window’s and when he has been coming on, from the bench! Which is all to much to be a coincidence.

      1. You know I would happily thumb you down 😛
        But this case I am surprised you got more thumbs down than up currently.
        What you said is true.

        I am a bit unsure how any other player can get on the pitch after Girous Ego is on there during a transfer window, it isn’t just big but it rules him at times, as you said. It is just huge. “Oooh look, a hair out of place, I will be back in 2-3 hours after it is sorted boss” who thinks Giroud might have said something like that at somepoint without thinking >.<

        If Giroud was so strong mentally then why go so many games without scoring? Why would you (aimed at Giroud, not you FBG ^.^) only be able to score when things have been settled, we lost the EPL and no chance of winning it as Lei had picked up the trophy and WTF!!! Giroud starts scoring again. Without looking at the date I could have said "Oh transfer rumors have started eh? wont be long before the window is open again?"

        It is pretty sad when a fan thinks like that about their own CF.

        To be fair I think Wenger knows this and knew it when we bought Giroud, I think Wenger only wanted him as a back up to a true WC CF, like he was going to be backup for RvP. 12 months after we went for Suarez so… I think there is indications that Wenger doesn't trust Giroud to be the main man and has wanted since RvP left to replace RvP and let Giroud be backup.

        Maybe as a 2nd choice CF he could do the job?
        Then I think WTF was the board doing buying Welbroke 12 months after when the manager didn't want that player to be bought, why not go for a WC striker? Maybe we didn't have the money in that transfer window, we had spent a lot…. So the board went and spent more money on a CF who was not going to be good enough in the next 12 months rather than wait 12 months until they have more money to buy a better player?

        What annoys me more is I swear I read that Wenger at the time would have been happy to allow RvP to leave on the free in 12 months time as he felt we would be in a different pos in 12 months time.
        RvP got sold and 12 months later we change in the transfer market.

        Wenger is far from perfect but little things like that build up and a lack of top CF is an issue, an issue the board have not helped with and if anything they have hindered it by doing what they think was best and not what the clubs manager wanted.

    2. At least Chamack Attack and Gervinho tried and gave their all every time they went on the pitch, they wasn’t good enough in quality but they put more effort in than that lazy tree Giroud.

      Blame Giroud unnecessary?
      You mean like failing to score for so long and then when transfer rumors start surficing he starts performing.
      a pattern that us fans can see, not a 1 off thing, a PATTERN! Meaning it has happened often enough for many hundreds and thousands to get annoyed over. Exaggerate his weakness? You mean how little effort he puts in when his place in the team is secure? leading to the team failing to mount a serious EPL challenge as our main CF was a knob who stopped closing GKs down, who stopped charging towards defenders to hurry them… It isn’t exaggeration when it is all true.

      “He is not the one that puts himself on the pitch…”
      Hmm, Giroud could quit football and stack shelves at Tescos and he wouldn’t be picked to play for us.
      Stacking shleves might be too much like hard work for him though, he couldn’t get away with failing to stack a shelve for 15 weeks and then go “oops, ah-well, people go through tough periods”.

      I have seen splatty turds with more strength than Girouds mind has shown, he is anything but a mentally strong guy and it has cost us, this last season was the final straw for me as we could have won the EPL if he had just kept scoring. Wrighty would have, Henry would have, heck I swear that Afobe could have scored more if we hadn’t of sold him.

      If we must blame anyone, blame Wenger?
      Oh yeah, cause Wenger wanted Giroud as main CF? Even though Giroud was bought as cover for glass legs RvP and RvP had injuries, Wenger wanted a CF who could compliment RvP.

      The board sold RvP though for the cost of a CL place rather than risk losing him for free in 12 months and miss out on CL money.

      12 months later the board offer £40mil & £1 for suarez, you can take the piss out the price all you want, the fact is we triggered the release clause and Liverpool faught to keep him, risking legal actions to keep him. Suarez obviously didn’t want to join us enough to push through a move, we wasn’t Barca afterall.

      12 months after that the board buy Welbroke after Wenger said he only wanted him on loan for 12 months, we had spent about £70+ million already so I can imagine the funds wasn’t there to buy a WC CF, loaning a WC CF might have been a solution… but the board had bought Welbroke.

      ADMIN COMMENT: Midkemma if you carry on with personal insults you wll be moderated. Last warning….

  7. Giroud is Alan Smith 2.0.
    He Scores the hard ones, yet misses the easier chances.

    He will be back to his usal self, when the window slams shut!?

    1. At least back then we would have had another CF to work with Smith.
      I hate to say this but Smith played in the era where CF like him was the link up man for CF like Lineker, a CF who provided rather than score.

      I think Giroud would do miles better upfront if he was playing alongside an Owen.

      Smith holds a soft spot in many gooners hearts but the truth is he wouldn’t make it in todays game as a lone CF.

  8. Giroud can’t move with the ball, that’s poor for a striker. He can’t even dribble pass a player that’s poor for a striker. He scores 2 out of 10 chances men that’s poor for a striker let’s just be realistic here and leave sentiment aside, the truth is always bitter, that’s the funny thing about life. Arsenal deserve a striker with good qualities like Wright, Persie and the King Henry, Oh! The good old days. Oh Lord please help Mr. Arsene face reality and give us a good quality striker like the days of the old so we can seriously pursue major Glory!…

  9. Transfer window still helping Giroud then…

    4 years ago I got behind the man and supported him, looked for the positives like his 2nd season being better than his 1st and previously he has always done better in the team on the 2nd year… I wanted him to be the CF we needed and a lot of fans supported him and cheered for him, gave him his song and he returned the favor by being a lazy git who only steps up around the transfer periods to make his manager think again about needing a Cf.

    No, enough is enough, I want that lazy git out of Arsenal and I want someone who will fight for his spot to take his spot.

    Kinda why I like Vardy currently, I know he is no Henry or Wrighty… BUT he fights and he doesn’t have a holiday once the transfer window is shut. All I wanted from Giroud was for him to give 100% all season long, even if he didn’t manage to score any more than he did… at least I would have the belief that Giroud was trying and not just living the life of luxury at the cost of us fans, we want to win stuff and he fukced that up on his own by not scoring. his body language is different in those kinda games and it is obvious to me who watches EVERY arsenal game that the effort is clearly different.

    Giroud will close people down in transfer window time.
    Out of transfer window time Giroud will watch the opposition step forward with the ball and then again and again and then calmly pass it to another player unless one of Arsenals deeper players runs forward to push.

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