Giroud return will give Arsenal a much-needed boost

Why The Return of Giroud Gives the Arsenal Attack a New Dimension! by KJ

As Arsenal get set to welcome Manchester United to the Emirates on Saturday, perhaps the biggest news coming from the Gunners’ camp is that French striker Olivier Giroud has recovered from a fractured leg way ahead of schedule and as Arsene Wenger confirmed earlier, the Frenchman will be available for selection against the Red Devils. While Giroud’s availability for the big clash is certainly welcome news, it also gives this Arsenal squad a much-needed boost on the long run.

Firstly, I would like to point out that Danny Welbeck will finally be able to take a breather, the Englishman has played literally every single Premier League and Champions League game since his deadline day arrival from Old Trafford. Also, the availability of Giroud gives Arsenal a new approach in attack, his aerial prowess has certainly been missed during his spell on the sidelines. All of a sudden, a hopeful ball into the box doesn’t seem like such a bad idea for the Arsenal midfielders!

However, the biggest positive that we can take from the Frenchman’s return to the team will be the variation that can be made in the Gunners’ attack. Anyone who has followed Danny Welbeck’s Manchester United career will be aware of the fact that Danny is lethal playing down the left-hand side and can also provide more work-rate in that area of the pitch, while Olivier can effectively hold the ball up upfront. Also, with Welbeck and Giroud both on the pitch, the Arsenal side certainly seems to have more goals in it’s locker.

While the long-term solution to make the Arsenal attack more potent is most certainly to sign a proven hitman who comes with a guarantee of goals, the Arsenal fans can take temporary relief from the fact that the Gunners’ frontline now has more variation and depth to it. With Manchester United set to visit the Emirates on Saturday, let’s hope the return of Olivier Giroud will have an immediate effect on the side.

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  1. Thats Good News…..

    Off Topic: I hope we sort out our defensive problems soon. My actual concern is Szczęsny. He has really had a bad season so far. My concern is not that we letting in goals but the fact that he has not improved since last year. Look at what champions teams like chelsea, united and city have. Those teams have young keepers but they have improved drastically. They are actually winning games for their teams.

    Szczęsny is lacking for me in so much areas. His decision making is ridiculous at times and his position is just weak. I like the guy but I really think he is not ready yet to be the first choice goalkeeper.

    Not gonna say much but I really feel uneasy with Szczęsny as our keeper. Same age as other big teams goalies but he has definitely not improved.

    Would love to know other gooners thoughts….. Agree or Disagree

    1. One word – Cech

      He can bring the much needed experience and a cool head between the poles. Both Schez and Ospina can learn a lot from him too plus his in final years of his playing career.

      Ospina would have 1st choice by now but his long term injury has set the team back and we just cant wait for him while we slip down the table. God forbid if Schez got injured right now, we would be fcuked.

      If Chelsea and Mou are wiling to sale to us come January, Wenger should go for it.

      But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

      1. Cech is still young at 32yo….just ask Schemichael and Van der Sar….

        they both retire at their late 30s…..

        1. Ohh, I have just realized I didn’t know Cech’s age, he looks older than my dad, these footballers ages are questionable huh. Thanks for the info mate.

          Anyway young or not I would prefer Cech as our number 1 than what we have currently, am sure many would agree with this too.

          1. i agree hes is world class.

            but mourinho would never let this happen. would rather he rots on the bench

            1. @ muffdiver, damn Mou huh, so greedy.

              As 007 I will personally assisinate him for a fee. I will do Wenger for free though or for 1 pound which he wanted to offer Lpool.

  2. If welbeck is playing on the left then sanchez is warming the bench next to podolski,campbell,TR7
    I think if campbell was british he would be playing every match

  3. Never been so underwhelmed for a man u match.
    Don’t know why,just am.Sorry.Might change on the day.
    Naturally I want us to win.
    I think I’v got Wengeritiss, and it’s contagious.

    1. You are not alone in that one, mate. Me too. It was supposed to be a match between two “BIG” teams fighting for something “BIG”. But let us be honest, there is very little that’s “BIG” about these teams at the moment. And what are they fighting for? Top 4/4th place? In November? SMH.

      Well as a gunner, I want us to kick the Mancs in the boll*cks, but not when they are like this! Not when they are fallen and down on the floor already! It takes away the excitement.

      1. you say this like the 3 points is guaranteed… Man utd still have very good players in their squad who can individually win a game, we still have to go out and take the 3 points, they certainly arent just going to lie down and let us take them, even with their injury problems… I expect a very tough game, I hope the lads are expecting a tough game also, the worst we can do is be complacent because the last thing we want is to be a goal or two down…

  4. No chance that giroud will start.
    also don’t expect much changes in d team other den those 2 holding midfielders, i hope arteta is fit and starts, and wilshere gets a chance to impress further. And santi cazorla is sure to start bcos he brings creativity to d team wich is reqd for team balance, yes he’s been terrible inside d box, but we hav sanchez welbeck and ox to score.

  5. Maybe Wenger should try OG in defence, heehe. I know he aint got much pace but he cant do no worse than Monereal and his link up / hold up play could work wonders there.

    On a serious note Wenger should play Chambers next to Mert against united. Monereal will be raped by RVP, Rooney and the gang as Mert is just a spectator against these speedy and tricky forwards. Wenger should further advice his full backs to attack one at a time and the other should sit back and help out our hopeless center backs. United have always been quick on the break and they really on there wingers to create most of there chances.

    Gosh I miss Kos for such games

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

    1. RVP, Falcao and Rooney will make mince meat out of Per and Monreal….

      these are players that guarantee goals….

      1. So what’s ManUs Goal difference again? Or goals scored?

        ManU players now score only at night, not on the field.

        1. @ Sumo you seen to forget this is the Arsenal defense and team we are talking about. If Anderlecht can come back 3 nil down at the Emirates Man U can equally score goals against our weak defense.

          We cant look down on any team and not especially Man U because they can make us pay. Man U will want to prove a point and leap frog us on the table plus our players and coach always seem to crumble against United in recent years.

          Mert + Monreal = disaster

        2. lol people acting like they been on a shooting spree.

          falcao is killing it…to the power of one (goal)

      1. 40 goals in how many games exactly?
        with him its not the goals (thank f for that cos we would be bang in trouble)
        he helps out alot in general, tries very hard… an has nice hair

        poldi stats are insane – but he doesnt do sh*t. he probably expects his toilet to wipe his ars* for him

  6. Lol giroud for dm, good hold up play gets link up play from the defense it becomes hold link up play, giroud becomes the best holding (link up play) midfeilder, lol, just a thought given to me by lord ganja. Lmao coyg, foyg

  7. Thought Man U showed good fighting spirt against Chelsea- Not seen enough of that from the Gunners this year-

    So Im definitely not assuming an easy win tomorrow- Hate to admit it, I’d prob take a point, at least untill we sort out our defence Im fearful –

    But since our defence is weak, I think we have to attack, might be a case of who can score the most- hope or pace, and broad range of attacking fretting players can win the day!


  9. Whether people like it or not Giroud scores goals. Maybe not 30 per season, but he is capable of 20 per season like Welbeck. Giroud is definitely an ASSET.

    Maybe play Giroud against lower table clubs and FA Cup to build up his confidence and play Welbeck against bigger teams and Champions League.

    Play Podolski as well. Perhaps competition can improve all players.

  10. You can only play the cards you are dealt

    Wenger is the dealer and haven’t given us the best hand. I’d prefer Cavani and Huntelaar but we have Giroud and Welbeck

    Arsenal isn’t a high roller except for a couple of players

    Our Ace in the hole is Sanchez

    Ran out of gambling phrases

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